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Found 23 results

  1. tahiltahsin

    Resource: Free Icon Designs

    Here are is one of my new icon designs inspired from human behaviors and I want to share the freebies with all to have a try and give your valuable suggestions. FREE DOWNLOAD the pack from HERE Please give you suggestions and also check my work on Dribbble Thanks
  2. AblazeRich2

    Free or Cheap Hosting

    i'm building a wordpress site for a friend and we need either free or cheap hosting. So far they all seem to have some kind of draw back (like being down for 1 hour a day, or not being able to use your own domain name with it). Can any of you recommend a free web hosting service that actually has no major drawbacks for a simple brochure style website? Or a really cheap one. I've been checking out these guys: http://www.go4hosting.com/uk/shared-hosting.htm and they say they are less than a buck a month. GoDaddy is $4 and many other companies are coming in at 3-4 bucks a month. Anyone have any experience with them? Thoughts?
  3. Bourbie

    Web Dev Meetup

    Hey Everyone, So I'm thinking about hosting a web dev event in June, in London. A bit of a get together one evening, have a couple of speakers to talk about a few subjects, and a chance to chat to each other regarding web development. Would any of you be interested in this?? Regards Rosie
  4. Stockphoto.com

    Free stock photos

    All photos here are licensed under Creative Commons Zero which means you can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free, including commercial purposes, without asking permission from or providing attribution to the photographer or website. I've sourced them personally and are safe to use. Enjoy! Full size ________ Full size ________ Full size ________
  5. Hi guys! Any of you know some sites where I can download premium icons and fonts for free, LEGALLY ? Something similar to greedeals Thanks!
  6. Hi guys, I'm designing a landing page with a team members section. I would like to use a dummy portrait photo for each team member. I found http://uifaces.com/, which is cool for avatars, but the photos are very small for this purpose. Do you know any free resource for that? Cheers!
  7. Hi, Can someone recommend me a free slider for Wordpress site?
  8. emmaa

    Free beginners books

    Hi, I have a few beginners web design books that I would like to give away that are just sitting on my bookshelf collecting dust. I am a self taught web designer and I found these books very useful when I first started out. I now work for Universal Music and would encourage anyone who would like to learn to take up this as a career path. The books might be slightly outdated by now but they are still very relevant to anyone first starting out. I live in Shepherds Bush in west London so if anyone nearby wants them, please come by and collect. The books I have are: Web Standards Solutions (2009) by Dan Cederholm Bulletproof Web Design (2008) by Dan Cederholm Handcrafted CSS (2010) by Dan Cederholm Graphic Design School (2004) by David Dabner (Thames & Hudson) PHP, MySQL & JavaScript (2009) by Robin Nixon (O'Reilly) Happy learning!
  9. All Data on given this site is free and links are exact.

    © Umar Hayat Shahid

  10. Hello, I am almost finished building the following tool/service for myself and am trying to determine if others would want it too. Could you please provide a brief explanation as to why you'd either use this service or you wouldn't? The service: Whenever I started a new blog post, or any project that required design material (photos, article snippets, templates, etc.) I wasted a lot of time tracking down the different components, making it all look decent together, and then paying. What I've built is a service that provides you with a personalized, relevant selection of digital design content based on the subject matter of your blog post or project. It simply asks me what the context is of my blog post or project (food, travel, startup, etc. ) and quickly finds professional, relevant content to use for my custom project. It displays relevant photos, articles, and templates in such a way that it's easy to determine what looks good together. Currently sourcing 94 websites and counting, with the majority releasing content via Creative Commons 1 - 3.0 (free for commercial use) This allows me to concentrate more on the design/writing and less on searching so I'm loving it. Does this sound like something you would use? Why or why not? Thanks a lot for your time.
  11. Hello! Following the so many ecommerce and dropshipping posts in here, and encouraged by the saying, there are no smart or stupid people, there are people who posses information and people who do not posses it, I have decided to create a thread with the top websites, blogs, videos, etc , that online seller and ecommerce workers can use to improve their businesses and to become more successful. I also encourage everyone to post to this thread and to expand this list by providing other high quality resources that they use or know which may help online sellers and ecommerce business. So here are my top resources: Get Elastic – Very popular ecommerce blog. They post daily articles with useful information related to ecommerce. ABtests.com – A website fully dedicated to A/B Tests. Very useful for any ecommerce or dropshipping business. A/B testing is a method of testing 2 or more elements in order to find the one that gives the highest results. They regularly post information related to ecommerce like test on the call to action button conversion, newsletter tests, page design tests, etc. Ecommerce ABC – Useful website and ebook showing how to create a successful online store from start to finish. Although they charge for the full version, they still provide enough valuable information in their free ebook preview version and on their website. Ecommerce bytes – Blog similar to Get Elastic but with more interviews from the influential people from the ecommerce industry. So these are some of my top resources that I use daily and from which I get the most information and news about ecommerce industry. Let’s enlarge this list by posting below other high quality resources that will help other online sellers and ecommerce business owners to become more successful.
  12. BrowserBugs

