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Found 101 results

  1. Seth

    Menu to show on mobile

    My friend and client had a custom coded WordPress site done. She now wants me to take over the implementation of it. https://ashleyassists.mystagingwebsite.com/ I figured out what the previous developer did for the most part, but since it's not developed on a framework, I'm at a loss on some things. The latest is show to make the menu show up on a mobile device. Can someone help? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, I am the founder of WWW.ONLINECARBOOTY.COM which was the first Online Car Boot Sale ever created. The site now boasts over 100,000 members but we're always trying to improve things. We don't have a big budget like the big boys and have recently changed the look of the site and tried to make it look right on mobile and desktop. Until now, it used to have a seperate site for mobiles. I just wanted to ask what you guys thought of the site, design and responsiveness as we would love any positive or negative feedback. Many thanks, Mark at OCB
  3. Trying to make my website (ve3oat.ca) more responsive, I include the usual "skip to main content" link near the top of each of my pages. However, when tested with the tool at varvy.com, my pages always fail due to "No 'skip to main content' link". I use <a href="#content"> Skip to main content</a> in the header, and <div class="content" id="content"> as the target below the header and the top-navigation bar. It works in Firefox and MS-IE, but always fails the Varvy test. Could someone please tell me something simple in html (I don't use Java any other scripts on my site) that will both work for users of screen readers and that will pass the Varvy test?? Thanks.
  4. Chapierton

    Converting Site to Responsive

    Hi all, I had a website built years ago as an ongoing project. It was built before responsive websites were common but now I would like to convert it. As my site is not currently serious and pretty much a prototype for a later project I would like to learn how to code with it and then eventually convert it myself. As the original website was built by a small company from scratch, using their own CMS, what would I need from them to take it over? Thank you.
  5. predatorx

    Responsive Navigation

    Hello. Can anyone point me in the right direction with a tutorial or plugin to create a responsive navigation. I really like the way the navigation displays on mobile viewports on this site and would like to implement something similar. Thanks
  6. We have a well established static site which scores well on many keyword terms. We have learnt a lot from this site and wish to redesign a responsive site with new structure. If we carry the 'old/successful' content through to the new responsive design under the new url structure, do we loose all our SEO legacy? All thoughts, comments and ideas welcome.
  7. HI, does anyone have an example of a navigation bar structure where the logo is centred please. I've tried myself but the logo is slightly off centre and I can't find a way to align it perfectly. Frustrating!! Thanks. JD
  8. I am using absolute positioning in a relative DIV to position two images over each other and I then want to put the main navigation underneath this banner header. I can't use a fixed height because the content is responsive. Does anyone have any suggestions apart from using a dummy spacer DIV and using javascript to get and set the relevant element heights every time the window is resized (surely there's an easier way). Here's the code and CSS. I want the "nav" div to appear directly under the "banner". <header class="wrapper clrfix" > <div id="banner" style="width:100%; position:relative"> <img class="abs" src="img/photo.png"> <img class="abs" src="svg/vector_logo.svg"> </div> <div id="nav" class="wrapper clrfix"> <!-- main navigation --> <nav id="topnav"> <div class="mnu-toggle">Menu</div> <ul class="srt-mnu" id="mnu-main-nav"> <li><a href="/index.shtml">Home</a></li> <li><a href="info/news.shtml">News</a></li> <li><a href="reviews/index.shtml">Reviews</a></li> <li><a href="blog/index.shtml">Blog</a></li> <li><a href="#">About Us</a></li> </ul> </nav> <!-- end main navigation --> </div> </header> ======== CSS ======== img.abs{position:absolute;top:0;left:0} Thanks in advance. Paul
  9. jerseydudek

    Two responsive divs side by side

    Hi, can someone tell me what I' doing wrong here please. I've done this loads of times before but for some reason this aint working. Two divs side by side 45%, 55% width until they get to smaller devises then I want them 100% width. Why isn't this working!!? As you'll see, the border on the right div changes from solid to dashed so the media query is working . . . but not the width. I think I might need an early night!!!! Thanks for any advice. forgot to put the fiddle link in sorry: https://jsfiddle.net...dek/tbvua2ak/1/
  10. Hi, My site is http://www.shivampaw.com and I was wondering if you could provide some feedback on it's design and functionality? The About page and the Work page aren't done yet and the services page is half completed. But what do you think about the overall design and functionality so far and how can I improve it it further? Thanks!
  11. HI I have created a responsive dropdown where at 580px my menu bar becomes a drop down. The problem im getting is when the menu drops down, the image slider underneath it is blocking the menu. I need my image slider to go underneath my dropdown menu when i open it. Print screens below of my problem.
  12. On this responsive site: http://gibraltarinsolvency.info/project/index.html When the width of the screen is reduced, the 'screen_layout_medium.css' kicks in but the nav bar, instead of pushing the word 'Welcome' down, it covers it up. The 'Welcome' <h1> tags are placed within <article> tags. I've tried applying position abosolute/relative to the <h1> tag, but no luck. I've been away from web design for a while and can't for the life of me remember how to get page contents to be pushed down when items above move down. The text under the 'Welcome' moves and takes its place when the screen narrows. Can someone shed some light on how to achieve this? Thanks in advance. files.zip
  13. we will create creative social media button styles by CSS3, HTML5 and fontawesome icon that will enhance your web design experience. Now at this moment, social media is very popular platform. Every blogger want to display social media buttons in their site to promote their business. Our created social media buttons support all of the modern browsers. So you don't need to research anything. http://www.codiblog.com/2016/02/css3-creative-social-media-button-styles.html
  14. Nillervision

