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  1. Everything works in real life. Better learn basic or more. Give sometime to learn a new technique in 15-30 minute of tutorial video watching daily. It is sufficient.
  2. If you see potential and You can get hits in a particular period, just start with initial offer for first few months or first 3-6 months. This way you will start to think about potential advertisers and get few of them to your concept. Gradually with the time you will be able to get/generate the traffic also. Advertisers will atleast keep an eye on your website. After sometime you can increase your rates of advertisement if you get good traffic/users. Advertisers take time to allocate their budgets. Even meeting with potential advertisers take time. You can't meet all in a day or two or in a week. You will learn much in this process if you never have attempted to get advertisers. I say start now. Don't worry about email going to junk etc. All marketers only get 1% good response. Just follow them persistently.
  3. Potential problem with client

    If a client likes the concept, chances are good to return when they are free. May be busy, but try to contact on phone. It is good to go with new page and ask for its approval. If you get a meeting time, you can ask to sign contract.
  4. Everything is possible in Love & War.Just be a smart warrior ! LOL ! You said you have read XHTML. You know some basics is fine. Just Google your points : HTML / css3 code to round a square. And try many other words with some change. You will get w3school page open most of the times. Everything is there. Just learn that html code / css3 code. Play with it. Similarly html5/css3 code to colour a div/ background/ text etc. Similarly find time for YouTube videos as your tutorials at times. It will be easy to understand some coding. It will take 15 -30 min on an average to watch. Just learn to Google your querry. You will become smart with time. Beware you can't find everything this way but you will have a way to move ahead. All things are on internet. We have to learn how to find it ! You should remember some 25-30 basic words of html5/css3 only. All other things are manageable. All coders do not know every code / command. All know basics of it. With experience only they get few words of feed daily in their mind. Good Luck !
  5. It is all about Management ! How you want to earn is your choice ! Most coders prefer to learn languages. Money is secondary for most of them. In young age people prefer to learn languages is good for future also. While only money making game can make you out of business in next 5-7 years. But I have seen those who understand market better are the ones who ride next wave early. It all depends on your intelligence. Individual should choose their way. All are not smart. Some workohlics should be there too in a society. Life will not be same as it is in young age. Later many changes come. Those who get experience after some years of learning will definitely earn better A friend who knows most of languages is now learning Management Skills.... after 10 years of hard work.... LOL !
  6. I downloaded it and I am happy with it. It looks good and is small too ! Thanks for Great Idea !
  7. To start without content, you can copy something from here and there and make something out of it. With this exercise, you can get idea what can be developed more and make rough content in little detail. If client agrees with a point or two, you can move ahead accordingly. Clients may have some idea but on first meeting they may not tell you what they want. "Just make a good website." But when you make one, it is approved or you may be asked for little adjustments or it is totally disapproved. Those who approve are OK. But, those who do not approve have some expectations and they may not be clear themselves. After showing something only they can comment and ask for more. It may be some time consuming. But if you are in starting phase, you can learn something. For those who can judge the person that they can work with this mentality should go ahead, There are always few clients, those cannot be dealt with, easily. Better leave that client for an experienced person. Decision is all yours. Good Luck !
  8. What does a website cost...?

    LOL ! And the debate goes on like this in future ! Estimates / Costs etc changes with time ! Nothing is here to stay ! All points are variable !