    Free Infographics for Clients

    It has come to my attention that clients need educating. So often we see our fellow comrades in pixels at a loss when it comes to communicating fundamental basics to clients; many find it hard to know what to charge and many have been driven to the point of meltdown by the stupid questions. To assist you in your web development career I have produced the first client educational infographic for your enjoyment. Feel free to use this at top end business meetings and budget discussions. I hope many of you pixel junkies will join me in making this the best library of client liaison material on the web. Solidarity my friends, fight the power and the like. Peace!
  13. Hi. My name is Arnaldo. I'm a web developer from Brooklyn, NY. This may sound to good to be true, but I want to code an amazing portfolio website for someone for free. Visit http://www.arnaldocapo.com/free-portfolio to submit your design.
  14. Themetify theme is a stunning and clean WordPress theme for business, portfolio and more. Highly customizable, responsive and easy to use! Here is the free download link. Full preview link here.
  15. Hey all, So I'm looking into fonts for my website, and thus far I'm very happy with my headings however my paragraphs leave a bit to be desired and I just can't see a font that would fit, any ideas are welcome and who knows if enough people contribute suggestions this might be a good thread to reference in future. SeikoShadow.TK
  16. Echat Online

    Embeddable Chat Widget

    Dear Forum, I have recently started a new chat website, available at www.e-chat.co which is completely free. The initial promotion of the website has failed, mainly due to the fact that the nature of the chat website is DYNAMIC, i.e. content posted at any given time is being 'consumed' at the same time, unlike STATIC content, like YouTube video, where once you upload it, others can watch the video at any given time. Chat rooms need to have people on it at the same time for it to work. This turns out to be a more difficult task than it sounds. Now, people who liked E-Chat told me that an ideal solution would be to build a widget, which can be embedded onto a website. And so I have built it. Please have a look at www.e-chat.co/widget.jsp for more information. How do I approach website owners and ask them to embed the widget on their website? This would leverage existing traffic. The main benefit for webmasters is that the traffic is shared, i.e. if 3 websites are using the widget, any message sent from a website is visible to the other websites as well. Any deeper thoughts on that? I am a loner by heart, and so its very difficult for me to promote stuff. I could not find a better section than this one to post this message. please move it if necessary. Also, i am not aware of rules regarding linking, if necessary remove them. Thank you ! :-)
  17. Hi guys, I have launched a free section within my own site http://www.vectorella.com/category/free-vectors.html where you can download vectors and icons.. Unlike many other sites which feature other artist's stolen work, these vectors on my site are all created by me and are %100 legally safe to use in commercial projects.. The free section will be growing If enough people supports it.. On the other hand, in case you are already purchasing my work from stock sites you already know, this is the cheapest place you can get them as there is no middlemen.. I hope this will be useful for many! Cihan
  18. Hello all, we'd like to introduce this cool minimalist icon set that is part of our White Olive collection. Our in house designer handcrafted these 52 icons as a valuable resource for adding the finishing touches to your design project. We hope that you enjoy this cool release that we are sharing under the creative commons license BY. Download here: http://breezi.com/bl...malist-icon-set
  19. Hello, I have recently been trying to make myself a simple logo with just basic shapes and colours, i have seen a very nice example of a logo and i was wondering how is this done in photoshop? how are those kind of round kind of arcs are done? and how is that kind of shining effect achieved? I have attached the example logo here. If someone can be kind and nice enough to make a quic tutorial on photoshop it will be amazing. Thanks.
  20. http://www.freegive.co.uk - Google Page Rank Checker is a completely free tool to check the current pagerank of your web site instantly at http://www.freegive.co.uk/gprc.php
  21. http://www.freegive.co.uk - Put PHP Script fetches your latest tweets in real-time and displays them as simple HTML on your web pages. Find out how to display your latest tweet with PHP on your website for free at http://www.freegive.co.uk/wtt.htm
  22. Download the best free secure contact form with file upload support and captcha at http://www.freegive.co.uk/freecontactforms.php Don't just take my word for it - Go to the website and try the Demo.
  23. Out of curiosity, of all the software you regularly use, what percentage is free open source versus commercial / closed source? I'm practically 100% FOSS, from my desktop/netbook OS (ubuntu) to the servers (LAMP) and most of the applications I use (gedit, GIMP, Blender, OpenOffice etc). I'm not bashing commercial software here, Photoshop is undoubtedly better than GIMP, I just don't find it to be better to the extent where I'm happy (or need) to pay out for it.