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Found 9 results

  1. frankcziryek

    web design and programming course

    Hi My name is Frank, living in Acton, Ealing, West-London, if anyone is interested in web design courses and python courses. they are available in Macbeth center in Hammersmith, not to far from kings mall. from January, it will start a 10 week bootstrap course, 10 week JavaScript course. please have a look, thank you.
  2. Cathydoesloans

    Need advice about Java Script Programming..

    Hey buddies! I'm new to this forum and I have a brief question about JS. Why use the var keyword is preferred to create a variable? thanks for helping.
  3. moh_ssan@yahoo.com

    Just arrived

    Hello guys, I have just activated my account. For all web development, logo designing, video intros, html, javascript, css related issues... contact me.
  4. LuigiHikari

    Help with interactive/animated website

    Hello everyone from the Web Designer forum, I am working on building a portfolio website. The main idea I have is to build a sort of interactive video, resembling old point-and-click adventure games. But I'm not sure if it is possible. I don't have much experience with programming. All the graphics and animations I can do. But how to place it in a web environment would be tricky for me. I would like to present the concept and ask what kind of knowldege would be necessary to execute this programming. Attached is a picture with the basic layout of the animation. What kind of website structure could hold that sort of animation? Thank you very much.
  5. Hello, Is it possible to pass through a values from an array which will be then ouputted on another html page? I am making a movie website for college and what I am doing is that I have all my movie images in one array, title in another, content is another. But there all numbered the same for example: var movie = new Array(); movie[0] = 'Thor 2 image'; var title = new Array(); title[0] = 'Thor 2'; var content= new Array(); content[0] = 'This is thor, what an EPIC film!!!'; I like thor okay! its a good film haha all thee values are stored globally on an external javascript file called lang.js what I am trying to o now is if i click the thor image it will direct the user to another html page where it will have the information about the movie selected. I am doing it this way because it will prevent me from making 50 html pages which contain the exact same layout as each other which is pointless and a lot of wasted space. an example that does is it letmewatchthis website when you click there movie it will direct them to the tamplate page where all movie pages will look the exact same. If there are any good links which will explain this in simple terms for me to expand on then that would massively help me out. I have thought about using AJAX but there's no point because I am not using PHP. cheers guys!
  6. Nillervision

    What is object oriented programming?

    Hope the question is not too stupid but I’m a bit confused. The one thing I know for sure about OOP is that everyone tells me it’s the way to go. But what’s the definition on OOP. I’ve heard people say that OOP is when you e.g. include a PHP script or link to a JavaScript that handle a certain task with predefined functions and you feed those functions with vars and use them when needed. But wouldn’t that be modular programming since we’re including modules of code? Another definition I’ve seen a lot is that when you use classes with various properties then its OOP. Hope someone can help me.
  7. I have joined this forum since it seems like it is one of the most helpful forums I could find out on the internet. I just need help in learning HTML5 etc basically all the code I need to learn to be able to a fully working and profesional website, Since I do plan on laurching my own private blog and as well try and go ahead to company and people I know to design them a website or just update there websites.
  8. Hi All. I am a pro web designer with an idea that will require the services of a fantastic, cutting edge developer. Problem is I am not that used to working with developers, so I need your advice... Rather than beat around the bush, I am looking for someone who can work with me (as the front end designer) on a project similar to this... http://letterboxd.com/ Nice site huh! - So I have a few questions... Can anybody tell how scary / advanced / big job this is for a programmer / developer All the movie info here (including the images etc) is being pulled via API's - is working / using API's to this level a very hard thing to do etc? Also as you can see there is all sorts of other social based stuff going on and other clever bits and bobs etc etc - would the developer need a broad range of skillsets? Any help on this, so that I may have some basic understanding (before I look to posting a job) on this would be of great help guys. Thanks so much for your time in advance.... Dave.
  9. I have 3 links and each link is to be assigned it own div. now below these links I designed these divs and floated them to the left. I set an outer wrapper to make overflow hidden and now the 3 divs are one near the other but only one div is visible at a time. Now using these links I want to change from div to another every time a link is clicked. How can I achieve this? I don't want any sliding effect, I just want the assigned div to immediately show up, covering the previous one, when a link is clicked. In other words I want to switch between divs through particular links. Please help!!! Kinda tired looking for a solution.