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  1. I just want to get my foot in the door because I can't get any work done at home....
  2. TBH I think i'd rather be full stack developer, I just focus on front end to get my foot in the door.
  3. I've already built some menus and sliders... I want something harder that can develop my skills further, or is this all there is to front end web development?
  4. I'm going to start coding again in the next month but need more ideas that I can use as inspiration for work i'm going to upload to my github profile... I have a few ideas but want to know if anyone's got any genuinely good ideas that they showed employers before landing a job in web dev. I've already made a few things but want something harder to develop my skills.
  5. Next to everyone on the train from london just seemed depressed. It's ok doing work that's all about money temporarily but making a career out of it IMO is just depressing - when you have the money it won't matter - having an enjoyable career would be more important, that's why I think it'd be better for me to go into something financial in the short term and then come back to what I actually enjoy. London is pretty depressed IMO - you see why people say money isn't everything...
  6. I'm basically looking for forums mostly in things I have interest in but usually google doesn't bring up useful forums, I've been in quite a few facebook groups but have pretty much found them to be full of junk and aren't useful. For example I want to find forums to do with - investing, engineering, career advice etc. because i have so many interests, but usually can't find anything useful so i'm pretty much stuck in everything I do. Reddit is quite good because you can pretty much find a community on everything - but it's not really serious or professional like forums are, nor is facebook.
  7. The whole reason I'm not putting full effort into this is because I haven't even got a start yet... I think once I know where i'm heading and my future is certain then i'll put full effort in, at the moment I'm just thinking it's pointless to get too much into anything when so far all my effort hasn't paid off.. But next to everyone with ADD is pretty average at everything they do so it's hard, it's like I have 3 options for careers that I can go into but just can't even get anywhere... At college they also thought I didn't care and it wasn't the career for me - this is the case with everything I do.
  8. I enjoy web development and would definitely study in my own time kind of like a hobby, but it all depends on how much time it will take up. It turns me off when companies kind of expect you to give your whole life up for web development. These days I always weigh out the time/money. If I do go far in EE i'll just focus on that tbh, but I was thinking I could always keep web development as a hobby. Usually you start to dislike your career when you're overworked or you have to study too much, everything becomes tedious if you do it too much. I just can't stand how obsessive some companies seem.
  9. I'm totally prepared to work as a web developer if I couldn't get a career in EE, if I knew it was going to be my long term career I would stick to that. But I don't really ever agree with having a job take over your life, if that's the sacrifice that has to be made then i'd rather not - this kind of thing only appeals to autistics, it's ok for them to not have a social life, family, time etc. but for someone without autism they'd become very depressed from that. I just think it's unhealthy to have an unbalanced life like this regardless of the salary. 40 hours a week without homework is great. The same applies to these office jobs in london, money is the only thing they care about, but their lives are ****ty - just as much so as being in prison (well in prison at least you could chill lol). It really is a shame that people are forced to sacrifice all their happiness + freedom just so they can get in line. I guess the key is to find a career that matches your personality and you naturally excel at that, being inside all the time for me is horrible IMO, some people love it though lol, I look back and realize being stuck in 24/7 was the whole reason I got low. The whole reason I trained as an electrician is because you're always out of the house traveling around - it's like not even having a job, you have freedom..
  10. If I were to become real good at web development now at least i'd have some money while I was pursuing my long term goal. I don't really see it as a waste of time if i'm gaining skills that can be used later on and I enjoy it, if my career in EE didn't work out then i'd just focus solely on web development - but it definitely feels unstable in the long term, I generally like web dev, EE, programming, hacking (when I was 18), computers, I trained as an electrician for 2 years (can't stand electronics though lol). The problem I have now is that thinking long term puts you in the gutter now and it could all be for nothing. Then again learning skills in the short term just seems like a waste (angular.js for example), it's fine if these skills can aid you later on. Someone here said he earns quite a bit just from his sites that get traffic, that'd be awesome on top of your career.
  11. Yeah but the thing is though, EE will take years to even get a start, I could be without a job in it even when i'm 30, I enjoy this as well and see it as another career option but it's not my main goal. Then again doing this could be a long term career, often web developers go on to become programmers, the former IMO is quicker to get into and is like a mix between a job and career, whereas the latter is solely a career, it's just that it's so depressing when you're goals are long term and nothing is paying off in the short run. My EE course this year was quite intense so I feel after my last year of the degree I could get into this easier. And plus, I don't think you really need to be passionate about anything to make it, it's just at the moment people have to be so because there's so much competition. For me I lack focus and get bored quite quickly so it's hard for me to master anything, they even think I suck at EE lol. I'm wondering if there's any way to make use of my skills and have a career in electrical engineering. Regardless of what career you go into knowing how to code is a good skill to have - it's a fundamental skill right? Things like angular.js will pass in no time.
  12. The problem I have is that I have way too many interests, so far I've trained as an electrician, this year was at college for electrical engineering (which is more of a long term goal), last year I was doing web development but what I hated was that I was doing it at home without any pay, at least in college you get a qualification to prove what you've done. I like the 3 things I've trained in, but would I be able to balance this into my life? I'm generally interested in anything along the lines technology, computing, coding, engineering etc. But because I'm not so specialist i'm always tied between multiple things. Like I was close to get a web dev job but then got the opportunity to continue with my long term goal. The problem with getting a career as an electrical engineer is that it takes so long and the road is pretty depressing in the beginning, web development is quicker to get into - but i'm unsure how long it will last. I'm thinking I could actually make use of this still if I do get a start in electrical engineering, for example websites that make a return for you without having to put in the time of actually having a job in this, if I had a job in EE i'd focus mostly on that.
  13. Have been away for a while and am feeling a lot better now... Does anyone have any advice for improving a facebook group that is nearly dead? This is my group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/meritocracyinternational/ I think it's definitely reached a point where people don't care anymore as we are a lost cause, but i'm keeping it just as a project that i've done, no reason to close the group, i'll probably pick it up in the future as i am true to the cause. I won't be putting much effort into the group now because I have other things on my mind, but does anyone know of any good books that I could read on optimizing these groups? I have read an SEO book on amazon getting my website on the first page of google, but the website's down now. I've tried making a folder for activists to educate themselves (i also lack books on this subject) to draw people to the group but they don't seem interested, this is why I've taken a break from it all. Don't really have the time to lead any movement, just want to optimize it. One of my projects is to build a forum again for our movement (with an IRC as well maybe?), we did have one before but it shut down, people also weren't interested. I also notice my mindset was well too selfish before, there's got to be something in it for them.
  14. I would be posting to the forum all this stuff but I think people don't really like reviewing my stuff as they're busy.
  15. I like all this stuff but my only critique of having this as a career is that it could easily become outdated in the future, just think about so many jobs, many people are at risk of losing their jobs and having to retrain to do something else. Even now a lot of the work is being taken over by CMS, and I bet they will find a way to completely get rid of web developers, There isn't actually much difference between a website created customly and one built on a CMS. The industry also is very quickly moving, in my engineering classes we're learning stuff from ages ago, but this career seems to have new trends that come and go, then by the time you've learnt it, something new comes out, seems very temporary and a lot of hard work keeping up with trends. I like the idea of something more stable, like the C++ language, it's so powerful and has been used for so many years, it would be more rewarding learning more stuff and become an expert rather than jumping on trend after trend etc. You learn angular.js then the next one comes out... It's like this with a lot of technology. I see more of a future here with chrome add ons that are useful, or simply just doing the odd site when you have a good idea and making a return on that without having to do the extra work of learning another framework, creating another website etc. (not that I have been doing that).