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  1. Fundraising wordpress theme

    Use a plugin to any simple wordpress theme (maybe even the default) to generate the fund-raising options you NGO needs. Good luck
  2. Try to find a theme with shorter pages. Considering your line of business, it would be helpful if customers would have multiple pages with short information that is very direct and to the point. This is not a novelist website where people come to read novels. Also try to make it more mobile friendly as many nowadays access the internet through a mobile device. Good luck.
  3. When looking for a design agency or a web designer, I am always drawn to the websites that are simple or minimalist. Try to reduce the clutter and make it as original as possible.
  4. Office moving in Canada?

    You should look at the local classifieds instead of internet websites. This website looks like a stock one and I would not trust it.
  5. How much do you charge per hour?

    30 USD per hour for maintenance and ongoing work. When starting a new project it is better to offer a package of a number of hours in which you will do that amount of work that usually rounds up at a lower amount but gets the project going. If you ask top rate from the beginning you might have the customers walk out on you.
  6. Local SEO

    Try promoting your website on local website like newspapers/ radio/ blogs and such giving you a big relevance for the area.
  7. Create a XML sitemap to better index your images like hardeep said. But what is the purpose of your better ranking? Do you wish for people to visit your website/ purchase your images/ or just download them? Depending on the ultimate purpose, you can use different strategies. For example if you wish for people to buy your images, put them in online catalogs where people can shop and use your images for a fee. If you do this so that people can visit your website you can put a small watermark on them advising people to visit your website. Google is not everything.
  8. How to increase traffic on website?

    How about generating unique content that can and will be distributed to other websites. Another idea would be to create free websites and tell them that you will be paid by putting a backlink on their website. Or give out free web hosting and the same idea with the backlink.
  9. Is the following out there?

    You can also use a IP based access system, where you can eliminate all countries except the ones you like. This would be more to your liking, but it can also eliminate customers with dynamic IPs that go international (many ISPs buy IPs that are from other countries), and all customers that are using a VPS/VPN/remote server to connect to your website. If I were you and I would only users from a certain area, you can use a captcha system that has a question related to your area and to which foreigners will be unable to answer.
  10. Let's take for example a random country like Ireland. You would need to make a directory of all the tourist destinations, things to see and do, cities and important villages. You can then make a page with a little bit of info and maybe a link for further info to each of the above objects (destinations/cities) and places to eat/ drink/ visit / sleep on the same model that wikitravel uses for each destination. If you want to make tourist packages for your country, you should also look into tours and other stuff (free walking tours) for each city. It is pretty hard to create a website for a country (unless it is a one city country like the Vatican) so instead I would start with just one city and grow from there to encompass the whole country.
  11. Which Laptop should I get for Web Designing?

    Instead of getting a Macbook. What do you think about this one? http://www.dell.com/us/business/p/xps-15-9550-laptop/pd It has everything you will ever need.
  12. What topic i choose for write an article?

    Did you manage to find the topic regarding your article? Try to find a link between colors and certain personalities (why some type of people are drawn to similar art/wallpapers/style). Or the fact that the digital art is changing the way we perceive wallpapers (people are mostly using abstract or fantasy wallpapers for their background).
  13. If you are not satisfied why not move to another host? Do you have any kind of legal obligation? There are hundreds of websites offering web hosting of all sizes.
  14. Music while working

    This song is always a good ideea when you start your work day.
  15. Hello everybody!

    Hi Ionut. You seem really well taught regarding webdesign, welcome.