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Found 178 results

  1. HI Every one I think I am done redesigning my site, what do you think of the colors, navigation and overall layout Please visit once my website and give your valuable suggestion if anything I required to change or add. visit my site once https://ossisto.com/ I really appreciate your valued opinions.
  2. Hi! So first post. I got hit by the idea of creating a website, mostly for myself but also for anyone that might need some help with traveling more easy. Traveling, first and foremost with bus and train, and how to survive on the road and the cities basically. However, I've never created a website before if not a simple blog on WordPress counts. And this idea of mine includes some tricky features. So, short background first so the point of usage might be more understandable. I don't fly much but love to travel, therefore mostly by bus or train. Since money is an issue (isn't it always) I often take the time to see new places when I'm traveling from one place to another. For example like now - traveling from Barcelona where I have lived during the summer, to Gothenburg (Sweden), using Flixbus and ferries, along with local public transportation. On the road I've googled like crazy about: how to get to the different cities (there are many great search engines but usually they only work for one area or country), to get around in the city, what to see, what the local supermarkets are called, luggage storage, public toilets and so on... Sure, asking locals could (and would) have solved it, I know... Either way, if all these informations and more would have been accessible on one website I could have saved so much time. And that's where this idea came to exist. Overall idea: I want to create a website that helps me to store all this information that I'm gathering during my travels, and if anyone else wants to use it, great! But I want it to be funcional and stylish as f as well. Problems: don't know anything of programming and creating websites. Also, if possible, I would prefer it it was free. When searching about it, it sounds like there are so many different ways and platforms. And most of the costs, that's why I'm writing here to get som advice on which to choose. I'm an easy learner but don't mind if it was as simple as possible. The website (and all of its functions) : 1. I want the main page to be like a map of Europe, with the bigger cities. When someone click on a city, information will appear. If it's too difficult the dream would be a small window (is it called pop-up windows?) where you can see overall information about the train and bus-station or city. Like symbols for luggage storage, wc, food, colored in different colors to show how cheap/expensive it is. And if you click any of this symbols, you open another window, or web page, with more information about it. 2. Another, maybe more difficult one. There will be route-options. You can choose between night route/day route, train/bus, and thereafter the routes that are available for example during night time will appear. Here I would use the same background, but different routes will appear depending on what there is. And when you hoover above the route it will kinda glow up (to show that you have selected it). And if you push it you get more information in a small pop-up window (like with the stations) about travel duration. If you click it further another window open and you can read more information. 3. In this other windows with even more information, I will write more like a blog forum. Basic info that's good to know and about my personal experience. This I don't think will be that difficult. In the comment section however I want it to be similar to ex. reddit. Here people, or myself, can add questions like "Did it have a luggage storage?" and then other people can pitch in and answer. And if it's a really popular question that many are interested in they can upvote it, it gets pushed to the top, and I can see the interest in it. No one but me will be able to add information on the website, but they can provide me with information in the comments. 4. This will all be a as-I-go-project. I will add on routes, cities and info along as a travel. Questions: - Is this dream too big with no experience? - Is it possible to do this without programming? Like using a platform that allows me to do all this? Which? The cheaper the better. If you've read this far, thank you so much. If you have a constructive advice for me about the idea, even more thanks to you. And if therecis anything that's unclear, please ask. EDIT: I've read about WordPress.org and Hostgator. Do you think those would be options when creating this site?

    Looking for software

    Hey guys, this is my first post in the forum hoping i can get some useful information I am currently using "brackets" to build websites because of the freedom to code what ever i want and it feels really fast. I have been using this application to build static websites but recently have been looking to begin creating CMS sites. Now ive spent about 16 hours experimenting with CMS software, the likes of Wordpress, Drupal e.t.c. I tested about 15 in total, not a single one felt like it was any good. They all seem to work from templates, it feels like they have all been build for people who dont know how to read/write HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT. To me this just feels wrong, i understand the benefit of plugins, its fantastic being able to quickly install onto a site and its a great time saver. But my main issue is that all these platforms feel very restricting. For instance i was trying to re-build a site i coded myself, into the CMS applications which i was testing, to put it simply it was a complete pain in the arse in every one. I guess what im looking for is a platform that i can build a CMS site on using HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT. I would like to build the structure of the site, and declare the elements that i would like the end user to edit in a back-office environment. The closest application to that description is "webflow", feels really nice to use, BUT it has astronomical hosting fees, and you cant export cms content outside of their server. I hope i have described my issue clearly enough, if you guys can suggest a great application i would be extremely grateful. Kind regards
  4. Hello, Can you give me a feedback? I designed a responsive one-page business template with Elementor Pro. Elementor is a page builder. Please be honest. Link: http://themelab.cloudaccess.host/ I want to boost my portfolio. Thanks
  5. Here is my website. www.vibe432.com please check every link and every possible page ans let ne know whats wrong. Id evenlike to have the responsiveness looked at too. Im having someone do the css and html for me so i need to tell them exactly what wrong and why it's wrong.
  6. Roberto182

