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Found 51 results

  1. Hi, I recently launched my new website. I work as a web designer and have for a long time wanted to make my website more personal. My ideal customers is small business owners. I think the result has been good, but it feels like something is missing. Check it out: https://undrumdesign.no Thank you in advance for all answers. Ps. The site is in norwegian - please give me review of the design itself


    Hey everyone, I'm a new member in this forum and I'm in just to develop my skills in design for web. Furthermore, I've been working on a website for about 2 weeks and it's almost done I just want you to criticize it and give me, guys, advices in order to make it perfect for a final project. Little description: This website is destined to manage a school store. In the first page the user have to enter his informations then the system detects if the user is an admin or a client. If it's an admin (which is the case in the following pictures) the user will be able to add members and remove them, add items and remove them and mention the locations that had been done (from database). I didn't design the client page because I think that I'm going with the same ideas even up there so I wanted to know if this design is appropriate to continue my work. My project is made in french but I can translate any option. Thank you guys!
  3. Hello, I built this site about six months ago and I'm about to start making changes to it for the next version. Just thought i'd see that other people think about it first. http://www.ukmarketreview.co.uk/
  4. Hi there, its a simple html document, made with neatbeans 8.3, on windows 10 and i only use html + css. There is a content id which has a background like: #content { width: 50%; height: auto; background-color: transparent; float: right; margin-top: 2%; margin-right: 6%; margin-bottom: 5%; padding: 1px; background-image: url('Pic123.png') ; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: cover; background-position: top center; After this code was ready, it worked and still works, with each browser. Then - I made a copy of the html doc, - did not change any html or css code, - except the text within the html-doc- content. But Pic123 is not shown/presented with its full strukture. Looks like the browser tooks just a stripe from the middle of that pic and spread it over the whole content-space. (Imagen a pic at a wall, with a huge bold frame around and within just whitepaper with any type of texture. ) I'm the browser, i cut off the frame, also whats next to it and strech it now till it fits the content space. I have no Idea what might be the reason.
  5. Hey everyone, web-design-studios.net is a newly started site that's set up to showcase interesting, useful and beautiful design. We want our site to be sort of an inspirational source for anyone interested in webdesign, or anyone who might want to try creating a website for themselves. We need your help finding interesting designs to display! All backlinks are do-follow of course Thank's in advance.
  6. do you need in any time to make a business and dont know how you can make marketing for this business We are here to advice you how you can get started to build your business and make advertising to get more leads first of all you will need to build your website and make a design & development also you will need to creat Social media profiles
  7. Hi all, I am new to the forum and would greatly appreciate a few pointers. I am doing a survey to better understand current practises and unmet needs of the community of web designers and creatives engaging in the web development process. The reason is that I am working on a novel idea that may help us all produce faster and more efficiently. But the only way to validate this is to have people willingfully answer a 3-4 minute survey (I have prepared it in a Google form). How should I do this without being seen as spam? Sincere thanks in advance, Hari PS: if anone is interested to help out. please PM me.
  8. Hi all, Basically i have my website "mysite.com" and i created a customers WordPress website for previewing in a folder that's accessible under my own website "mysite.com/theirsite" However now their site has been crawled by google and google thinks its part of my website which has completely changed all my keywords on google webmaster tools and indexed over 100 pages as if its associated with my site. 1. Is this a problem for my SEO? (I have moved the address to their domain now however its still in the same folder in my FTP so still accessible by "mysite.com/theirsite" however now just throws up 404 errors. 2. Is there a way to completely disassociate their website with my own? Very much appreciate any help on the matter. Thanks.
  9. Hi, i'm searching for one suitable cms to support my clients. i have webhosting, vps and webdesign department. and i need to webdesign wizard for calculation design coast. pay attention the cms must have wizard for calculation design coast. is there any whmcs plugin for webdesign wizard ? what is your suggestion ?
  10. Hello! We are a team of enthusiasts who love innovations. We have developed a robot that is controlled from a computer or a mobile device using Internet. We have a website that for that purpose and I would like to know the opinion on its design. Any suggestions on the imprvements are welcome. http://robofisher.com/
  11. Hello Welcome my name is Pete, I'm new to webdesign and currently learning the basics I managed to build a template ai.marketcheck.co.uk and require assistance, uploading CSV file and display as a chart on website Sample date as follows Date Open High Low Close 1993.05.12 1.537 1.5445 1.529 1.5338 1993.05.13 1.5328 1.536 1.518 1.5225 1993.05.14 1.5228 1.5415 1.52 1.5387 Any assistance would be appreciated Many thanks Peter ai.marketcheck.co.uk
  12. Hello people, My name is seyibest and i am new here. I need you guys help to setup a simplepress forum. I know how to install wordpress, the simple press plugin but the design i wanna you guys to help me with. Your contrbution is highly appreciated Thanks
  13. salar


