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Found 184 results

  1. Hi Gang, After some consideration reading posts on here I figured a good basic list of resources would be good. Not sure if a mod will lock this so it can be updated at a later date, might be nice to stop the "what is this SEO" type posts but any other peeps using with GOOD tools feel free to chip in. The Beginners Guide to SEO - Moz Read this! And before asking anything, read this! Seriously, read it; covers everything from how search engines work to tracking success. 90% of your questions will be answered before asking anything. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide - Google PageSpeed Insights - Google Yes, site speed is a factor, no quantity of keywords will fix these, this is 'SEO'. Microdata - Schema Mixed debate, personal favourite of mine, if nothing else have cool breadcrumbs under your listing. Structured Data Testing Tool - Google See what Google picks up from your structured data and clarify errors. HTTP / HTTPS Header Check A great way to see if the supposed 301 is real or if you're giving 302s instead. Redirect Checker Similar but also checks the number of redirects. Learn SEO - Moz Freaking great set of resources. If you're still stuffing keywords into titles and descriptions then you need to start here! Canonical vs NoIndex - Moz Yup, another Moz post but before thinking Canonical is a silver bullet read this. XML Sitemaps: The Most Misunderstood Tool in the SEO's Toolbox - Michael Cottam, Moz Worth a read, especially the consistency section. News & Rumours Google Algorithm Change History - Moz SEMrush Sensor Google PageRank & Algorithm Updates - Search Engine Roundtable Paid Tools SEMrush Moz Pro
  2. This is a bit of a strange one, I have recently been using Google Chrome Lighthouse v3 and noticed that under the SEO check it reports that the ‘Page is blocked from indexing’The report also shows that the Blocking Directive Source is /robots.txt robots.txt User-agent: * Disallow: Sitemap: http://www.mywebsite.co.uk/sitemap.xml I have removed the following from the webpages, as after a bit of reading I found that these settings are not really needed, unless a webpage is to be not indexed or not followed. <meta name="robots" content="index, follow"> Looking through Google Search Console, it shows that the webpages are being indexed, and all the pages can be viewed using site:www.mywebsite.co.uk What’s going on, any ideas what is causing the Lighthouse report to show the ‘Page is blocked from indexing’.
  3. I created my first website. Please tell me, what can I change and improve? http://mario89.smarthost.pl/
  4. I subscribe to this guy's email list. According to him, Google will begin using the mobile version of a page for search engine results, even if the search is performed on a desktop. https://backlinko.com/mobile-seo-guide This could bring a lot of business my way, in terms of making sites mobile friendly. But I'm not a fan of Google dictating to the world how to create their websites. If this is true, then sites that are not mobile-friendly will disappear from search engine results pages. I use Bing myself, but obviously most people still use Google.
  5. Hi everyone, Apologies if this is in the wrong place of the forum / has been discussed 10 millions before - I'm a web design noob so not sure what to search for. A few days ago my site was struck off google for the search term 'Manchester Wedding Photographer'. A few days before that a new 'domain address'' appeared in search console (top address in the attached image). A coincidence? I have redirected this to my usual address however it has so far made little difference. I also recently added a few more pages to my site however the content and metatags etc are unique so I doubt this is what is penalising me. I'm currently using Wix, which I know is universally despised, but I did at least have some presence on google until recently (varied between pages 8-10). I plan to move to wordpress, it's just finding the time. If I could rectify this problem in the meantime, that would be great. I'd welcome all advice. Many thanks Rob www.robertpeetphotography.co.uk
  6. Hello everyone, just joined these forums and I've been quite impressed with the extent of the information available on here so far. Looking forward to being part of this community! Feel free to visit our blog section from our site, in the hopes that you can benefit from the informative content. We have been focusing on featuring articles on a variety of web design related topics from industry experts and we hope the material will be of assistance and perhaps serve as a starting point for further discussion within this site. www.iowebstudio.com Thank you for reading and all the best, -Io Web Studio
  7. Hello mates, In my website meta title is not caching by google. Anybody know what is this. my whole website is crawled and indexed but meta title of one page is not crawled.Thanks in advance.
  8. So I've been doing SEO for quite a while and have had some really good success. The problem I'm facing is how to show these successes on my Web site portfolio. Any ideas
  9. soumya23

    seo keywords

    hy people while doing submission, Tittle should contain only keywords or we can opt for some catchy title line and is it necessary to include actual keyword?
  10. Sonnywebb741

    Any SEO tools suggetions?

    Any SEO tools suggetions?
  11. ashleyben

    Best Browser for SEO

    Please suggest me best Browser that support most of the SEO addons.
  12. Analytical Madness

    What Software Should I Use?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any idea which is the best completely free open-source software I could use to create my website. I've been using a program called Open Element up until now. But it has some shortcomings including text which changes size depending on the webpage and it doesn't have a built in search engine. The type of software I'm looking for must be drag-and-drop since I only know a little bit of coding. It must also allow me to use a search engine, preferably through something built in, and it must have a good way to change how it displays pages on mobile. Finally, I'm looking for something more like Wix than Wordpress. So something where I have relative freedom to change the themes, increase the size of images, change the layout, move things around freely, etc. as I wish. It must also allow for good SEO. Note that I don't need a url or webhosting, since I already use GoDaddy for that purpose, but only need the design software.
  13. I have read some articles online from different authors that try to indicate that the layout of a website has got an impact on seo. Apparently different people have different opinions on this topic. As a result i also came up with my own views on the same here. I am talking about aspects like coding ethics, responsiveness, internal linking etc. What can you add or subtract from the list? I am asking this because i also want to learn more. Thanks
  14. I just want to know free keyword planning tools other than google's keyword planner, sem rush etc for more better research
  15. One of my clients have a small webshop with custom handmade things and she wants live chat feature on her website. I don't know much about live chat so I would leave it till I do everything else and I want to ask you for opinion about it. Which software is the best and why it's better than rest? Cheers!
  16. foggy123

    Domain Authority

    Morning I've recently asked my web developers to change my website from a http site to a https encrypted one (please see link below) but since doing this I've noticed my domain authority has dropped to 7 it was in the twenties, I don't do a massive amount of link building but could this have caused it? If not have you any ideas to help me get back to where I was? https://www.citysecuritysystems.co.uk/ Thanks in advance for any help Kind regards Mike
  17. Hi, My name is UVS and I am SEO working for my hotel website can't find out my site subp ages or sub links in google search with site title. Same I was searched for ebay it's showing.
  18. Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and as a freelance SEO Manager I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding SEO!
  19. Hi everyone! If you're looking for a way to get your website off the ground, feel free to contact me for advice on SEO and content. I work full-time as an SEO Manager in England and currently manage 15 clients, as well as a few in my spare time. If you would like to book my services, check out my Fiverr account where you can see my gigs. Contact me and I would be more than happy to discuss a personalised job.
  20. hi i trained on dreamweaver 10 years ago. Recently had a new website created in wordpress, i'm new to this technology but used its free blog for years. I'm looking to maximise opportunities to be found as we are in a difficult market. I'm just thinking aloud really, would it help any if i created a page that is not linked to our navigation menu filled with keywords? Also any guides on seo would be great ad which plugin's are good.
  21. Hi, I have an android mobile app and I want to increase mobile app download. Anyone tell me the latest trends in app marketing in 2017