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Found 61 results

  1. I need advice. How could I make this design more better?
  2. Hello, I want to start my own web design services. Unfortunately I don't have a portfolio. Without portfolio it's really hard to get clients. I know that is there a way to make a website for free. I can try that but need to know where I can get these clients. I don't have a website. Without portfolio it doesn't make sense to create one. I need advice from experienced web designers. Thanks.
  3. Roberto182

    New website

    Just a quick question. If I have a good idea for a new website and I am hiring someone to do it for me, do I need some sort of patence in place to stop someone else stealing my idea?
  4. Hi all, To give a brief background story, we paid around £4000 for a web designer to build this website for our product: www.bentleysdogfood.co.uk (laugh at how overcharged we were now!) He built it using Wordpress with the Ronneby Child theme. Anything you see on the website was done by him, including all of the following plugins he installed and setup: Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd 5.0.17 (?) Inactive Advanced Custom Fields 4.4.12 (?) Active Addendio PLUS 1.1.1 (?) Active Autoptimize 2.3.2 (?) Active iThemes Security 6.8.0 (?) Active Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP) (?) Active Duplicator 1.2.32 (?) Inactive Installer Plugin 1.0.8 (?) Active Hummingbird 1.7.1 (?) Active WPBakery Page Builder 5.4.4 (?) Active News page slider 2.0.0 (?) Active SMK Sidebar Generator 3.1 (?) Active WooCommerce Paymentsense Gateway 2.3.0 (?) Active Quick Featured Images 13.3.1 (?) Active Slider Revolution (?) Active Really Simple SSL 2.5.24 (?) Active WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs Lite 1.6.2 (?) Active WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips 2.1.3 (?) Active WooCommerce 3.2.6 (?) Active Yoast SEO 6.2 (?) Active WP Image Zoom PRO 1.29 (?) Active WP-Optimize 2.1.1 (?) Active WP Mail SMTP 1.2.3 (?) Active WP Smush 2.7.6 (?) Active TablePress 1.9 (?) Active TablePress Extension: Responsive Tables 1.4 (?) Active The site was running very slow (using Pingdom website speed tests the homepage was taking over 6 seconds to load) and we felt the service we were receiving was very poor. Due to this, we chose to set up our own SSD Cloud VPS hosting package with UK Hosting and they migrated the website and email account over to their server. Details as follows: CPU vCore 2 x vCPU Core (price per core) £45.00 GBP Memory GB 2 x GB (price per GB) £13.32 GBP Disk Space GB 50 x GB (price per GB) £2.04 GBP Total IP Address 1 x IP Address (price per IP Address) £36.00 GBP Base resource price reduction Included OS Template CentOS 7.x with Plesk Onyx £60.00 GBP Now that we have it in our control I have the task to try to speed up the loading speeds as I'm sure if you have tried to load it you can see how slow it still is. I'm not very technical at all when it comes to web design / hosting etc. I know the basics and can navigate around Wordpress and Plesk (in this case) or cPanel, but any advice you're able to give will need to be step-by-step layman's terms I'm afraid! Attached are the results from Pingdom showing where the problems may lie. I have absolutely know idea how to fix these issues, even after reading the information by clicking 'More At Google Developers'. Any help given would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  5. Me and my friends started our own firm for web and graphic design. Please check it out and say something about it Here is the link -----> http://apogeezone.com
  6. Hello, we are Apogee. New Web/Graphic design firm. Here is our site http://apogeezone.com. Give it a look. Thanks
  7. do you need in any time to make a business and dont know how you can make marketing for this business We are here to advice you how you can get started to build your business and make advertising to get more leads first of all you will need to build your website and make a design & development also you will need to creat Social media profiles
  8. Chaz

    Desino for Designers

    Dear everyone, We are students from Ravensbourne University in London and as a part of our term 2 projects for Web Media, we have created a forum for creative people to get engage and discuss general ideas and design. Please feel free to join our forum and post anything you find suitable. Thank you for your kind support. Below is the link: Diseno
  9. Pitz37

