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  1. You should not have a mobile version of site. This is totally against what Google whats. You need a responsive site and you need to ensure the content delivered to a small screen is the same as that delivered to a desktop. The layout may change and you can do clever things with menus but the words and the images should be the same no matter what device is being used. Google has been telling webmasters this for a long time.
  2. Which is better, please?

    Just like @BrowserBugs, I've tested this and 'Read More' and variants thereof work just fine. Google even warns against using highly optimised anchor text (Penguin update). And yes, there are other search engines but optimising for bing at the expense of your Google ranking maybe isn't the best strategy. Note: inbound links from external domains need a different methodology
  3. Which is better, please?

    Google has got a lot smarter in the last few years and will link the extract title to the 'read more' to the article title. Even better if the extract summarizes the whole article or is the opening paragraph of the article.
  4. Which is better, please?

    Very little SEO benefit doing it like this. The anchor text needs to closely align with the target page and it needs to be inline, if it doesn't then google will ignore. A link like: "Why is my computer slow? How can I make it feel like new?" when the target page title is "Computer Maintenance" is all sorts of wrong.
  5. Which is better, please?

    I'm the opposite. I prefer the one without images as it's quicker and easier to scroll to see what's on offer. What is annoying is the 6 different styes in the extract - and an icon that I have to guess as to what it means. Why do I need to know grant wrote this? It is only you. Why have a sub heading and a blurb? put it all together into one block Why is the first sentence a link? Remove this and put a 'read more' link at the end of the extract.
  6. All Google is saying is it will use the mobile version of your site as the primary indexing source. If your website is responsive this will make no difference. It's only going to be a problem if you deliver different content to those using a phone to those those using a tablet or desktop. Google is doing this is because more people use mobile devices to browse the internet than a desktop. So it makes sense for the SERPS to display sites that offer the best UX for those devices.
  7. Reading the url

    Why are you reading a folder? Use $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] to identify the folder then use require_once or include to access files within a folder
  8. Yes. Budget at least a few thousands pounds for this. Then add the cost of the licenses from the data providers to get the content and then thousands more for marketing and you might stand a chance.
  9. Reading the url

    Do as @BrowserBugs suggests or use getcwd: http://php.net/manual/en/function.getcwd.php A lot depends on if you are using the folder/directory or just want to refer to it. If you are using something like wordpress there are a whole range of built in functions you can use. For example: https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/get_bloginfo/ Other platforms will have similar.
  10. Reading the url

    Not sure what you mean. What do you want php to do with the url/folder?
  11. Hi not sure if this is the correct section

    Don't use a site builder. There are loads of adverts about how you can build a a site using this or that software but none of them will tick all the boxes google expects. Building a website isn't about the software it's about the planning and preparation you do before you even turn your computer on. Once you have got all the content created and focused you can start constructing the site. But to do this properly you do sort of need to work with someone who knows how to assemble your content and build an effective website. Get help. It's going to much much easier than trying to do it yourself.
  12. Hi not sure if this is the correct section

    The site has been indexed by google (I can see all the pages) but because you have used openelement to build the site Google is going to struggle to rank the site for anything useful. The things I listed in my last post are the things you need to work on but I suspect you will struggle to do all that is necessary using this site builder. Consider also that Google places great stock in how a site responds to the device being used and expects the layout to adapt to the screen size. Sorry to be all doom and gloom but without a lot (and I mean a lot) of work the site is unlikely to rank well for anything related to childminding. A simple example of one of your pages: http://www.childmindersos.co.uk/Gallery.htm There is no <title> or meta description in the <head> There is no H1 or H2 on the page. There is no introduction to page to explain the gallery The alt tags begin with the word 'thumbnail' and there is no alt, title or caption on the main image. The filenames are not descriptive of the image You can't swipe the image on a touchscreen. But most importantly, the site doesn't work well on a phone - you have to zoom in to see anything. And google doesn't like this.
  13. Hi not sure if this is the correct section

    What's the website? Have you: set the page titles and descriptions, headings, content, images, alt tags, menus and internal navigation, anchor text, logos, footers, contact details and all the zillion other things Google is looking for? It's not about adding keywords, it's about providing informative, interesting and authoritative information that meets the needs of people searching for that information.
  14. Please rate my website

    There is nothing to review. It's just a load of lorem ipsum and stock images on a fairly standard layout.
  15. Slide Show?

    They are using the wowslider: http://wowslider.com/