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  1. A simple HTML site can be a creative as one built using Wordpress or any other platform.
  2. fisicx

    Best Platform For Web Development

    None of them. No decent dev would ever use a website builder platform.
  3. fisicx

    Managed hosting or VPS for WordPress

    Makes little difference. The speed is more affected by your configuration, theme and all plugins you bolt into your site. There is no reason why a properly configure Wordpress site shouldn’t perform well on shared hosting.
  4. It’s just red. Doesn’t really suggest passion. Use any colour you want but make the whole word the same colour.
  5. Having a lengthily CV works for me. It’s got me a lot of contract work. its the opening paragraphs that are key to success. The rest is just supporting material. Many recruiters and employers will use software to cull applications. A human may well never see your CV. This is why each job application needs an adjustment to your CV to ensure the keywords are prominent in the initial summary.
  6. Don’t care about the design. Use simple fonts and and black throughout. Many potential employers will read the summary the start of the CV to see if your skill set matches their reqirements. If it doesn’t then they will throw it in the bin. So your first two paragraphs needs to be a well written summary. The rest should be expanded to detail what you did for each employer. If it needs to be longer than one page then that’s how long it needs to be. Mine is now 3 pages long. Also: Bin the tag line below your name Move the dates to the left below the name of the business.
  7. For whom? What does the job spec ask for? Your CV needs to match the skills they are looking for. An example of the marketing guff: "Measured and performed data analysis of campaigns’ results" This means nothing. What campaign? What measurements? What data analysis? What did you do next?
  8. Can’t really advise without knowing what you are applying for. however, it just looks like a bunch of marketing buzzwords. There is no substance to any of those nebulous claims.
  9. Your eyes and your brain. If you are skilled at SEO you can easily optimise for long tail keywords without using any tools.
  10. It uses this: https://lookbooks.com/ No idea how it works of how much it costs.
  11. What exactly do you mean by a lightbox? Do you mean opening images up in a modal like this: https://quick-plugins.com/free-things/ultraslim-image-lightbox/ If so then this is a different function to selecting images and saving as a pdf. There are plugins and scripts that will save a webpage as a PDF file but not sure there is an easy way to compile a set of images and then save to pdf. I did a similar job a while back to download a single page instructions for use as a pdf but I don't think that's what you want.
  12. fisicx

    How to Crompress Image File Size?

    I agree with you (as have others). It all depends on what the image is being used for. And I don't dismiss design - what I question is the impact of design as UX in many cases is far more important to success than the details in design (which is what I think you alluded to in your post). I suppose it also depends on what you define as design. I'd define the checkout process as workflow, usability or UX. Others may consider this to be design.
  13. It depends on the keywords, target, competition and so on. But in many cases you don’t need to continually build links to maintain ranking.
  14. Easy. Stop focusing on keywords and start to look at the whole site. Google has changed a lot over the last few years and is less concerned with individual keywords. What Google wants is a holistic site - one that provides the right answers in context. What Google doesn't want is a whole bunch of targeted keyword anchors all pointing to a page on your site. And you need to read up on LSI. It's not what you think it is.
  15. fisicx

    How to Crompress Image File Size?

    I totally agree with you. It was just that fuzzy said: And I'm not so sure it makes a big difference.