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  1. prateekshawebdesign

    Help for pricing webshop

    Hi Manas... A lot depends upon the country that your client is located in. If your client is located in USA, UK, or Canada, you can check the local (per hour) prices there and charge according. Whereas as in India, it is much cheaper. In a large project, it is very difficult to estimate the total cost. So you need to break it up into parts and charge them per milestone. After you complete each milestone, kindly ask for payment. In case of redesign of website with customization, you need to check the total hours per milestone, then add 25% additional time to it in case it takes more time. If you employ other freelancers charges, then kindly add their costing also. For plugin cost, check the selling prices and add 25% more for installation and setup. For banners, you will need to check the standard prices or ask another company. Data entry prices are far lesser than design and development. After your draft a total, add your overhead and profit and then send the quote to your client.
  2. prateekshawebdesign

    Becoming a Web Designer

    Hi....There is good money in Design also... As talent is rare to find. Try dribbble.com and showcase your work. there.....I am sure you will find a lot of buyers
  3. prateekshawebdesign

    How Can I Make A Website Look Like This?

    It looks like a professionally designed custom theme. It is professional yet simple. The inner pages are also well designed and immaculate. You may not get similar templates and the template that you get today are either bloated and have needless elements. It will be time saving if you have another developer to style it for you.
  4. prateekshawebdesign

    What is best for SEO?

    definitely the hyphenated one... as it is more readable.... and people can get the idea fast.
  5. Dear Friends.... I have a web designing firm based in India...Though small we have worked hard for so many international companies and completed many projects. But I have found the web design business is getting bad to worse. First ....it is difficult finding the right person to hire, and it is very expensive and more over clients are getting very fussy. With focus being shifted on Mobile App, Social media, Online Portal, not many people are asking for a website. If they want a website it would like on urgent basis. Business is not as lucrative as was. Prices are failling compared to last year and profits are now a myth.... I do plan to develop and sell products..like Themes and Plugins for survival but I need to ask you all...are you facing a similar predicament in your business. What is wise solution? How does one go about offering more services from a web design shop...?
  6. prateekshawebdesign

    Hello from Ottawa, Canada

    Hi fred...how r u ?... u r a designer or programmer?
  7. prateekshawebdesign

    Hello :)

    Hi Scott....Welcome... what do u write about ?....any blog?
  8. prateekshawebdesign

    error in the file .CDR

    Check if u have backups...they should be in the same directory of the file..... Try to import (may not work) in InkScape...
  9. prateekshawebdesign

    Planning to become web design/frontend dev - need advice

    Since you are a support engineer, well..... being a Web Developer is centrainly the way up. But a Web Developer is a difficult task...Learning, execution, and keeping upto date. Learning is the easy part. You can pick from books like from Packt and OReilly, they are easy to understand and there are video tutorials... But if u find all this difficult, then avoid this career. You can always try Digital Marketing and Social Media marketing...it is an awesome career and very intersting. And pays well also. Companies spend $1000s on promotion and advertising whereas $500 making a website. Digital marketing ensure that you get repeat business... every month you get paid...whereas Web Design - once the site is done, the work is less..
  10. prateekshawebdesign

    Mentoring website - what platform?

    Sorry for a late answer...how is the school project progressing?... is it completed?...which booking software did u use?
  11. prateekshawebdesign

    Software for a new site

    You can try Wordpress with LayersWP....and it has some limitation but it is very versatile...It has a powerful drag and drop software and many good template available for LayersWP
  12. prateekshawebdesign

    Pair programming with an experienced developer

    I suggest you get a JOB! and work in a company....and get some experience....
  13. prateekshawebdesign

    Please help! I need to code a search bar for my database!

    Hi...what you need is a Report Designer...preferably in php. try Reportico PHP Open Source Report Designer ..They have reports generated by using SQL...and has an easy to use interface that allows you can add multiple fields and build a Search Query etc. and you can get the desired results which you can export to csv or excel or pdf. they have login and there is a separate admin panel also. if u find Reportico clunky...you can try others .... some are paid....but they offer good value for money. search google for php report designer
  14. prateekshawebdesign

    Image Slider - New Nillervision Tutorial

    Really awesome....Looks like it is an alternate to a heavy Video
  15. prateekshawebdesign

    Licence Holder Query

    The ownership factor differs from industry to industry. You need to decide before starting. As a developer if I made a logo, then my client is sole owner. He can use it any place and any time. If i made a website, then client is the owner of the graphics but he can use for only one website. If I made a software, i will always keep the license with myself. I would give client the right to use it. But all this is decide before the job is started. You also confirm if you have reseller rights,,,