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Found 27 results

  1. Hello, I want to start my own web design services. Unfortunately I don't have a portfolio. Without portfolio it's really hard to get clients. I know that is there a way to make a website for free. I can try that but need to know where I can get these clients. I don't have a website. Without portfolio it doesn't make sense to create one. I need advice from experienced web designers. Thanks.
  2. Hello, Can you give me a feedback? I designed a responsive one-page business template with Elementor Pro. Elementor is a page builder. Please be honest. Link: http://themelab.cloudaccess.host/ I want to boost my portfolio. Thanks
  3. Dear Friends.... I have a web designing firm based in India...Though small we have worked hard for so many international companies and completed many projects. But I have found the web design business is getting bad to worse. First ....it is difficult finding the right person to hire, and it is very expensive and more over clients are getting very fussy. With focus being shifted on Mobile App, Social media, Online Portal, not many people are asking for a website. If they want a website it would like on urgent basis. Business is not as lucrative as was. Prices are failling compared to last year and profits are now a myth.... I do plan to develop and sell products..like Themes and Plugins for survival but I need to ask you all...are you facing a similar predicament in your business. What is wise solution? How does one go about offering more services from a web design shop...?
  4. Dear fellow web designers/colleagues, I am new to web development, have little coding experience, but I am very good at following instructions. I would like to start a travel site about a specific country. If you know of any, please share some good examples of tour operator sites that are built with user experience in mind. I am really not sure where to begin and would appreciate some guidance. Thank you in advance! P.S. About the site: It’s a user friendly and informative website where people could find any information about this country before they made their travel arrangements with the option to buy all-inclusive packages that include hotels, tickets, transportation, meals etc. Basically this will be a tour operator site promoting a specific country and offer all inclusive travel packages to specific cities of the country.
  5. Hi! I've created a course that teaches web developers how to build a successful freelance career, if you'd like to check it out please visit https://milliondollardeveloper.io/ and feel free to reply here with any questions!
  6. Hello, Being new to the forum, I wanted to provide you some value to get started... When put into action, this can be one of the MOST PROFITABLE POSTS you’ll ever read. I’m going to give you the exact concepts you can use to earn 10x more as a web designer, in 90 days or sooner… Bruce Lee famously said, "The less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be.” And I describe this as “SIMPLY POWERFUL” – which is also useful in business. So, is it really possible for you to be financially-independent as a web designer… without complicated coding or programming, while you have more freedom to enjoy your life?… YES… that’s what this is about… CONVENTIONAL WISDOM IS ALMOST ALWAYS WRONG You may think you've tried it all, or seen all, when it comes to SUCCEEDING as a web designer. Then, out of nowhere, you stumble upon something totally new... something that causes everything to just ‘click'... That’s exactly how it was for me as I used these strategies to transform my own life. And I’m hoping to give you the very same “YES!” moments by sharing them with you now. >>> THE BIG SECRET: IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY <<< 1. MOST CLIENTS REALLY DON’T CARE ABOUT DESIGN Don’t take any of your client’s design requests at face value. All they really want are RESULTS. The moment you understand this and speak to that during your conversations, the more control you’ll have over the project and the smoother everything will go. Know this: Your only job is to understand the desired results and commit to helping clients get those results using a website. Their primary desire is usually for money (or camouflaged terms like “increased revenues”). Getting there can be accomplished through “more sales”, “more leads”, “more calls”, “more donations”, etc. These are just milestones to getting the MONEY. And which milestone is preferred should direct the basic function of the homepage. Now, look at it another way… 2. FOCUS ON PROFITS, NOT PIXELS This idea is simple, yet has many implications. Essentially, the goal for every client is PROFIT. And the goal for you must also be profit… if you wish to enjoy your work for very long. For example, I recommend you get comfortable avoiding design awards or recognition within the “design community”. They’re not required for you to earn a great living. Your best clients really won’t care about that stuff. And I’ve known plenty of designers with awards and empty bank accounts. Instead, go for SIMPLE websites that communicate clearly to visitors. These pull an easy win for clients. They’re