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  1. fisicx

    Rating a website

    It's a generic bootstrap site. Nothing special and instantly forgettable. And a check of the code shows it's keyword stuffed (which means Google thinks it's spammy).
  2. fisicx

    Button Alighnment

    Good point. It shouldn't be a button. And the image styles should be part of the stylesheet not inline. Do you have your own website? If so just upload everything to a root folder. EG: www.mysite.com/newsite/
  3. fisicx

    Button Alighnment

    Can you link to the website. Much easier to see the css for the button. But even without this there are number of problems with your code. For example, you have a fixed image width which means it won't display properly on small screens. And the font size is way too small.
  4. fisicx

    Tourist Website Advice Needed

    I've got a theme you can use for classified listings. If you want it just ask. It's got maps, subscriptions and adding a membership function is a doddle.
  5. Like I said, take the report with a big pinch of salt. It told me I needed to minimise a file that was already minimised. Most technical SEO suggestions can be ignored.
  6. It could be a bug. Because you have no filters in the 'Disallow' line it might be messing with their algo. So just delete the top two lines and see what happens. However, I'd take the advice given by lighthouse with a big pinch of salt. I've just run a test on one of my pages and got a whole load of errors on a page that ranks #1 for 3 different keywords.
  7. Is that the entire contents of your robots.txt? If so remove the first two lines (they aren't needed) If not, move the sitemap line to the very end of your robots.txt
  8. fisicx

    looking websites to advertise on

    Is that per day?
  9. Looks fine to me on Safari, Firefox and Chrome. But..... It's not responsive. Which means your whole approach needs to be reconsidered. Unless the layout adapts to the device being use and the orientation of that device you are going to struggle. Side navigation can work but you need a different layout for smaller screens.
  10. What's the url of the site? Note also that using fixed width isn't going to work on tablets and phones.
  11. fisicx

    New Website Design

    Those with skills and experience won't be cheap. A project like this will need a number of skills so it's likely you would be engaging a team not a single developer.
  12. fisicx

    New Website Design

    In which case I hope you have a decent budget. Anything to do with social media with cost a wodge and then ten times that amount for marketing. If you have £10K spare you might find someone.
  13. fisicx

    New Website Design

    It all depends on the type of site. Can’t recommend a developer until I know even the most basic details. Some developers only do ecommerce, others specialise in one type of platform. Some do the imagery others will want the images supplied. at the very least can you indicate the general scope of the project.
  14. fisicx

    New Website Design

    What sort of website? How do you plan to market the website? Are you selling something, providing services, entertaining or is it an info site? Have you written the content? Do you have imagery? What do you consider a reasonable price? For some £5000 might be reasonable. there are a zillion things we need to know before putting a quote together.
  15. fisicx

    Web Designer freelancing services

    Do people still do this? I thought PSD to HTML conversions went out with the ark. However, you need pay someone to write your copy. It's not good: "Even I have a good behavior of taking feedback" is meaningless. It should say something like: "Once you have provided me with the full specification I will confirm your requirements to make sure there are no misunderstandings".