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Found 257 results

  1. Hello all, I am in need of a functional ecommerce website which has the ability to allow customers to sell their goods to me aswell as allowing them to purchase goods from me like a normal store. Shopify would have been an easy low cost route for me if I only needed the standard Store function, however I will now explain what I wish visitors to be able to do. Visitor wishes to trade in their item. They will search the sell page to find the product it is they wish to sell (electronics niche). They will see what price I offer for each grade model etc. If they are happy with the offer price, they will click add to cart. They will then checkout filling details in but instead of going to payment, they will enter the information for which they wish to be payed ie bank transfer (and third party payment providers). They will then click submit and a sell order is created just as it would if they were purchasing online. I am pretty sure Shopify will not be able to give this feature and it will most likely be custom. My store will only be small so Magenta sounds too much for what CMS I need. Woocommerce I think will allow this feature however I have no clue about website developement. Are there any freelance or even business on here who have the knowhow and are willing to carry out this work for me? Or is it simple enough to do myself? Thanks for reading guys+Gals, and I look forward to your replies and help! Leon
  2. I need advice. How could I make this design more better?
  3. Hello, I want to start my own web design services. Unfortunately I don't have a portfolio. Without portfolio it's really hard to get clients. I know that is there a way to make a website for free. I can try that but need to know where I can get these clients. I don't have a website. Without portfolio it doesn't make sense to create one. I need advice from experienced web designers. Thanks.
  4. Hi! So first post. I got hit by the idea of creating a website, mostly for myself but also for anyone that might need some help with traveling more easy. Traveling, first and foremost with bus and train, and how to survive on the road and the cities basically. However, I've never created a website before if not a simple blog on WordPress counts. And this idea of mine includes some tricky features. So, short background first so the point of usage might be more understandable. I don't fly much but love to travel, therefore mostly by bus or train. Since money is an issue (isn't it always) I often take the time to see new places when I'm traveling from one place to another. For example like now - traveling from Barcelona where I have lived during the summer, to Gothenburg (Sweden), using Flixbus and ferries, along with local public transportation. On the road I've googled like crazy about: how to get to the different cities (there are many great search engines but usually they only work for one area or country), to get around in the city, what to see, what the local supermarkets are called, luggage storage, public toilets and so on... Sure, asking locals could (and would) have solved it, I know... Either way, if all these informations and more would have been accessible on one website I could have saved so much time. And that's where this idea came to exist. Overall idea: I want to create a website that helps me to store all this information that I'm gathering during my travels, and if anyone else wants to use it, great! But I want it to be funcional and stylish as f as well. Problems: don't know anything of programming and creating websites. Also, if possible, I would prefer it it was free. When searching about it, it sounds like there are so many different ways and platforms. And most of the costs, that's why I'm writing here to get som advice on which to choose. I'm an easy learner but don't mind if it was as simple as possible. The website (and all of its functions) : 1. I want the main page to be like a map of Europe, with the bigger cities. When someone click on a city, information will appear. If it's too difficult the dream would be a small window (is it called pop-up windows?) where you can see overall information about the train and bus-station or city. Like symbols for luggage storage, wc, food, colored in different colors to show how cheap/expensive it is. And if you click any of this symbols, you open another window, or web page, with more information about it. 2. Another, maybe more difficult one. There will be route-options. You can choose between night route/day route, train/bus, and thereafter the routes that are available for example during night time will appear. Here I would use the same background, but different routes will appear depending on what there is. And when you hoover above the route it will kinda glow up (to show that you have selected it). And if you push it you get more information in a small pop-up window (like with the stations) about travel duration. If you click it further another window open and you can read more information. 3. In this other windows with even more information, I will write more like a blog forum. Basic info that's good to know and about my personal experience. This I don't think will be that difficult. In the comment section however I want it to be similar to ex. reddit. Here people, or myself, can add questions like "Did it have a luggage storage?" and then other people can pitch in and answer. And if it's a really popular question that many are interested in they can upvote it, it gets pushed to the top, and I can see the interest in it. No one but me will be able to add information on the website, but they can provide me with information in the comments. 4. This will all be a as-I-go-project. I will add on routes, cities and info along as a travel. Questions: - Is this dream too big with no experience? - Is it possible to do this without programming? Like using a platform that allows me to do all this? Which? The cheaper the better. If you've read this far, thank you so much. If you have a constructive advice for me about the idea, even more thanks to you. And if therecis anything that's unclear, please ask. EDIT: I've read about WordPress.org and Hostgator. Do you think those would be options when creating this site?
  5. Hello, we at Casino Guru website are thinking about a rebuilding and redesigning of our identity and website. First of all, we'd like to take a look at other affiliate websites. Are there any designers that have some experience with affiliate website designs? Should we use some kind of "bloggy" style or we should stick with another method? Thanks for every advice and review of our existing website.
  6. NoViceIT