also much faster to build and easier to maintain. Starting with purchased templates or themes can be great for such purposes. However, even those can be more complicated than is necessary, so be careful. Since taking on this mindset I’ve stopped stressing about the latest design fad (except responsive/mobile coding). My client’s are happy, my income has SKYROCKETED, and a lot of time has been freed up to enjoy other things in life. And have you considered… 3. THE WEBSITE IS YOUR CLIENT’S MOST IMPORTANT ONLINE ASSET The website is the only thing we have full control over, relatively speaking. Social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter… these are great for getting attention and customers, yet the only property that’s truly OWNED is the website. It’s constant. It’s reliable. And it’s the ultimate online representation of brand. So when the client goes wandering off into those other areas, you should calmly yet firmly bring the focus back to the website (this happens to be where you’ll make the most money). You’ll also find the work gets EASIER when you… 4. BECOME A SPECIALIST Specialists earn more and get more respect. You should be a website specialist. Don’t worry about social media, it’s always changing. Don’t worry about designing logos, business cards, stationary and all that stuff. You won’t find many thousand-dollar bills hiding under those rocks. Instead, just get intimate with the TRUE PURPOSE of the client’s website, especially the homepage. Also, understand this: when you see a lot of opportunity, it’s important to “know when to say no”. It’s just easier when you focus on the most valuable asset. Then simply give feedback on the client’s other activities, looking out for their best interests. And when clients push non-website tasks onto your plate, just make referrals (and get a bonus or “finder’s fee” whenever possible). This gets the work done, lets you keep your specialist role, and helps you avoid overwhelm. >>> YOU ALREADY HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO SUCCEED AS A WEB DESIGNER <<< 5. ROCKSTAR STATUS AND AMAZING SKILLS ARE NOT REQUIRED With so many resources available, especially templates and themes, it’s simply not required for you to become a “great designer” personally. Yes, it’s nice for ego. However, many rockstar designers fall into a serious trap: thinking better pixels should equal a bigger paycheck. As described above, this is rarely the case anymore, especially when you can install Wordpress themes for $5k+, Yes, you’ll naturally get better at design the more you do it. Just don’t let your skill dictate how much money you earn… because there is not a direct correlation between “good design” and “good money”. You really can earn six-figures a year with the basics you probably already know. This means… 6. YOU ONLY NEED HTML/CSS TO EARN A GREAT LIVING The bedrock of web design is HTML/CSS. And getting familiar with these are all that’s necessary to experience a reliable income. Changing theme or template graphics may require an editing program like Photoshop. However, you typically won’t need to do anything complicated there, either. And let me emphasize this point by saying… 7. YOU DON’T NEED TO LEARN JAVASCRIPT/PHP/AJAX/JQUERY/RUBY/WHATEVER This is a big one. It’s tempting to learn additional coding/programming languages. Yet, you should only do it when you really, really ENJOY it. Because it’s simply not required to be SUCCESSFUL. Here’s the truth: when you want big checks, you should feel 100% comfortable knowing these other topics may only be distractions. They’re not worth the time and stress (unless you enjoy them). And if a client requires something beyond HTML/CSS, there are plenty of people willing to help you. One thing: the only situation where learning additional coding languages might be good is for a job, because studios and other employers may care about that stuff. And this really isn’t about you keeping a job. You can have freedom instead. The next step is realizing… 8. CLIENTS WHO NEED YOUR HELP ARE EVERYWHERE Even with all the web designers in the world, I never have trouble finding top-dollar clients. They’re literally EVERYWHERE. And because most designers are unreliable and don’t care about real results… it’s now even easier to gain clients. Here’s another reason why: businesses with websites have already been sold on the idea. Yet, whoever did the site is usually long gone. The designer (or studio, even) didn’t stick around to make sure the website does what it’s supposed to do. You just need to see if the client’s goals are being met (hint: they usually aren’t). Then offer to HELP get more and better results. >>> HOW TO GET THE MONEY <<< Now that you know you should care about getting results for the client, specialize as a designer, and focus on HTML/CSS… here’s how you get more money… 9. DIAGNOSE THE CLIENT’S PROBLEM Websites are supposed to help businesses. And the vast majority of websites are either underperforming or mostly useless. When you know what to look for, it’s easy to approach nearly any business, large or small, and offer to see if their website is doing what it should. Ask about their #1 goal. See if the homepage is meeting that goal directly. And