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Found 43 results

  1. While being a member of the Web Designer Forum, it has given me some inspiration and help to redesign a website that I did a few years ago. The project was also to help me refresh some of the limited HTML and CSS skills that I have. The project is still work in progress, I still have a few things to do such as: Social media meta tags A mobile Menu Find a solution for the selector buttons to update on the Slideshow I have reached the point of asking for some constructive criticism/feedback for some further inspiration. All though I am not a professional, it would be nice to be able to get the website found in a Google search and for it to be functional on all devices. At this stage I am not sure if I will be creating anymore pages, local history is one of those subjects that could lead to many pages being created. Please view the Newbury History at www.newburyhistory.co.uk
  2. Hello Everyone, I have designed https://www.themevault.net/ website. It would be highly appreciated if you can give your valuable comments, feedback or any suggestion if you want it more interactive. Thank you
  3. Some common pain points they face are: Sending emails with attached JPGs, PDFs to multiple clients and then tracking their replies and gathering reviews in a single place Tracking versions. They will send out version 3 for review and someone will send comments on version 1 Conflicting reviews. One person will ask to change the colour to green, and another will ask to change it to blue Uploading and sharing videos. And getting comments Understanding comments. It’s very often like solving puzzles. Comments like ‘Make it green’ and you have to ask the client ‘Make What green?’ Do you also face similar challenges? Please comment or share your challenges so that I can share with you one tool that we are coming with forever free plan.
  4. Hey guys, my team and I have been working a couple of weeks now on an ad for our new Buy/sell Bitcoin comparison tool. We are very aware that the ad is still ugly, but we don't know what exactly to make better. Here is a link where you can preview our ad in a couple of different sizes. We are very grateful for any kind of suggestions and feedback and thank you in advance!
  5. Dear all, Hi I'm Ivan, started an online shop for the honey that I loved from Manitoba, Canada. I'm quite scrappy and plus I'm low on available resources so I've decided to build the website myself. However, with the lack of proper training and the eyes of the experience, I failed to deliver an effective design. Major challenge: not converting any clicks into dollars. Major confusion: Is my website understandable and intuitive enough? Here is my website: https://ivanoung.wixsite.com/yesdear Any kind of critiques are welcome, I appreciate that in advance. Regards.
  6. The car rental company, JMA, is located in Bali. Bali is a tropical gem and one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. The concept: Letters J, M and A (JMA) shaped to form waves -Dan
  7. KatherinePage

    logo feedback

    Hi! Here is a logo of Resume Writing Lab company this is a new one because a few days ago we changed the logo in order to make it more notable, easy to remember. And now we need feedback. The company specializes in resume writing services so it was important to make a good logo. And please write what you think about it and the whole design of the website http://resumewritinglab.com/? Thanks in advance for your time on giving feedback.
  8. Hi, I have a site at https://www.depressionforteens.com It is built on the genesis theme, magazine pro child theme, and I have been customising it. I would like some feedback on it and how I can improve conversions as well. Thanks!
  9. Hello! We are a team of enthusiasts who love innovations. We have developed a robot that is controlled from a computer or a mobile device using Internet. We have a website that for that purpose and I would like to know the opinion on its design. Any suggestions on the imprvements are welcome. http://robofisher.com/
  10. Hi Just wanted to get some feedback on my new business website: http://urbanedge-promotions.com/ Still working on the php side of things but other than that it's pretty much complete. Thanks for your time
  11. vincentweb

    Read Me; Give me some feedback :)

    Hi everyone~Have Good day to you, My thoughts here is to create my very first Wordpress Theme & Booking Plugin bundled together into one theme at the same time. I'm a self-taught coder & designer however I think i have limited knowledge and skill into this matter. allwhile back then i'm self-employed as fulltime web freelancer helping others to create a website using wordpress with paid theme beside the minor customisation and design services for client i made my earning; but recently my sales drop continuously (no new incoming job abit slow down recently) therefor i have this idea creating my first wp theme & plugin. i couldnt call it or claimed it's my very origin works since i will grab other author free plugin and theme as my framework foundation and develop from there so am i able to sell it when the job done? i decide to get pay for my time during these process of plugin & theme development. a contribution from everyone for my time developing it & inreturn im going to send them the prototype until the final stage done. so i can learn during the process, meet my aims and enjoy helping others more in web development in the future. IS IT A GOOD IDEA? Else to go for crowdfunding and start campaign? p/s: im aware of github/crowdfunding and etcetera ..etc that can help during the process. but im not native english speaker cant write well and i cant do good presentation or pitching documentation for others or to convince them. but if im ready and everything is ON, im starting up with the live demo sites with the working theme & plugin for viewing (include contribution button). beside i need help from someone who are skilled to do testing during the debuging process and pointed out where to do the correction. I'll come back after few days to read any feedback here. the booking plugin im trying to create i expect it will have potential expansion; It's just my thought only. SO? IS IT A GOOD IDEA?
  12. Hi, I currently help my father in law maintain his business website by doing odd bits and pieces for him. The site was originally created by someone else and I update some text / images/ pages etc as and when he requires any changes. Was hoping to get some feedback on his site around things that could maybe be done better or improved as I really want to help him with it. Thanks in advance. www.sunfrancegolf.com
  13. unbotttled