    Updating a website - liability

    Hello there Sorry for having my first post being a question and being in the wrong place but I didn't know exactly where to put this.. Recently I was asked by a friend who runs a small business for some help in updating his website. He runs a small business and isn't very astute when it comes to IT or anything that runs off electricity. He originally paid a company to design and build his website using Magento and he has been paying this company several hundreds of pounds since to do very incremental updates to the website (such as change a price, add an item, arrange a sale and so on). This company has typically taken a while to do these updates, charged a fortune and have updated prices incorrectly a few times which has cost his business hundreds of pounds with stock being sole at dirt cheap prices. He told me he has had constant difficulty with this company when it came to having things changed on the website and feels that the company might be taking him for a ride as they know he doesn't have a clue about it.. I asked him why doesn't he just get the logins and I can show him how to update it himself. I have no experience with Magento, my html coding experience is fairly old but from what I've read about Magento it seems fairly straight forward. I have contacted the company on his behalf (who designed the website) and have asked for the admin logins and they have said that before they provide them they want me to sign a disclosure in case anything goes wrong with their 'server'. I asked my friend why they are talking about their 'server' as I researched that the website was being hosted by 34SP.com and not themselves; he didn't have a clue about this, I'm not sure why I asked him. I asked the web-designer what they meant by their server as I could see it was hosted elsewhere and the contact told me the server is a VPS hosted by 34SP.com and the responsibility for its maintenance is with them and to have someone who they don't know work on it is obviously a risk for them. I completely understand that it I was to make an alteration to the website that would essential break it, that wouldn't be on this company to fix; what I'm not happy about is signing a disclosure stating that if anything goes wrong on the server (as other websites are hosted there) that I would be responsible for the lot (especially as I would have no way to prove that any damage done was as a result of something I did to my friend's website). The logins he has given are only for his website, so I'm not sure what they are on are on about damage to the server, beyond viruses being viruses. They have asked me if I have any experience with Magento or eCommerce web development (I don't), however Magento is Open Source and they are a lot of things out there can use to learn how to update the website; as stated the updates are very minor, change item prices, colours.. in fact the most complicated aspect of this is adding euros as well as pounds on the website. I've spoken to my brother about this situation, who is an IT technician but doesn't work in this area specifically, and he suggested maybe looking at moving my friend's website off this company's server so negating the risk that alterations would effect other businesses currently hosted on this company's server. Sorry for the long post but just after a bit of advice. Part of me thinks they are covering their backs and part thinks that they are trying to put the frighteners out there are they charge crazy fees for a few hours work. Thanks Martin
  7. I'm a new user of Figma design tool but didn't find out the way of implement pattern like photoshop. Can anyone give me the solution of how could I use pattern in Figma? Thanks in advance
  8. Hello all! I've recently ventured into website making/blogging, and whilst I've been enjoying the past few days, I was wondering what I could do to update my website design. The website seems to lack presence, and I'm wondering when is the best time to start think about the logo? (assuming it's wayyy too early for me to thing about making one)
  9. Hello, Can you give me a feedback? I designed a responsive one-page business template with Elementor Pro. Elementor is a page builder. Please be honest. Link: http://themelab.cloudaccess.host/ I want to boost my portfolio. Thanks
  10. Roberto182

    New Website Design

    I am looking to create a new website and was hoping someone could recommend a reasonably priced designer/company who I could work with?
  11. Hello. I have a curious case of a missing footer. I needed to add a lot of text to a page so the page is very long. When I first started to develop the text the footer was still there but as more text was added the footer suddenly disappeared. I find this very strange and I would like the footer to come back. Here is the link. www.mala.co.uk/privacy If you have a look at the other pages you will see the footer I mention above. Any ideas? Many thanks in advance.
  12. There is an messenger app ui design, what did you think about this work Behance link
  13. Hi, I'd appreciate some help with what I'm trying to create as I don't even know what it's called to google it. I'd like to make something with similar functionality to this: http://www.onlinecollegecourses.com/beneath-the-thinking-cap/# I have both the graphics I need and can create slices from the graphics in photoshop, - is there a tool I can use to create this effect? Thanks! Esteban
  14. Hello Everyone, I have designed https://www.themevault.net/ website. It would be highly appreciated if you can give your valuable comments, feedback or any suggestion if you want it more interactive. Thank you
  15. Logo For Work