when it’s not… 10. OFFER THE SOLUTION, WHICH REQUIRES THEIR COMMITMENT The best solution - for you and for CLIENTS - is to optimize their homepage to meet their #1 goal. Examples: Is the homepage cluttered? Is navigation complicated? Is the site covered in stock photos? Are the words and phrases appropriate… selling the click, requesting contact information, asking for the first step toward a sale? After knowing what you’re dealing with, offer a monthly commitment to improve the results of the website OVER TIME. For example, you can do simple split-testing using Google Analytics. Make subtle changes weekly or even monthly, depending on how much traffic the site gets. You can bill these services with a PayPal subscription. If the prospect won’t commit to a monthly billing, offer to UPGRADE just their homepage to better serve its purpose. When they like the RESULTS you give them, offer the monthly commitment again. And by the way… 11. GET PAID UP FRONT, BEFORE YOU DO ANY WORK This should go without saying. However, because we’re so eager to HELP clients, it’s tempting to dig into code for free just to “take a look under the hood”. Don’t do it. All you need to do is: 1) Type in the URL 2) Hit enter 3) See what shows up When you see the website can be improved, ask for money to get involved. Anything beyond this 3-step evaluation is time and energy wasted. There doesn’t need to be paperwork. There doesn’t need to be a long, drawn out process with multiple solutions and services offered. Get this: when you finally have CONFIDENCE in your abilities and a true understanding of how valuable your work is… even a portfolio is unnecessary. (I stopped “showing my work” back in 2007!). Now… 12. HERE’S WHAT TO DO NEXT Listen, my advice and these strategies can really improve your income and lifestyle as a web designer. Yet, you still need to find prospects. You need to make sales. And you need to help clients meet their goals. When you have HTML/CSS skills… and when you truly desire to serve your clients… and when you desire to quickly boost your income, without stressful, time-wasting activities… It’s time you get on a better path. To begin, you can reply below with your questions. After doing this successfully for over 14 years, I really want to help you earn good money while enjoying your life more, with free time away from the computer In my another post I’ll give more specifics on how you can charge much higher prices for your web design services, without fancy presentations, without a big portfolio (or any portfolio at all), and without learning complicated coding or programming languages…
  7. Hello web designers, 2 years ago I took the path to transition from a web designer to a business owner and aspiring entrepreneur. I made **** loads mistakes along the way. It took me a lot of time to stop making some of them, others I still make. With my fist commercial project, I didn't get a single lead although my design was excellent for the time. Now I can manage to get dozens of target customer leads in a matter of days. It makes me sad seeing so many great designers that create beautiful designs but suck at business and startups. I wrote this huge article with loads of action tips for you, design entrepreneurs. I go into a lot of details and share my best knowledge Click here to read the article If you find it useful, please share with other designers in need. And of course, let me know what you think. What was your biggest mistake you made as a designer-founder?
  8. Apache_jd

    Going freelance

    I currently have a full-time web developer position at a small agency, working 9 until 5:30 - also spending 2 hours a day on a train commuting. When I get home on the evenings, I am up until midnight doing work every weekday night, and I work for about 6 hours on a Saturday and 6 hours on a Sunday - completing all of my freelance work. My website ranks very well (page 1 usually) in search engine results for terms such as "freelance web developer", "freelance web designer", etc. So this is where most of my work comes from. Some also comes from referrals, but I do not advertising and do not use websites such as freelancer.com to win work either. I have all required skills in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, SEO, web security, managing servers and so on. Over the past 5 years, I have designed and developed everything from small business sites, to fully functional ecommerce websites, to social networks, to live bidding platforms, to company portals, and so much more - all on a bespoke basis. I also have design skills in Illustrator and Photoshop. I also develop long-term on a multi million pound ecommerce store as a freelance (have been doing so for 2 years). I earn a lot more from my freelance work (over £4000 in March) than I do in my full time job (£17k salary). I have an accountant to help me with taxes, etc. So as you can imagine, I want to make the transition to go freelance on a full-time basis. I have all of the tools (a good smartphone, a powerful PC with dual monitors, iPad, etc etc) as well as the business knowledge which I've gained working closely with the director of the agency. Should I got full time freelance? What should I consider?
