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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I want to start my own web design services. Unfortunately I don't have a portfolio. Without portfolio it's really hard to get clients. I know that is there a way to make a website for free. I can try that but need to know where I can get these clients. I don't have a website. Without portfolio it doesn't make sense to create one. I need advice from experienced web designers. Thanks.
  2. Hello, Being new to the forum, I wanted to provide you some value to get started... When put into action, this can be one of the MOST PROFITABLE POSTS you’ll ever read. I’m going to give you the exact concepts you can use to earn 10x more as a web designer, in 90 days or sooner… Bruce Lee famously said, "The less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be.” And I describe this as “SIMPLY POWERFUL” – which is also useful in business. So, is it really possible for you to be financially-independent as a web designer… without complicated coding or programming, while you have more freedom to enjoy your life?… YES… that’s what this is about… CONVENTIONAL WISDOM IS ALMOST ALWAYS WRONG You may think you've tried it all, or seen all, when it comes to SUCCEEDING as a web designer. Then, out of nowhere, you stumble upon something totally new... something that causes everything to just ‘click'... That’s exactly how it was for me as I used these strategies to transform my own life. And I’m hoping to give you the very same “YES!” moments by sharing them with you now. >>> THE BIG SECRET: IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY <<< 1. MOST CLIENTS REALLY DON’T CARE ABOUT DESIGN Don’t take any of your client’s design requests at face value. All they really want are RESULTS. The moment you understand this and speak to that during your conversations, the more control you’ll have over the project and the smoother everything will go. Know this: Your only job is to understand the desired results and commit to helping clients get those results using a website. Their primary desire is usually for money (or camouflaged terms like “increased revenues”). Getting there can be accomplished through “more sales”, “more leads”, “more calls”, “more donations”, etc. These are just milestones to getting the MONEY. And which milestone is preferred should direct the basic function of the homepage. Now, look at it another way… 2. FOCUS ON PROFITS, NOT PIXELS This idea is simple, yet has many implications. Essentially, the goal for every client is PROFIT. And the goal for you must also be profit… if you wish to enjoy your work for very long. For example, I recommend you get comfortable avoiding design awards or recognition within the “design community”. They’re not required for you to earn a great living. Your best clients really won’t care about that stuff. And I’ve known plenty of designers with awards and empty bank accounts. Instead, go for SIMPLE websites that communicate clearly to visitors. These pull an easy win for clients. They’re also much faster to build and easier to maintain. Starting with purchased templates or themes can be great for such purposes. However, even those can be more complicated than is necessary, so be careful. Since taking on this mindset I’ve stopped stressing about the latest design fad (except responsive/mobile coding). My client’s are happy, my income has SKYROCKETED, and a lot of time has been freed up to enjoy other things in life. And have you considered… 3. THE WEBSITE IS YOUR CLIENT’S MOST IMPORTANT ONLINE ASSET The website is the only thing we have full control over, relatively speaking. Social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter… these are great for getting attention and customers, yet the only property that’s truly OWNED is the website. It’s constant. It’s reliable. And it’s the ultimate online representation of brand. So when the client goes wandering off into those other areas, you should calmly yet firmly bring the focus back to the website (this happens to be where you’ll make the most money). You’ll also find the work gets EASIER when you… 4. BECOME A SPECIALIST Specialists earn more and get more respect. You should be a website specialist. Don’t worry about social media, it’s always changing. Don’t worry about designing logos, business cards, stationary and all that stuff. You won’t find many thousand-dollar bills hiding under those rocks. Instead, just get intimate with the TRUE PURPOSE of the client’s website, especially the homepage. Also, understand this: when you see a lot of opportunity, it’s important to “know when to say no”. It’s just easier when you focus on the most valuable asset. Then simply give feedback on the client’s other activities, looking out for their best interests. And when clients push non-website tasks onto your plate, just make referrals (and get a bonus or “finder’s fee” whenever possible). This gets the work done, lets you keep your specialist role, and helps you avoid overwhelm. >>> YOU ALREADY HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO SUCCEED AS A WEB DESIGNER <<< 5. ROCKSTAR STATUS AND AMAZING SKILLS ARE NOT REQUIRED With so many resources available, especially templates and themes, it’s simply not required for you to become a “great designer” personally. Yes, it’s nice for ego. However, many rockstar designers fall into a serious trap: thinking better pixels should equal a bigger paycheck. As described above, this is rarely the case anymore, especially when you can install Wordpress themes for $5k+, Yes, you’ll naturally get better at design the more you do it. Just don’t let your skill dictate how much money you earn… because there is not a direct correlation between “good design” and “good money”. You really can earn six-figures a year with the basics you probably already know. This means… 6. YOU ONLY NEED HTML/CSS TO EARN A GREAT