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Found 28 results

  1. Hello, I want to start my own web design services. Unfortunately I don't have a portfolio. Without portfolio it's really hard to get clients. I know that is there a way to make a website for free. I can try that but need to know where I can get these clients. I don't have a website. Without portfolio it doesn't make sense to create one. I need advice from experienced web designers. Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone! If you're looking for a way to get your website off the ground, feel free to contact me for advice on SEO and content. I work full-time as an SEO Manager in England and currently manage 15 clients, as well as a few in my spare time. If you would like to book my services, check out my Fiverr account where you can see my gigs. Contact me and I would be more than happy to discuss a personalised job.
  3. Spending a lot of time on the internet and not getting business as per your expectations, then hire Aspiringteam, the Best Digital Marketing Company in Ausitn, Houston, Texas and USA. Our Digital Marketing Services saves your money and generates higher or successful leads. We have also the capability to increase your sales through social media. For more information, please visit us at aspiringteam.
  4. I want to redirect one page to other in SEO. From where I can do it?
  5. How many keywords can be placed in Meta Tags for every single page.
  6. Hi! I've created a course that teaches web developers how to build a successful freelance career, if you'd like to check it out please visit https://milliondollardeveloper.io/ and feel free to reply here with any questions!
  7. Hey Folks, Just pre-launched our website to promote our new SaaS application called Content Sleuth. What do you folks think about the design/layout/style? It's a social media and content marketing platform. Appreciate the feedback. Thanks. Gaz
  8. Hi, I am just starting out as a freelancer & require some advice. In order to get a portfolio of my work up and running I am trying several marketing campaigns. One of which was going to be a targeted email campaign to local businesses in my area. I have compiled a list of emails belonging to local companies who I believe could do with an update to their existing website (believe me they are terrible). All the email addresses are on the existing websites or from local business directories. I plan on sending out approx. 20 emails at a time and seeing what response I get before sending another 20. All the emails will be going to businesses and not individuals (I admit some are Sole Traders) and as I'm just starting out they will contain huge discounts. So I suppose my questions are: Has anybody done this? If so, was it successful? Is it even legal? (I have looked & the legislation is pretty confusing) Apologies if this has been asked before on here. All help gratefully received!!
  9. What are your thoughts on this statistic from the infographic below? "LinkedIn is 227% more effective for lead generation than Facebook or Twitter" Would you agree that LinkedIn generates you the most work? I'd have to say Facebook & LinkedIn are equal from my experience.. (Source: MarketMakers.co.uk)
  10. Hi all, Give Some Feedback on Joomla webdesign Theme Title : Qnima - Responsive MultiPurpose Joomla Template Description : Qnima is professional and mobile ready multi-purpose Joomla theme, developed in Bootstrap framework with great attention to details. Theme can be used for any type of website: business, corporate, ecommerce,online shop, portfolio, products, marketing, etc. You can modify layout, styling, colors directly from within the powerful admin panel. Qnima Theme Features : Responsive Joomla + Virtuemart Template Includes both Joomla 3.0 and 2.5 version Multiple language support RTL support Retina ready Eu Compliance Powerful admin panel Specially designed Virtuemart landing page jQuery Enhanced Responsive Design Slider Revolution $12 Google Fonts Font-Awesome Custom Backgrounds Qnima - Responsive Multipurpose Joomla Template
  11. Hi Guys, I have been searching for a site like this, it looks great, I hope to learn more about efficient use of social media and SEO to help me build my web site which will in turn help me to sell my metal art and designs. I am looking forward to engaging with other like minded people. Cheers Glen Jones www.freestylemetalart.com
  12. I've now set up my business website (http://www.codexx.co.uk) and haven't got any customers yet. I had a free report done by a website called exposureninja (http://www.exposureninja.com/) and they said I wasn't ranked well on Google nor was my website design that great. I created a website using wordpress so it looks quite basic, I'd prefer to create a website from scratch without a CMS as it's a more custom design and is not limited by a template, with wordpress it just feels basic, I can't edit it to exactly how I want it and it doesn't represent my business in the best light. I had an idea of creating my website based around a double helix DNA, I would build the menu as DNA and it would have the names of the pages on the strands connecting the double helix. This website is generic, it is just green and white, it doesn't even align my text in the middle, it has no border on the sides so the text spans all the way out. I have read a book on how to get backlinks as I think that is the hardest part of SEO, I need to implement what I have learnt but do you think I should send out some fliers or buy some business cards instead of trying to SEO my website for now? It's early days so I don't want to be spending too much money, I will look at PPC in the future.
  13. I'm going through a book about copywriting and for the first task it says you should try to get an idea of who your ideal reader is, the average kind of person that reads your website. You write for a specific person rather than a group of people because when you target your content to a specific person, it sounds more personal. It says that I can get an idea of who my ideal reader is by asking my customers questions. But, I don't have any customers at the moment. I can look on Amazon at customer reviews but I wouldn't know what kind of books my customers would read. So can anyone give me an idea of what kind of person my ideal reader will be? Can you describe what kind of person will be reading my website? Here are the questions asked in the book to help get an idea of who you are targetting: Is your ideal reader a man or a woman? What age? What profession? What income? What education? Who does he live with? Does he have children? What car does he drive? More specific questions: What is he or she reading? What social media platforms does he use? What are his favourite websites? What does he dream about achieving? What would he love to have? What keeps him up at night? What is he afraid of losing? How does he make decisions? What's important to him in life? These questions seem a little hard to answer, how am I going to get this kind of information? Surely that information is going to be quite hard to get without asking them questions, which I can't do as I have no customers...
  14. creativestore

    Team up.