    Icon Change

    Hi all I need to change the icons to something more relevant to the headings. -Site is offline at present but have provided code below. I want to change the heartbeat icon and sorry it’s super novice but I’m literally learning at the moment and I’d just like some advice really on best way to do it. `<section id=”services-block” class=”home content-block”> <div class=”spacer-5x visible-sm visible-xs”></div> <div class=”col-lg-3 col-sm-6″> <div class=”service”> <div class=”icon”> <span class=”nc-icon-outline health_heartbeat-16″></span> </div> The demo site is here http://www.demos.machothemes.com/regina-lite/ Would really appreciate assistance. Thanks Bryan
  10. First of all, not sure whether I chose the right category. So here is my problem. I am a website designer working in Dubai. I want to offer customers a subscription service, so they pay a monthly fee and I design, build, maintain, update and host their website. Everything is going fine, despite the payments. I'm not sure how I will let customers pay for this service. Let's say if I have a few hundred customers, I guess it would be really inconvenient and inefficient if I had to send a invoice/bill to those few hundred companies each month for a relatively low price. Then I also have to check if they have paid on time etc... Does anyone has a better idea on how to do my payment portal and how to integrate this in the right way on my website? How exactly does this work? Thanks in advance, Christian
  11. Hi, Apologies if there is a better place to post this, its such a general question with no knowledge of how to accomplish it i didn't know where else to post it. I am trying to find a way to run a client ( windows ) application via a webpage. Please let me explain why... i have a touch screen information kiosk at a community center which runs a word-press webpage. This is the only place the webpage is run and its loaded via a locked down windows client. I want to add accessibility / disability features to make it usable by everyone. Two main features i would like are an on screen virtual trackpad ( the screen is portrait and wheel chair uses can not reach the top so a virtual trackpad at the bottom would help ) and also a screen magnifier. The magnifier is already built into windows via the Ease of Access Center option within windows and the virtual trackpad can be added using this software, http://www.lovesummertrue.com/touchmousepointer/en-us/ I would like to create a set of large icons at the very bottom of the screen that when tapped they run the client windows command to open the application. Reading various posts i understand this is a security issue but as i manage the client computer i wondered if there is a way around it. The browser i use is Chrome and the kiosk is locked down via www.sitekiosk.com. I use WordPress as i am by no means a developer, can anyone tell me a way to accomplish this, would be great to have the features so everyone can use the kiosk. If code could be posted so i just have to change the path and executable that would be extremity helpful. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi there, I have recently started on a new prototype project for a client. Unfortunately, a NDA prevents me from discussing specifics about the project, however I am looking for some advice. I am trying to find a way of developing ONE web application for use on desktop computers, Android and iOS devices. Now I understand that this can be done for use in the mobile devices' browsers, however the client has specified that the mobile versions of the app need to be a native OS application. Having further looked into this, Apache Cordova, looks like a good tool for converting a Web App into native OS applications, using browser wrappers, however it does not support running the Web App on a desktop environment. Hence, I am looking for a way to have the desktop app and port this down to Android and iOS native apps, with little-to-no modification. (This is important in supporting the long term viability of the project. The Project is already quite high-profile (hence the NDA), so app security is paramount to any implementation, and the app-itself will need to cater for; Server-side analytics Real-time acquisition of data from outside sources Social networking support/ handles Interoperability between mobile OS (initially Android and iOS, later moving to other platforms) Desktop browser application for access on any OS with a browser. Constantly expanding volumes of Data/Resources. Also, similar to a responsive web-site (using bootstrap or other) The website should have one look/feel in desktop browser - more similar to a normal website. Should be tailored more for large tablets - become tabular for use with touchscreens Should be optimised again for smaller smartphones. The main hurdle to overcome here is how to program one Web-Application, and have it work on desktop, and mobile (native app) environments, with the least amount of hassle/ re-coding. I am told there is no limit to budget here so commercial tools will be considered. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated, so thanks in advance!
  13. salar


    a template for lyrics website

    © salar sadeghi

  14. lucazfernandes

    Let's Work!