LIVING The bedrock of web design is HTML/CSS. And getting familiar with these are all that’s necessary to experience a reliable income. Changing theme or template graphics may require an editing program like Photoshop. However, you typically won’t need to do anything complicated there, either. And let me emphasize this point by saying… 7. YOU DON’T NEED TO LEARN JAVASCRIPT/PHP/AJAX/JQUERY/RUBY/WHATEVER This is a big one. It’s tempting to learn additional coding/programming languages. Yet, you should only do it when you really, really ENJOY it. Because it’s simply not required to be SUCCESSFUL. Here’s the truth: when you want big checks, you should feel 100% comfortable knowing these other topics may only be distractions. They’re not worth the time and stress (unless you enjoy them). And if a client requires something beyond HTML/CSS, there are plenty of people willing to help you. One thing: the only situation where learning additional coding languages might be good is for a job, because studios and other employers may care about that stuff. And this really isn’t about you keeping a job. You can have freedom instead. The next step is realizing… 8. CLIENTS WHO NEED YOUR HELP ARE EVERYWHERE Even with all the web designers in the world, I never have trouble finding top-dollar clients. They’re literally EVERYWHERE. And because most designers are unreliable and don’t care about real results… it’s now even easier to gain clients. Here’s another reason why: businesses with websites have already been sold on the idea. Yet, whoever did the site is usually long gone. The designer (or studio, even) didn’t stick around to make sure the website does what it’s supposed to do. You just need to see if the client’s goals are being met (hint: they usually aren’t). Then offer to HELP get more and better results. >>> HOW TO GET THE MONEY <<< Now that you know you should care about getting results for the client, specialize as a designer, and focus on HTML/CSS… here’s how you get more money… 9. DIAGNOSE THE CLIENT’S PROBLEM Websites are supposed to help businesses. And the vast majority of websites are either underperforming or mostly useless. When you know what to look for, it’s easy to approach nearly any business, large or small, and offer to see if their website is doing what it should. Ask about their #1 goal. See if the homepage is meeting that goal directly. And when it’s not… 10. OFFER THE SOLUTION, WHICH REQUIRES THEIR COMMITMENT The best solution - for you and for CLIENTS - is to optimize their homepage to meet their #1 goal. Examples: Is the homepage cluttered? Is navigation complicated? Is the site covered in stock photos? Are the words and phrases appropriate… selling the click, requesting contact information, asking for the first step toward a sale? After knowing what you’re dealing with, offer a monthly commitment to improve the results of the website OVER TIME. For example, you can do simple split-testing using Google Analytics. Make subtle changes weekly or even monthly, depending on how much traffic the site gets. You can bill these services with a PayPal subscription. If the prospect won’t commit to a monthly billing, offer to UPGRADE just their homepage to better serve its purpose. When they like the RESULTS you give them, offer the monthly commitment again. And by the way… 11. GET PAID UP FRONT, BEFORE YOU DO ANY WORK This should go without saying. However, because we’re so eager to HELP clients, it’s tempting to dig into code for free just to “take a look under the hood”. Don’t do it. All you need to do is: 1) Type in the URL 2) Hit enter 3) See what shows up When you see the website can be improved, ask for money to get involved. Anything beyond this 3-step evaluation is time and energy wasted. There doesn’t need to be paperwork. There doesn’t need to be a long, drawn out process with multiple solutions and services offered. Get this: when you finally have CONFIDENCE in your abilities and a true understanding of how valuable your work is… even a portfolio is unnecessary. (I stopped “showing my work” back in 2007!). Now… 12. HERE’S WHAT TO DO NEXT Listen, my advice and these strategies can really improve your income and lifestyle as a web designer. Yet, you still need to find prospects. You need to make sales. And you need to help clients meet their goals. When you have HTML/CSS skills… and when you truly desire to serve your clients… and when you desire to quickly boost your income, without stressful, time-wasting activities… It’s time you get on a better path. To begin, you can reply below with your questions. After doing this successfully for over 14 years, I really want to help you earn good money while enjoying your life more, with free time away from the computer In my another post I’ll give more specifics on how you can charge much higher prices for your web design services, without fancy presentations, without a big portfolio (or any portfolio at all), and without learning complicated coding or programming languages…
  3. Okay, So I have my first proper freelance meeting with a client today and I was wondering if there are any dos/do nots that I need to keep in mind? Tips etc...
  4. I really need help with this. So I'm going to start offering my web design and development services for free (Yes I know it will be hell and that clients will keep asking for stuff, blah blah blah) as I need to build up my portfolio work. Before I start contacting potential clients, I was wondering if I should have them sign a contract or not. Seeing that I'm not getting paid, I don't have a business (e.g I'm not a sole trader or a ltd company) and that I'll be offering my services for free, can I legally bind them to a contract stating what exactly I'll be doing for them? You could think of what I'm doing as volunteering but it will simply just be me going up to clients and asking them if I can offer my services to them free of charge.