    Launching New App, Need feedback

    Hi guys, Im launching a new app / website that brings together all ui websites, color trends, tools etc. I would really like some feedback; at the moment its held on http://designr.co , go see what you think. What Im looking for is feedback on speed, and websites that are included, if any of you have any websites that you use as graphic / user interface designers please feel free to share, Ive only included ones that I normally use. Thanks in advance
  14. Hello everyone! I am currently working on a new project for a freelance photographer. The website is currently fluid between 1280px and 1980px resolution. I am going to work on responsive version a bit later. I used bootstrap for the grid system, and some jQuery plugins. I would really like to hear some of your critiques of what could be improved. You can see the website here.
  15. Hello everybody! I am currently working on a project just for fun and educational purposes. I might actually even sell this template to a future customer. At the moment I have designed it in Photoshop and I would really appreciate it if you could give me some feedback on it. I designed the first - "about us" page, where there is a brief description in three columns about the companies values and stuff.. Then bellow is "satisfied customers" section and then the footer.. I dont know, what else should I put on the about us page.. Any recommendations? About the navigation on the top: there first button state is the "currently visited" page, the second one is in the hover state and all the rest are in normal state waiting to be clicked I think that is intuitive enough.. Also about the greenish color.. It can be any other too (like violet, blue etc.) Well, enough with the talk.. here it is in jpeg format. I am looking forward to your reviews and feedback.
  16. I would appreciate any thoughts you have on my personal website. I am changing the background at some point, when I get the royalty rights for the background I want to use. I've just made a background for now until such time. The website is mobile and tablet compatible. Thanks in advance! allencarter.co.uk
  17. Hi, We launched Chooser yesterday which is a little webapp that lets you enter Twitter handles for random selection. Please have some fun with it, we've had some great examples so far with people Choosing 'Who to take to the Prom' and 'Who'll win the Capital One Cup' using Chooser. Any feedback from you guys would back would be greatly appreciated, especially regarding improving the percentage of users who make it past the Twitter authentication process and into the core functionality of the app. Thanks! James [from Inktrap]
  18. Hi guys! I'm working on a website, the idea is pretty basic, to create a very easy to use and intuitive website/blog that people could scroll through at a breeze through on their mobile, tables or pc's. I was thinking about using one post at a time kind of page, where you'd click next, however not sure how well that would fit into mobile screens, so currently I have this scroll through posts thing going on. http://www.funny-cats.co.uk So I'm wondering what you guys thing of the design of the website, the way its layed out, colours, functionality? Thank you.
  19. Hi there, my name is Steve Heyes. I run a small dev agency in Birmingham, UK called Studio Bonito. However, in my spare time I've been working on an app called Annotate - the app is aimed at other web designer and developers who have a large amount of client work. It enables you gain direct client feedback about your website removing any confusion or miss communication. I'd love to know your thoughts about it, feel free to tear it down! This seems like a safe environment to say and do that! But check out the site and let me know what you think. Annotate - http://www.annotateapp.com6 Cheers, Steve
  20. Hiya guys, Any feedback, good or bad on my Domain Name Unused page and linked page and pricing table is greatly be appreciated... The url is as follows: http://www.unbotttled.com Thanks, Alex
  21. Hey everyone, I have been updating my business website and just wanted some feedback on it so far. I still have to finish a couple of pages but most of it is done. I have tried to create a site that reflects the company name 'Urban Edge' by using mainly concrete shades and saturated images. I have used the blue on certain titles / headers to make them stand out and draw attention I guess. The site is responsive and works best in Chrome. I have had a few issues with Firefox! Anyway, please let me know your thoughts and ways to improve the site. Thanks for your time. URL - http://www.urbanedge-promotions.com/
  22. Hey guys, I'm working on a client's marketing website. They wanted a lively, colourful, 3D website to reflect on their business. Their main services they want to point out are Insight, Branding, Retail Marketing, Retail Design, Shopper Marketing and Packaging. The (unfinished) homepage is here: http://dev.themarketcreative.com/ I was just wondering if anyone likes the direction I'm going in, if anyone has any ideas that might look cool or any ideas on how to improve the design. I'm happy with it, I just value the opinion of the web design community.
  23. Hello ! i got a web app (going mainly to intra-networks, thats why the screenshots and not live example) this is my first serious project that i design, please feel super free to crit me ! i probably did some major design mestakes, from buttons, colors, logo..., everything the web app is mainly use to control events from one node to others, schedule,view, edit and trigger them (video events) thanks for your help and time ! (other screens attached)
  24. I redesigned a website for a photographer client who is an elderly gentleman. He takes great photos of a city but the problem is that he liberally edits the photos and completely destroys them by overusing shadow/highlight filter and some color corrections. My question is how can I make him realize that he would be much better off just doing basic level and curve corrections or maybe even letting someone else do the photoshop work. He seems to think he's a graphic artist as well as a photographer. He actually sells his photographs as prints on canvas and they are mostly very beautiful. I actually asked from the print shop what they think of the quality of the image files that he sends to them, and they said that they often have to do some damage repair before printing. There is at the moment no feedback form on the site. If I put one there, someone probably would say something about this, which would be a good thing. However, he has done this to hundreds of images for years, and I wish I could find the best possible, gentle way of making him understand that while the photographing part is great, the rest is not. I'm not sure his workflow keeps unedited versions of the photos, so there's also the question about redoing old photos. Any ideas?
  25. Hi guys and gals, I was wondering if I could get a bit of feedback on this site. http://www.jevonz.co.uk I've still got a little bit more to do; reduce loading times, wait for the actual text content to be sent to me, add some social media buttons. But so far, what do you think? Yay or nay? Any feedback / advice would be more than appreciated. Cheers Sam