    Hey guys! Well, I'm going to be really simple: I need 10 web designers, and it's not a hire. I need it to launch a new project, and I'll tell each one of the web designers after they say "hello". It's going to be amazing, and I really need you! Thank you! Email: lucazfernandes1@gmail.com
  15. Hi Folks, I wanted to introduce you to a new design and collaboration tool we are working on for the web. Over the last few years, we have seen a number of new graphic design tools. But most of those are exclusively on Mac, which left Windows and Linux users in the dust. We wanted to change that. We intend to create the world’s first web-based screen design tool and we want everyone to have the ability to design. Being web-based means that anyone using any operating system — be it Mac, Windows or Linux — can use Gravit from anywhere, at any time. We hope that this will open up new possibilities for both design professionals and aspiring designers. Gravit is built with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. The back-end engine does all of the “heavy lifting” and designers can use the app without any need to install anything locally. The app runs in the browser but it feels almost like a desktop app. Gravit is free to use and offers two ways of getting into your first design. If you want to make a “quick jump” into the app itself, you can simply load www.gravit.io and click on the “Create design” button. For those who want to explore the Gravit’s screen design features, this is the way to get started. The limitation is that you cannot save your designs or upload any image assets. To unlock the app’s full potential (including all collaboration features), you need to sign up first. This requires a little effort though, as you’ll have to play a quick game before you can claim your beta invite — but don’t worry, the game is pretty easy. We're always looking for ways to improve this product. And we want designers and developers like you to provide us with feedbacks and features you would like to see.
  16. Hi, Is it possible for an element, say a div or img, to be visible only if a specified section or id on the webpage was on screen. How can I achieve this? Thanks, R
  17. Hi everyone. So i'm selling Mu-Online game web design. Possible web design edit. Price: 20€ or 35$ Contacts: Skype: tomz.code or E-mail: gfxtomass@gmail.com Payment: Bank transfer
  18. Hi everyone. So i'm selling Mu-Online game web design. Possible web design edit. Price: 20€ Contacts: Skype: tomz.code or
  19. Hello, I need a wordpress theme that looks a lot like this website: powermindconcept.com/ Can you create? How much cost?
  20. moh_ssan@yahoo.com

    Just arrived

    Hello guys, I have just activated my account. For all web development, logo designing, video intros, html, javascript, css related issues... contact me.
  21. Hi, I'm trying to display webpages from several sources on my website. I'd like them to be displayed in ~mobile-sized-ish iframes, so I'm looking for a way to automatically direct to mobile version inside the iframe (if existent). End result: user provides URLs to surf websites on their mobile version even though he is on web. Any ideas?
  22. So I've doing some pretty basic websites for myself, just training. I'm learning html, css and a little of jquery for now. As a college student, I'm trying to make some money with freelances, but lots of oportunities are "design only", not asking for the code. I have zero experience in making layouts. What file format should I deliver to the client? What I'm doing right now is pretty simple websites, building it directly with html and css, I don't have a layout/template. So that's it. How do I send a "re-design" for the client, in which file format, etc. Do you guys know any good basic stuff to get started in this more graphical part of web designing?
  23. patrick_web_design_co

    College Student Web Design

    I'm a college student trying to pay his way through. I'm in the process of starting a small web design company with some friends. I've made 2 online fundraisers to attempt and raise money. I'll put the links below if anyone is willing to donate, but I'm also looking for tips on advertisement? There are ppl who have sick families and stuff so on the fundraiser site itself my fundraiser doesn't seem like it would be important at all. Just wondering if anyone has tips for me so that we can get the ball rolling. Please and thank you! http://www.gofundme.com/3r7xws http://gfwd.at/1vaLMe9
  24. Hello, I'm pleased to come here and post the link of my portfolio. I've been working on it to get an internship on September. If all goes well. I'd like to have your opinion on this one. Here is the link, http://users.skynet.be/fa341830/ (as you can see I haven't bought a domain name yet) Please, if you see some grammar errors or wrong sentences, please, tell me, english isn't my mother language and I often make mistakes. Thank in advance for your advices.
  25. Siawa Mad

    Web Development languages.

    Hey guys i wanted to learn any easy language which I can use to make a simple website or use it on my blog. Like html and Css any else because I don't know any of these but language must cover basics of web developments. I only wanted to show my text, like drop down menu's , header's and social plugins and other common widgets on my blog. I'm totally new don't know any of this. Please suggest me any book or tutorials(video) that I watch or read and know the basics. (Sorry for Bad English ) Thanks in Advance..