    New Website Design

    I am looking to create a new website and was hoping someone could recommend a reasonably priced designer/company who I could work with?
  7. I need to put a link in the footer and create a new privacy page for this website (www.mala.co.uk). The footer is in php and is pasted into the code of each page. What I have done is created a test server and I have copied all of the files via ftp to this new location so I can make the changes. What I have found is that the website does not display correctly and none of the CSS or PHP is showing. Even though all I have done is copy all the files from one place to another. I did not create the website and I am wondering if the previous developer has done something to stop it being amended or copied. I am somewhat a novice but though I would be able to make the simple changes. PLEASE HELP! Kind Regards...
  8. Roberto182

    New website

    Just a quick question. If I have a good idea for a new website and I am hiring someone to do it for me, do I need some sort of patence in place to stop someone else stealing my idea?
  9. Hi all, To give a brief background story, we paid around £4000 for a web designer to build this website for our product: www.bentleysdogfood.co.uk (laugh at how overcharged we were now!) He built it using Wordpress with the Ronneby Child theme. Anything you see on the website was done by him, including all of the following plugins he installed and setup: Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd 5.0.17 (?) Inactive Advanced Custom Fields 4.4.12 (?) Active Addendio PLUS 1.1.1 (?) Active Autoptimize 2.3.2 (?) Active iThemes Security 6.8.0 (?) Active Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP) (?) Active Duplicator 1.2.32 (?) Inactive Installer Plugin 1.0.8 (?) Active Hummingbird 1.7.1 (?) Active WPBakery Page Builder 5.4.4 (?) Active News page slider 2.0.0 (?) Active SMK Sidebar Generator 3.1 (?) Active WooCommerce Paymentsense Gateway 2.3.0 (?) Active Quick Featured Images 13.3.1 (?) Active Slider Revolution (?) Active Really Simple SSL 2.5.24 (?) Active WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs Lite 1.6.2 (?) Active WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips 2.1.3 (?) Active WooCommerce 3.2.6 (?) Active Yoast SEO 6.2 (?) Active WP Image Zoom PRO 1.29 (?) Active WP-Optimize 2.1.1 (?) Active WP Mail SMTP 1.2.3 (?) Active WP Smush 2.7.6 (?) Active TablePress 1.9 (?) Active TablePress Extension: Responsive Tables 1.4 (?) Active The site was running very slow (using Pingdom website speed tests the homepage was taking over 6 seconds to load) and we felt the service we were receiving was very poor. Due to this, we chose to set up our own SSD Cloud VPS hosting package with UK Hosting and they migrated the website and email account over to their server. Details as follows: CPU vCore 2 x vCPU Core (price per core) £45.00 GBP Memory GB 2 x GB (price per GB) £13.32 GBP Disk Space GB 50 x GB (price per GB) £2.04 GBP Total IP Address 1 x IP Address (price per IP Address) £36.00 GBP Base resource price reduction Included OS Template CentOS 7.x with Plesk Onyx £60.00 GBP Now that we have it in our control I have the task to try to speed up the loading speeds as I'm sure if you have tried to load it you can see how slow it still is. I'm not very technical at all when it comes to web design / hosting etc. I know the basics and can navigate around Wordpress and Plesk (in this case) or cPanel, but any advice you're able to give will need to be step-by-step layman's terms I'm afraid! Attached are the results from Pingdom showing where the problems may lie. I have absolutely know idea how to fix these issues, even after reading the information by clicking 'More At Google Developers'. Any help given would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  10. Hello Everyone, I have designed https://www.themevault.net/ website. It would be highly appreciated if you can give your valuable comments, feedback or any suggestion if you want it more interactive. Thank you
  11. Hello mates, In my website meta title is not caching by google. Anybody know what is this. my whole website is crawled and indexed but meta title of one page is not crawled.Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello! I need to ask you guys a huge favour, I am doing a project at university on web design and would really appreciate it if anyone would be able to fill in my end-user evaluation of this website. Here is the link. http://freshco.altervista.org/index.html Please see the attached file for the evaluation, I've tried to keep it as quick as possible ?✌️ Once filled in would you be able to email the document back to me. My email is: 1702739@rgu.ac.uk Thank you so much in advance for your help. Allan End user eval..docx
  13. Analytical Madness