  9. Dear All, I am new to this forum basically. I have a sports forum website basically which has been on the web for the past year and its stats show over 18,000 vists, 190,000 page views and an average session duration of 24.00 minutes. However my adsense earnings are of around only 17.00 Eur. I was thinking about optimising my website for SEO, converting it to wordpress from codeigniter, but at the end of the day I would like to start to earn some money on the amount I invested on the website. Can I earn a steady income from Google ads if I get a lot of people from google searches? Can Anyone suggest ways on how to make my website generate monthly income apart from paid signups? Thanks for reading
  10. Hi, I have some experience using Adobe Business Catalyst but have a budget to improve the gaps in my knowledge. Mainly I need help developing custom templates along with the e-commerce side. I am struggling to find any courses on the subject? I don't really like the online training videos as they just send me to sleep, I would much prefer a few days in a class room working on example projects. Any BC fans out there that can suggest some courses for me? Ideally in the South West, but willing to travel. Thanks
  11. Hello everybody! I am currently working on a project just for fun and educational purposes. I might actually even sell this template to a future customer. At the moment I have designed it in Photoshop and I would really appreciate it if you could give me some feedback on it. I designed the first - "about us" page, where there is a brief description in three columns about the companies values and stuff.. Then bellow is "satisfied customers" section and then the footer.. I dont know, what else should I put on the about us page.. Any recommendations? About the navigation on the top: there first button state is the "currently visited" page, the second one is in the hover state and all the rest are in normal state waiting to be clicked I think that is intuitive enough.. Also about the greenish color.. It can be any other too (like violet, blue etc.) Well, enough with the talk.. here it is in jpeg format. I am looking forward to your reviews and feedback.
  12. Hi all, This is my first post here! This is a great site and I'm glad to be a member now I just want to start a list with web platforms where the potential clients are posting their inquiries for services such as web design, developing, web marketing, SEO, etc. What I’m using now are these two sites: http://freelancer.com http://odesk.com I’m looking for other places where freelancers and web studios can find some new clients J Thanks.
  13. Mainly I have to register as a business but I haven't earnt anything yet so don't have to do that. Anyway, I would like a list of everything that I need to take into consideration when starting as a freelancer, I would have to think about the process of serving clients, developing the website, improving my coding, design, seo, marketing, copywriting skills. Anything else? I just want to make sure I haven't missed anything.
  14. Hi all, Give Some Feedback on Joomla webdesign Theme Title : Qnima - Responsive MultiPurpose Joomla Template Description : Qnima is professional and mobile ready multi-purpose Joomla theme, developed in Bootstrap framework with great attention to details. Theme can be used for any type of website: business, corporate, ecommerce,online shop, portfolio, products, marketing, etc. You can modify layout, styling, colors directly from within the powerful admin panel. Qnima Theme Features : Responsive Joomla + Virtuemart Template Includes both Joomla 3.0 and 2.5 version Multiple language support RTL support Retina ready Eu Compliance Powerful admin panel Specially designed Virtuemart landing page jQuery Enhanced Responsive Design Slider Revolution $12 Google Fonts Font-Awesome Custom Backgrounds Qnima - Responsive Multipurpose Joomla Template
  15. I've now set up my business website (http://www.codexx.co.uk) and haven't got any customers yet. I had a free report done by a website called exposureninja (http://www.exposureninja.com/) and they said I wasn't ranked well on Google nor was my website design that great. I created a website using wordpress so it looks quite basic, I'd prefer to create a website from scratch without a CMS as it's a more custom design and is not limited by a template, with wordpress it just feels basic, I can't edit it to exactly how I want it and it doesn't represent my business in the best light. I had an idea of creating my website based around a double helix DNA, I would build the menu as DNA and it would have the names of the pages on the strands connecting the double helix. This website is generic, it is just green and white, it doesn't even align my text in the middle, it has no border on the sides so the text spans all the way out. I have read a book on how to get backlinks as I think that is the hardest part of SEO, I need to implement what I have learnt but do you think I should send out some fliers or buy some business cards instead of trying to SEO my website for now? It's early days so I don't want to be spending too much money, I will look at PPC in the future.
  16. Hello everyone, I am looking to see if anyone is interested in working with me on design & web projects. I will put it simply what I can provide and what I am looking for from a potential partner/associate. About Me: I am 21 years old, I live in North London and I have been a casual digital designer for many years. Recently I had some work experience with a design company and after seeing how they conducted business I definately feel I can do the same and better with the help from the right partner. My skills & what I can provide: - Many years of Photoshop experience. - Working knowledge of the design/marketing business. (worked for a company in London who did Digital Marketing). - Solid knowledge of Ilustrator, always improving/practicing. - Professional attitude and connections in the design industry, 2D & 3D. - Keen to learn, make money and produce ground-breaking work for print and web. - Good sense of humour. - Basic HTML, Css & PHP knowledge with good CMS experience. - Strong knowledge of SEO and marketing practices, however I haven't myself put them into practice. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What I am looking for: - Preferably someone aged 18 or over - Experience in the design industry, whether its from business side or design side. - Somebody with a good knowledge of coding, or contacts in that field of web development, mainly because that is my weakest area. - Professional attitude with a good sense of humour, and a willingness to learn and contribute. - Ideally someone who has made money already from design/web development etc.. - Someone with knowledge of business/tax/legal issues. I am a hard worker and I believe a mutually beneficial partner would be a great step forward. Please understand I am a junior in terms of my experience, but my ambition is far from the small scale. If you are interested or would like for info to discuss further please leave a message, pm or add me on skype (coolhandlukeee). Thanks, Luke
  17. Dear All, I have am slighty worried at the moment, I took various time and money to develop a new website forum... It has started very well, with around 100 new visitors a day and an average 28 minutes per visit. another statistic is 1,000 page views per 40 visitors . My concern is how can I earn a stable income? I would honestly appreciate any sort of reply especially as most of you may have experience in this field. The website is at: http://tinyurl.com/pr85vfy if you want to get a better idea. Thank you all!