    a template for lyrics website

    © salar sadeghi

  14. introduction Well Hello Every One $myNameis = Mohammed ; // Im From Algeria And Today I joined This Awesome Forum Hoping That I can Help Others , Give Tutorials and Discuss some design topics with all Of You i'm also on twitter under @dzstormers
  15. Hi all, I'm a graphic designer with no real knowledge of writing code. I work with wysiwyg builders (Muse, Wix etc.) but they are limited and have no CMS. Now, I want to build 2 websites for myself: 1. Real Estate listings website 2. Ecommerce website Both need to allow users to search listings/products and sort results by multiple criteria, such as: color, size, place, type etc., Also, users should be able to add/edit listings/products and their profiles. I found a couple of great plugins for WordPress which do all that - for the real estate website, but not for the other one. Problem is: as I know no code, I can't design anything myself..which is really not great for me. Any suggestions? Maybe Muse widgets? can I export my designs to WP/Joomla? I would appreciate any info regarding databases, how they work, how to build/implement them, different options - any info to get me started. I love websites that offer an easy-multiple criteria search - by choosing between given options, typing in words or answering questions. This is a totally new territory for me but I have time and patience, I'm a quick learner and willing to learn whatever I need (even code). Many many thanks!
  16. Hi all, I'm just in the door and have posted a question here on the merits of choosing a .co.uk or .com domain suffix.
  17. peersmana

    Hello guys

    Hi guys I'm a belgian designer who just started a small digital agency. I hope I can learn a lot from you guys. For interested people, take a look at www.brightinsight.be See you all around! Anthony
  18. Path is a fully responsive, multipurpose WordPress theme for blogs and magazines. Path is a simple, clean and modern design. We built Path with great enthusiasm and worked hard to build a theme that works for real projects. Full Features Clean, Simple And Minimalist design Fully Responsive + Responsive Mobile Menu Works with WP 3.8 Full or List Posts Homepage Layout Full or List Posts Archive Layout + Post Formats +Standard Posts Video Posts Gallery Posts Music Posts 10 Custom Widgets +Twitter Widget Facebook Widget Flickr Widget About Me Widget Banner Widget Newsletter Widget Popular and Latest Related Widget Video Widget Social Widget 2 Different Comments Systems(Wordpress Native and Disqus Comment Systems) + 3 Different Header Layouts + 2 Different Pagination Type (Numeric and Previous/Next Page links) Support for Contact Form 7 Google Fonts Library Font-Awesome Library PSD files Included Translation Ready – .po & .mo Translation Files Included Super Easy Widget Importing with Widget Importer Plugin Well Documented Awesome Support Live Demo | Screenshots | Buy Now
  19. hello every one pls give me ur feedback about my design and what i do to make it better thank you here is link [LINK REMOVED]
  20. Hi, I'm new on here, so sorry if I make any errors, posting my first question. Basically, I went on the Google's "How search works" (link below), and saw this really cool feature they used. However, I don't know what it's called, and can't research the technique or its implementation. The feature I'm referring to is the effect that as you scroll down the page, the animations sort of progress interactively. It's not a slideshow and isn't really a standard parallax page, does any one know either what the effect is called (if it has a name), or can anyone point to resources I can use to understand it's implementation? Thanks! http://www.google.co.uk/insidesearch/howsearchworks/thestory/
  21. Dear All, I am new to this forum basically. I have a sports forum website basically which has been on the web for the past year and its stats show over 18,000 vists, 190,000 page views and an average session duration of 24.00 minutes. However my adsense earnings are of around only 17.00 Eur. I was thinking about optimising my website for SEO, converting it to wordpress from codeigniter, but at the end of the day I would like to start to earn some money on the amount I invested on the website. Can I earn a steady income from Google ads if I get a lot of people from google searches? Can Anyone suggest ways on how to make my website generate monthly income apart from paid signups? Thanks for reading
  22. Hi Everyone My name is Angela from Freerangewebsites.co.uk and I am their resident SEO and Social Media expert. I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce Free Range and explain a little bit about the services we offer. We are a friendly web design and SEO team working in Bristol and the surrounding areas. We offer cost-effective solutions to new and existing small businesses who really want to make the very best online impression. From creating a brand new website for you to managing your SEO and Social Media campaigns we have decades of combined knowledge in web design and know just what it takes to make a website really stand out from the crowd. www.freerangeweb.co.uk Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or visit us online to check out what we can do for you and your small business today
  23. Hello, I need a wordpress theme that looks a lot like this website: powermindconcept.com/ Can you create? How much cost?
  24. Hey , I'm looking for a team or bunch of people to create a groupe and discuss all kind of web design stuff ( framework, editors, best companies ... ) Post ur facebook or any way so we can communicate together
  25. Hello, I´m Mikkel Olsen - a Danish webdesigner from GeniusWebDesign.com, I´m looking forward to be a part of this forum and search around for tips and advice. Here are some of the work I have done: http://www.traelastogbyggemarked.dk/ http://www.hytterogannekser.dk/ http://www.suitsyou.dk/ And my latest mini-project, our own Google Keyword Rank Checker tool: http://www.genius-webdesign.com/website-tools/google-keyword-rank-checker I don´t know how much time I will be spending here but it seems like a nice place for a webdesigner to hang out Brgds Mikkel