    What Software Should I Use?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any idea which is the best completely free open-source software I could use to create my website. I've been using a program called Open Element up until now. But it has some shortcomings including text which changes size depending on the webpage and it doesn't have a built in search engine. The type of software I'm looking for must be drag-and-drop since I only know a little bit of coding. It must also allow me to use a search engine, preferably through something built in, and it must have a good way to change how it displays pages on mobile. Finally, I'm looking for something more like Wix than Wordpress. So something where I have relative freedom to change the themes, increase the size of images, change the layout, move things around freely, etc. as I wish. It must also allow for good SEO. Note that I don't need a url or webhosting, since I already use GoDaddy for that purpose, but only need the design software.
  14. Jennifer@Webriq

    CMS Demo - Please Review

    Hi Guys! My name is Jennifer and I work at Webriq, a web developing company. Anyhow, our company has developed a page that allows visitors to have an overview and experience how our services work. I am posting this here for you to try it out and provide us a feedback. This will give us the chance to develop it further and provide a quality experience for our users and visitors. Please click HERE to start. Many Thanks, Jennifer
  15. Good Afternoon guys, I am currently in the process in organising an E-Commerce site for myself, and after countless hours of researching my niche I am ready to proceed! The next step is building my website, so I have a few questions I need to ask. Just to fill you guys in as well, ive been doing work on TeamTreehouse and I am getting to grips with HTML and CSS, but I can always top up on other sections if needs be. The questions I need to ask are: What is the best platform to build this Ecommerce site on? Shopify? etc... How complex can it be? Any advice would be much appreciated Many Thanks, Jack
  16. Hi, My name is UVS and I am SEO working for my hotel website can't find out my site subp ages or sub links in google search with site title. Same I was searched for ebay it's showing.
  17. LeadersToday.in

    How to start a social networking site?

    I want to start a social networking site. Is Drupal is the best for it or should I go for other options. Please suggest and guide me on the issue. Thanks and regards. [LeadersToday.in@gmail.com]
  18. Hi everyone. We designed new website for our advertising agency. Your opinions about the site? Here is the link: https://www.mainostoimistoloud.fi/home
  19. Hey everyone, I'm totally new here so i'm sorry if i've done this wrong. I was wondering if anybody is able to help me understand how to place 'two' google maps onto one website page. When I place the first one, it always works. However, when I place the second, things go wrong. The main issue is that the second one on the page never works. It just shows a grey box and nothing else. Does anybody have any idea what is happening here? I'm not sure if I can paste code in or not, if you think it would help let me know! Thank you very much!
  20. ryan_zeta

    Buttons in UI Design

    We have created this post on how to make your Call to Action buttons stand out on your website or app. Take a look it may offer some helpful tips. If anyone has feedback it would also be appreciated: http://www.zeta.net/best-practices-for-buttons-in-ui-design/
  21. Hi, my website is to slow. How I can make the site faster. Thanks.
  22. EngineeringNo123

    Blogger Widget Appears on Every Page

    Hi, I recently started my own Blogger website in order to promote my Instagram account. I added a Lightwidget to my website homepage to display my Instagram posts but the widget appears on all pages of my website. I tried to add a condition to my code below but it causes the widget to stop working entirely. Any ideas? My Widget code is as follows: <b:widget id='HTML1' locked='false' title='Images' type='HTML' visible='true'> <b:includable id='main'> <!-- only display title if it's non-empty --> <b:if cond='data:title != ""'> <h2 class='title'><data:title/></h2> </b:if> <div class='widget-content'> <data:content/> </div> <b:include name='quickedit'/> </b:includable> </b:widget> <b:widget id='Blog1' locked='true' title='Blog Posts' type='Blog' visible='true'> Thanks, Kevin
  23. Siteflu.com is a website design & development company in Pune India offering professional Website design and development services at low price / budget. Link: http://siteflu.com/
  24. scotty_the_kid

    Website HELP needed

    Hi Everyone Need a little help on developing a website and some help and information would be much appreciated. Need to create a website so that people can pay their invoice online. For example they go to www.test.com and the there are two search fields Field box one is to enter invoice number: Field box two to enter invoice reference number: and take them to their account to pay their bills. Also the amount will raise if they pay after 14 days, for example if they pay within 14 days its $20 and after will raise to $40! Can I use wordpress as I would need a backoffice to add the invoices numbers etc? Thank you in advanced