    Image Slider - New Nillervision Tutorial

    Hello everyone. I've uploaded a new tutorial this morning about how to create a responsive image slider without scripting, The slider uses CSS keyframes. I would love to hear your feedback. Thank you
  15. Ken Lui

    Add Dropdown Menu and Logo

    I'm new in responsive web design. I based on an open source template to design my web page: http://designkkl.com. When the browser shrinks to call the hamburger menu icon out, the MagiCare logo doesn't show. Besides, I want to add a dropdown menu to one of the items on the menu bar. Can anyone kindly advise how to add the dropdown and fix the logo problem? Thanks.
  16. Hello I was wondering if anyone could possibly help me. I'm creating this site http://testingsite.aimee-tacchi.co.uk/ (This is the test url) As you can see I would like the text and social media icons above my navigation to fit in there, how do I get that to work? But also when it goes responsive I would like it to be inline with the logo? with the drop down navigation below the logo and call us and social media buttons. I'm not sure how to code it though? could anyone help that be great. Thank you Darkxangel84
  17. So, I keep getting the "Reply" showing weirdly on mobile device like this: Anyone can help me ? Thanks in advance !
  18. Hello everyone, I wanted to create vertical responsive layout and I have problem: #cd{ position: fixed; background-image:url(Images/cd.jpg); max-width:100%; height:228px; ; margin-top:-32px; vertical-align:middle; left: 50%; z-index:0; } I want this image stick to the center of explorer window and its working but after I use max-width: 100% I see only something like half of image - on 1920x1080 everything its allright but on smaller res image is cut - its still in the center but its cutted. I try to use different position but for others all website is good til I go aroud 1000px from the top after that website start be scrollable in vertical but for me its not possible - nothing is bigger than 100% of window. Please help me with that because slowly im going crazy.
  19. DigitalWorkshop

    First Responsive Design

    Nearing completion of my first (yes, I know, I am suitably ashamed) attempt at responsive web design. Very simple stuff. Would welcome feedback before attempting our main site. http://www.plugincreativity.net/index.shtml My concerns are the size of the header images impacting load times and that the product titles on the home page are a little oversized when viewed on tablets - they're unbalanced when compared with the site logo but if I make the site logo any bigger it pushes the Menu down slightly for some reason. TIA Paul
  20. The official Google Blog Post states that they will be considering mobile friendliness of a website as a ranking feature with effect from April 21. Which clearly claims that now Google will surface content from indexed apps more prominently in search.This change in Google search procedure aims to allow users to find relevant and high quality search results that are optimized for their devices quite easily. Their are two major changes that Google has announced to be taking effect on April 21. For more visit Responsive Web Design Is The Key Now
  21. I need to convert a website to the mobile version. It has so many sections and the basic thing is a complex layout. Any suggestion if it can be and how easily be converted to a mobile friendly layout? The website address is http://www.webtoolhub.com/ Also I know how to convert an article (specially WP based site ) to a mobile friendly version and there is an ‘article’ section that I can thinking of converting without much trouble, but don’t sure about the other sections.
  22. Hello everyone, I have a question about creatin responsive website. There is possibility that I can put project from adobe muse to reflow? http://drphil2.cba.pl This is my project, I use parallax scrolling and I want to made it responsive. With muse its only possible to make resizable width but I found nothing about resizable height - I want to fit my website content to size of the window about position and if its possible to resize graphics or reload them to new one - smaller. If you know something about how can I achive that I will be very thankful.
  23. Hello, I would like design new CMS and it should have full-width, responsive layout. I would like to ask which grid system is recommended in this case? My goal is create some guide lines in Photoshop which guarantee easy way to code my layout for developer. For basic websites I'm using Bootstrap 3. Maybe it should be use Bootstrap 3 too, but I can't imagine, how to transform the grid optimized for full-width. I don't want increase width of 12 culumns to double-sized width or something like that. I really appreciate every answer on my question. Thanks in advance, Marek.
  24. Hello. I have just created a couple of video tutorials (beginners/intermediate) about how to create responsive designs from scratch. I would really like some feedback not only about the methodology but also about the format. Is it too fast, too slow, too confusing, too boring or what do you think? I will really like to improve my tutorials and I'm currently looking for work as a teacher so your feedback will much appreciated. Part1: https://youtu.be/DPd-g892Kuc?list=PLdczXqd0Xsf4zI_LLr14W3GLNOqRxY3PS Part2: https://youtu.be/hZ4EdO-iZeI?list=PLdczXqd0Xsf4zI_LLr14W3GLNOqRxY3PS The total time of the tutorials is about 30 min. I have disabled all adverts for a few days for your convenience. Thank you
  25. Hi all, Looking for some advice here: I produce photoshop mock-ups from design briefs and display them in software online (currently use cageapp.com) where myself/sales/client can make notes on page elements in our own time on design tweaks. However with the incoming of responsive and mobile first platforms, it seems a little old hat to just give a mock-up of a desktop version of a site. We looked at Adobe Edge Reflow, the drawback here is the lack of support with preview software. I have heard before of designers supplying the customer with html/css versions to the customer so they can preview how the site would behave in browser. Whilst this sounds good, it doesn't allow for the note adding and doesn't fit in our current site development model. Is there software out there that would fulfil these requirements? Thanks.