  18. Dear All Professionals, I have got a Sports betting forum on: http://tinyurl.com/pr85vfy I have got an issue here, I want to find a way on how to make money from it, can any professional suggest how I could achieve this? The average visitors spend around 23 mins on the website reading various posts, I don't know if that makes a difference. I would welcome any recommendation here. Thanks and Regards to you all!
  19. My aim is to create a form whereby the user can input the number of a services required (in a text input box that validates numerically), and where I can specify the price. The catch is that I need to be able to specify how the price adds up i.e if the user enters "1" the quote generator needs to output "£50" however if the user inputs "2", the quote generator needs to output "£99". The further catch is that it needs to be possible for the user to input any number up till 100 before a pop-up advises to email for a quote. The closest thing I've been able to find from searching forums and google has been this: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> <title>Calc</title> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.4.2.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- $(document).ready(function() { $('#calculateTotal').click(function() { var shirtsPrice = 10.50, perColorPrice = 5.99; var inputNum_of_Shirts = $('#shirts').val(); var inputNum_of_FColor = $('#colorsOnFront').val(); var inputNum_of_BColor = $('#colorsOnBack').val(); var totalCost = (inputNum_of_Shirts*parseFloat(shirtsPrice)) +(parseFloat(perColorPrice)*inputNum_of_FColor) +(parseFloat(perColorPrice)* inputNum_of_BColor ); var perShirtCost = (parseFloat(shirtsPrice)) +(parseFloat(perColorPrice)*inputNum_of_FColor) +(parseFloat(perColorPrice)*inputNum_of_BColor); $('#total').html(formatCurrency(totalCost)); $('#perShirt').html(formatCurrency(perShirtCost)); $('#result').css('display', 'block'); }); }); // This Function I have searched from Web function formatCurrency(strValue) { strValue = strValue.toString().replace(/\$|\,/g,''); dblValue = parseFloat(strValue); blnSign = (dblValue == (dblValue = Math.abs(dblValue))); dblValue = Math.floor(dblValue*100+0.50000000001); intCents = dblValue%100; strCents = intCents.toString(); dblValue = Math.floor(dblValue/100).toString(); if(intCents<10) strCents = "0" + strCents; for (var i = 0; i < Math.floor((dblValue.length-(1+i))/3); i++) dblValue = dblValue.substring(0,dblValue.length-(4*i+3))+','+ dblValue.substring(dblValue.length-(4*i+3)); return (((blnSign)?'':'-') + '$' + dblValue + '.' + strCents); } --> </script> </head> <body> <form id="calc" name="calc"> <p> <input id="shirts" name="shirts" type="text"> <label for="shirts">Number of Shirts</label> </p> <p> <input id="colorsOnFront" name="colorsOnFront" type="text"> <label for="colorsOnFront">Number of Colors on Front</label> </p> <p> <input id="colorsOnBack" name="colorsOnBack" type="text"> <label for="colorsOnBack">Number of Colors on Back</label> </p> <p><input name="calculateTotal" id="calculateTotal" type="button" value="Calculate Total" /></p> <div id="result" style="display:none;"><strong>Total:</strong> <span id="total"></span> <strong>Per Shirt:</strong> <span id="perShirt"></span></div> </div> </form> </body> </html> The only thing wrong with this is that there can only be one set price, I need 100 different prices that can be called up depending on what number under 100 the user inputs. IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? I would be so grateful if someone could shed some light! Cheers, Duan
  20. Hey WBF, I don't want you guys to think this is spam as I have no rep or previous posts! I plan on staying active in this community. On to the point... I have been a small-time freelance web developer for the past 5+ years and have decided to start my own design agency. I plan on using a lot of subcontractors in lieu of permanent employees. I really want to attract great freelancers with a win-win scenario. They won't have to deal with clients but still get to run their own show. Our agency will act as the project managers and take all responsibilty for the finished product while not taking credit away from the designer(s)/developer(s). My question for WBF is, what would make you choose to freelance for one design agency over another? Some Ideas: -Access to asset libraries (stock photos, fonts, other suggestions?) -Access to expensive design software via VPN (not sure about this as most freelancers have already pirated the software or bought it) Get Creative! Thank you for your input! Jordan
