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  1. you have posted only design on your behance portfolio. where is the site ?
  2. Behance - does it get your designs noticed?

    @@NOCK do you have dribbble account ???
  3. Hello - I am scared.....

    I think everyone have this problem. and all are searching answer for this problem.
  4. New member :-)

    you are welcome jan @@JDR
  5. Behance - does it get your designs noticed?

    I think behance is best for marketing and Pinterest is best for showcase your product or picture.
  6. WOTM September 2014 - send me your entries!

    Everytime I miss the opourtunity .
  7. Behance - does it get your designs noticed?

    thanks for comments
  8. first day

    wel come to the webdesignerforum comunity @@onlinejazz
  9. Hello :)

    Welcome to the forum
  10. Web Designing

    For Web design and Web Development, I think You need to know about HTML, CSS and Photoshop first
  11. Hi from pamamolf

    Welcome @@pamamolf to the forum. I am available for small projects
  12. ih!

    hiii @@Ruggieropietro, Welcome to the forum.