  5. Hi all, This is my first post here! This is a great site and I'm glad to be a member now I just want to start a list with web platforms where the potential clients are posting their inquiries for services such as web design, developing, web marketing, SEO, etc. What I’m using now are these two sites: http://freelancer.com http://odesk.com I’m looking for other places where freelancers and web studios can find some new clients J Thanks.
  6. BrowserBugs

    Free Infographics for Clients

    It has come to my attention that clients need educating. So often we see our fellow comrades in pixels at a loss when it comes to communicating fundamental basics to clients; many find it hard to know what to charge and many have been driven to the point of meltdown by the stupid questions. To assist you in your web development career I have produced the first client educational infographic for your enjoyment. Feel free to use this at top end business meetings and budget discussions. I hope many of you pixel junkies will join me in making this the best library of client liaison material on the web. Solidarity my friends, fight the power and the like. Peace!
  7. I redesigned a website for a photographer client who is an elderly gentleman. He takes great photos of a city but the problem is that he liberally edits the photos and completely destroys them by overusing shadow/highlight filter and some color corrections. My question is how can I make him realize that he would be much better off just doing basic level and curve corrections or maybe even letting someone else do the photoshop work. He seems to think he's a graphic artist as well as a photographer. He actually sells his photographs as prints on canvas and they are mostly very beautiful. I actually asked from the print shop what they think of the quality of the image files that he sends to them, and they said that they often have to do some damage repair before printing. There is at the moment no feedback form on the site. If I put one there, someone probably would say something about this, which would be a good thing. However, he has done this to hundreds of images for years, and I wish I could find the best possible, gentle way of making him understand that while the photographing part is great, the rest is not. I'm not sure his workflow keeps unedited versions of the photos, so there's also the question about redoing old photos. Any ideas?
  8. To start i got advices to find businesses with crappy websites, but its easy to say, what kind of strategy to use to approach them, should i call them and ask for a 15 min of their time and go to their office next day... What about competition, i found a website for people looking for freelance webdesigner in my country, but there is competition, they are choosing people who have years of experience and portfolio with many projects, how can i make it through all the crowd
  9. We've had a query about our terms from a client: "I would assume that we own all rights to the site and therefore any tools, functionality there in" I think we'd say they paid for the development and own the work but I wanted to see if you guys had a take on this. How do you normally handle this with clients? Does this differ between agency and supplier? The tricky area is in ownership, they can have the code and but we should be able to re-use it for other clients if we wish. Also I guess it would be annoying if they got a developer to package up our bespoke work and tried to resell it. Has anyone thought about this stuff before? I've done some searching on this forum and I think this might be a licensing thing?
  10. So I was employed in an IT company based in Dubai, the salary was too low, so i got angry and this anger turned into an idea of starting freelance web designing, I started searching on online job sites, jobs for freelancers (local sites). I developed my own website (www.designsideal.com), my mates told me it looks pretty cool but I am not satisfied, I noticed I'm good with graphics and web development in general, but I don't know hell about Marketing my self, So everyday I made my effort to send My portfolio to potential clients, My total Profit in 60 Days: 77$ from a client I made him a Photoshop website mockup. So now I started spending hours everyday to learn about Digital Marketing, Marketing in general..and Finding free tools for SEO, I wrote a post btw about the free tools i found in the Forum, I'm discovering its all about marketing or someone helping you with marketing, but the 77$ was worth to realize this
  11. BrowserBugs

    You want to what?

    Hi Gang, As we all agree clients are one variable there is no answer to. I thought i'd start a thread on the things clients say or the requests we've had. Something no doubt there is plenty of and could brighten the morning forum reads. This thread was inspired by Yahoogle. To start the ball rolling last year I had a client wanting to start a new fabric business. On brand name she wanted something cool, inspired by names like 'Blue Hedgehog' and 'Pink Elephant' she wanted a memorable brand using an animal as the theme but a little bit quirky. After much discussion with their business partner they came up with a brand to end all brands ... they had decided on; 'Cotton Picking Monkeys'. Needless to say I did raise the point that a shop called cotton picking monkeys in South Croydon might not be the best of names and for the life of her she could not work out why anyone might take offence.
  12. Hey guys, My name is George Carter and new here..I am from michigan USA..I am a family person..By profession I am a web designer and now a days planning to build my own web design firm locally.. But the hurdle is that i don't have enough clients to get an office and hire some staff and start professionally..I need clients and for that I am looking for JV's.. Can anyone please tell me where to i get the sales persons on lead basis for my business..its just that they provide me the clients and I'll pay them flat 50$ - 250$ per client(depends on the project) via paypal. I am just looking for a few serious person whom i can go further in long term. I really appreciate any suggestions or help from anyone..please skype me directly. here's my skype : georgecarter989 thanks and happy new year. George Carter A few samples of my work.. http://www.rossobike.com/ http://www.fadaniels.com/ https://1800eichlers.com/ http://www.shopisfy.com/ http://matchingbedrooms.com/ http://www.stribal.com/