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Dear Friends....

I have a web designing firm based in India...Though small we have worked hard for so many international companies and completed many projects. But I have found the web design business is getting bad to worse. First ....it is difficult finding the right person to hire, and it is very expensive and more over clients are getting very fussy. With focus being shifted on Mobile App, Social media, Online Portal, not many people are asking for a website. If they want a website it would like on urgent basis. 

Business is not as lucrative as was. Prices are failling compared to last year and profits are now a myth....

I do plan to develop and sell products..like Themes and Plugins for survival

but I need to ask you all...are you facing a similar predicament  in your business. What is  wise solution?

How does one go about offering more services from a web design shop...?


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This is to be expected.

If you want to hire people with experience and the skills required to produce quality products, you'll need to pay for that. People who are good at they do tend to not undersell themselves and are aware of they're worth.

It's highly ironic that a web design company based in India are complaining of low prices. The amount of spam that comes from India alone for "cheap SEO services" or "cheap web design services" is at this point silly.

Whilst I worked for companies for ~9 years I've been freelancing since early 2014. I've never had any issues getting work as there are many companies who attempt to undercut everyone. Typically people will try out cheap places and then come to me to fix it or have a new system. In a way I should be thanking those designers who attempt to offer the world for £200. At the end of the day, such companies will not survive and I still claim it's impossible to make any sort of profit when doing entire websites for a few hundred pounds.

Mainly though, as I'm a developer, I focus my efforts of bespoke back end systems for larger companies and CRO (about a 75/25 split respectively). Nowadays any naive company/individual can claim they're a web designer.  One of the things that surprises me (and still does to this very day) the lack of developers out there who are able to write bespoke code without plugins and solve real world problems. i.e. if you throw in Wordpress plugins who are not a developer. Additionally, with bespoke systems I'm able to offer and prove real world value through features and development.

That's my take, time for the gym.


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