    Hi Guys, I'm a freelancer from Spain. I do offer freelance web design, Magento store, eBay store and Motion Graphics services. I would like to team up with someone for mutual benefits. I offer a high quality services at competitive prices and looking for a long-lasting collaboration or even become partners. Don't hesitate to PM me for details and I will send you some examples of my work. Thanks, Hope to hear from you soon, Good luck,
  15. I heard this is a great place to get some feedback which is exactly what i need right now, i have a website selling software licenses, www.licenses-direct.com The website has been around for a month and a website its not doing too bad: Visitors- 50-70 a day woorank- 60% Bounce rate- 58% Average pages per visit - 4 Even average visit duration is 6 minutes But as a business its failing. I've literally have no sales so far. Is this normal for eCommerce site? should i change something about the website? maybe someone knows any marketing techniques that might help me?
  16. Linkedin is known as a good traffic generator. I found a lot of advice and tutorials on the web on how to get blog visitors from there but nothing seems to work well. I only use Linkedin as a forum posting to groups in my niche there to receive some extra dozen visits a day. Updating my status and adding new contacts regularly doesn't change the situation. Any ideas to boost these results? Thanks in advance.
  17. How can I offer free spellcastings with everybook someone buys and leaves a review on amazon? (Real spellcasting, I am not talking of a game). The books can be linked to amazon through my site. I did wonder if getting people to fill in a form and then point them to amazon and if no review is left, give them no spellcast, if there is give them a free spellcast. But this does not seem a good solution: anyway not sure how to set up the for first. Anyone got any ideas, any help?
  18. Dear All, I have am slighty worried at the moment, I took various time and money to develop a new website forum... It has started very well, with around 100 new visitors a day and an average 28 minutes per visit. another statistic is 1,000 page views per 40 visitors . My concern is how can I earn a stable income? I would honestly appreciate any sort of reply especially as most of you may have experience in this field. The website is at: http://tinyurl.com/pr85vfy if you want to get a better idea. Thank you all!
  19. Dear All Professionals, I have got a Sports betting forum on: http://tinyurl.com/pr85vfy I have got an issue here, I want to find a way on how to make money from it, can any professional suggest how I could achieve this? The average visitors spend around 23 mins on the website reading various posts, I don't know if that makes a difference. I would welcome any recommendation here. Thanks and Regards to you all!
  20. Hello everyone Sometime I come across some "ugly" websites and I feel the immediate urge to contact the owner in order to offer him my webdesign services. Does this also happens to some of you? How do you contact such a potential client? By e-mail? If yes, how do you formulate it without "offending" him? I sometime tried it but the success rate is almost zero... I appreciate any sharing of learned lessons edit: I am pretty sure this is not the first question of this kind - so if someone finds another thread about it, I'm happy with that, too
  21. So I was employed in an IT company based in Dubai, the salary was too low, so i got angry and this anger turned into an idea of starting freelance web designing, I started searching on online job sites, jobs for freelancers (local sites). I developed my own website (www.designsideal.com), my mates told me it looks pretty cool but I am not satisfied, I noticed I'm good with graphics and web development in general, but I don't know hell about Marketing my self, So everyday I made my effort to send My portfolio to potential clients, My total Profit in 60 Days: 77$ from a client I made him a Photoshop website mockup. So now I started spending hours everyday to learn about Digital Marketing, Marketing in general..and Finding free tools for SEO, I wrote a post btw about the free tools i found in the Forum, I'm discovering its all about marketing or someone helping you with marketing, but the 77$ was worth to realize this
  22. Hi, I run my own web design company with some partners since some years. We realized though, that the services we provide - or that we are capable to - are close to many of an advertising company. We offer visual identity creation, graphic creation for printing, etc, but rarely a client appears for those services, they usually appear for the development of web sites, which is our main focus. So, I would like to ask about your experience, what you think about this relation of offering web design services, or being an advertising company that also offers web design? The market for advertising, publicity, in general is going well? Which are the differences between those areas? Thank you.
  23. A client of mine is talking about running an email marketing campaign for his business. To do this, he is talking to a company who sell email addresses. He would purchase thousands of email addresses from them, then create and send an email to these email addresses to advertise his business. What is the law regarding this sort of thing? Is it illegal within the UK to send unsolicited emails like this? Thanks.
  24. Hello everyone, I am offering exclusive SEO packages for a great price only for a short period of time. This packages will help get your websites highly rank in Google for example. This is used by many businesses to attract visitors and a large number of new clients worldwide. Packages: SEO Start - £39 SEO Medium - £59 SEO Max - £80 SEO Ultimate - £130 Email me at herraezja@gmail.com if you are interested.
  25. Hi everyone! I am starting to get into website making and ad-selling, locally at first but globally later with one big website project. Will start my own company (or charitable organization) soon to manage all that and i was wondering... How popular a website should be to, for example, make 500 EUR of profit through ads. I know, i know, it all depends on how well the ads are placed, what they contain and how they fit into website theme. But generally speaking. If all these parameters are at average levels, how many (happy) visitors you think are required for it? Or is it better to sell some in-website services through Paypal? All thoughts and opinions on matter are welcome. Thank you for reading!