  21. Hi, I'm trying to learn web development / design from pretty much scratch. I did a few months course building a basic dreamweaver website and that is about it really. I have an a business idea or two and I google searched for how to design a site like beatport as I feel something like the beatport design http://www.beatport.com/ or http://www.loopmasters.com/ - front end and back end - would be quite appropriate for my ideas. I don't have a buget for anything like £10,000+ it may or may not cost to make thread so the only option would be to do it myself. However due to my limited knowledge of web design the comments in this tread don't make much sense to me or help clarify anything so I have a few questions: 1) Is it even possible for one man with very little / no web design or development knowledge to build something like the beatport or loopmasters site? (I'm aware that this might be a completely ridiculous idea way beyond my ability) 2) How long might this take roughly both for a pro who knows what they are doing and a beginner? How much would a pro charge for this? 3) What resources would I need to gain the necessary skills and learn about everything associated with the inner workings and aesthetic design of a site like beatport? If anyone could recommend Books & Video Tutorials etc. that would be of great help. Can this kind of thing be done in dreamweaver or is that only a tiny part of the whole picture. Do I need software developer skills? I need to start with the most basic of concepts such as what is xpressionengine / zen cart / open cart and how do they work. From the most basic web design work I've done so far I have a rough idea of how incredibly difficult it might be to learn. I'm just completely lost as to where to start learning and what I need to learn to be competent in building sites this complex. I'm not even sure what Flash, PHP, MySQL or Javascrip are really for example and if I need to know them. The few things I know are some basic web page creation with HTML & CSS. So far I have found good amazon reviews on 2 books: Robin Nixon - Learning PHP, MySQL, and Javascript: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Websites Jon Duckett - HTML & CSS Are these the books i need to read and learn to be able to built something like beatport or are they just the tip if the iceberg in allowing me to create basic websites? What books, tutorial websites and video tutorials would you recommend? Please be gentle with me! Thanks
  22. Sorry if this is in the wrong area - I'm not sure where exactly to post this. I'm looking for a web designer in either the London or Southampton areas to join an up and coming startup. Currently I have the basis of the idea, and need a designer with knowledge of HTML + CSS (and potentially JS) to do some front end for the website. I have no money to give, but we would agree on a reasonable share. I'm looking for a designer who is able to design retro-esque type things with graphics potentially like this : http://justyel.files..._psihodrill.jpg Any interest is welcome, and if you want more information, [snipped] Thanks!! Tom
  23. Hello, I am wondering where I can sell a Website domain name and website idea to someone who is looking to buy or possibly invest in one, its a forsure hit. Just dont have much time with my other career and school, so id like to sell it to someone interested. Please help Thanks, john
  24. I have been hosting my prestashop site on bluehost for the last year but have recently seen an increase in traffic by around 30 percent. The site is now getting throttled frequently to the point where it comes unusable. I am paying a further $14.99 a month on top of hosting costs (which have doubled since starting with them a year ago), static ip, ssl etc to cloudflare in a desperate attempt to try and avoid the throttling bluehost have become notorious for. I have checked all error logs and slow query logs etc that bluehost say cause the throttling but cant find anything significant. The site on average has around 30-70 people browsing at any one time. I need a webhost that preferably does not practise cpu throttling and can handle this amount of visitors on the site - constantly. I have looked at linode VPS (not necessarily intended to host websites) but it all seems too complicated for me and lacks basic things like cpanel etc Does anyone know what this "4th Generation" thing Godaddy *cringe* is peddling and if its any good? Dynamic traffic management without cpu throttling, scalable resources depending on how much traffic you are getting (yes please) with 99% uptime guarantee - all sound kind of too good to be true for just $5.94 a month. Anyone had any experience with them?
  25. Any potential problems look out for? What are buyers generally looking for in a theme? What should you include with your theme (documentation and such)? Any other advice would also be greatly appreciated.