    BRS Massage

  16. Hello, I built this site about six months ago and I'm about to start making changes to it for the next version. Just thought i'd see that other people think about it first. http://www.ukmarketreview.co.uk/
  17. We're pleased to announce the... 2018 Design a Logo for the Web Designer Forum competition! Our current logo is good...but it's from 2013 and since were having a new start, we'd like to have a new one. Our sponsors have provided some great prizes, so without further ado, let the battle commence! The prizes Our lovely forum sponsors 20i - who provide fast UK web hosting - have provided these. 1st Prize: £100* Amazon Voucher and a year's unlimited web hosting. This is reseller hosting on 20i's lightning-fast shared platform, and is truly unlimited. 20i's reseller account can be used for Linux, Windows or WordPress sites, and includes unlimited: sites, SSD storage, bandwidth, domains, packages, MySQL databases, 10GB mailboxes, free SSLs more! This is worth up to £359.88, and could be the start of your own web hosting venture. And the use of your logo on our forum of course! 2nd Prize: £20* Amazon Voucher and a year's 20i Home Hosting. This is for one site with an SSL certificate and includes unlimited: SSD web space, bandwidth, MySQL databases, 10GB mailboxes. This is worth £107.88. 3rd Prize: £10* Amazon Voucher and a year's 20i Starter Hosting. This is for one site with an SSL certificate and includes 10GB SSD web space, 50GB/month bandwidth, 1 MySQL database, and unlimited 10GB mailboxes. This is worth 59.88. * or a local currency equivalent. Amazon have retail sites in: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom and United States. The rules What do I need to provide? Your new Web Designer Forum (WDF) logo in .EPS, .AI, or .PSD file format. The logo must contain a graphic element - not just text! You must have created the logo entirely by yourself. The logo should follow a community/web design theme, and should be styled to suit the forum - so should look good on a dark grey background. The colours and hex codes we use on the site are attached. They're there as a starting point - you don't have to use them. When is the deadline? The deadline for entries is 31st January, 2018. The winner will be announced in a thread in the Design Competitions section of the forum. Who can enter? Anyone who is a member of the WDF, except those employed by our sponsors. How do I submit my entry? Please send all your entries to myself (Jo 90) via private message. Who decides the winner? A committee of forum admins, moderators and 20i representatives will decide the winner and the runners up. Prizes will be given be in the form digital vouchers via email/PM shortly following the announcement of the winners. The 'small print' When you submit a logo you are also agreeing that, should it win, WDF will own all rights to the logo. You will be credited for your work via a thread on the forum. WDF has the right to modify or use the logo anywhere we see appropriate, even before applying the logo to the forum. Any questions? Questions should be posted publicly in this thread, or contact me in a private message. Thanks for reading, and good luck to all...
  18. serenechan3

    Torn between UNI CHOICES!

    Hey everyone, I am currently in the last year of high school and have decided to pursue UX as my long-term career. I am very torn about which degree to go after and thought some advice from some fellow UXers would help. What are you guys' opinions on the following degrees i.e. What it's like to to be in the UX programme- the people, atmosphere, resources, syllabus, teaching environment, student experience, is it worth it etc. ? The unis that I am more inclined towards are- UCL, UAL, NYU, SCAD, and U of T. The degrees I have applied for are: Loughborough University BSc User centred design University College London (UCL) Arts and Sciences (BASc) UAL London College of Communication BA (Hons.) Information and Interface Design University of Leeds BA Digital Media The Glasgow School of Art BA (Hons) Interaction Design NYU Integrated Digital Media (BS) Savannah College of Art & Design BFA UX Design University of British Columbia BA Media Studies University of Toronto Interactive Digital Media (Specialist), Honours Bachelor of Arts / Master of Information The Hong Kong Polytechnic University BA(Hons) Communication Design I was initially very keen on the SCAD UX Design course but am held back for safety reasons- drugs, alcohol, gun, racism against Asians and personal security issues are some things that I am very concerned about. I read the security report on the Savannah campus and there are 100+ drug/alcohol reports. Is SCAD Savannah a safe environment to be in? What are the things I need to be aware of? I am also quite worried that the learning atmosphere might not be as active/motivated and the overall quality of students might not be as good as traditional universities of higher rankings where students come from better academic backgrounds and are more motivated to do better. Is the statement true? Also, what are the prospects of computer programming in these courses- How advanced does it go? What are some tips you can give me in my portfolio submission? If you have taken any of the degrees listed above, I would really appreciate your honest opinion! Thank you so much! Serene
  19. Some common pain points they face are: Sending emails with attached JPGs, PDFs to multiple clients and then tracking their replies and gathering reviews in a single place Tracking versions. They will send out version 3 for review and someone will send comments on version 1 Conflicting reviews. One person will ask to change the colour to green, and another will ask to change it to blue Uploading and sharing videos. And getting comments Understanding comments. It’s very often like solving puzzles. Comments like ‘Make it green’ and you have to ask the client ‘Make What green?’ Do you also face similar challenges? Please comment or share your challenges so that I can share with you one tool that we are coming with forever free plan.
  20. Here's the link to the question: https://christstuart.typeform.com/to/qqmVdp
  21. I am very new to AngularJS and planning to get a web page using Angular Routing in home page contents. I want to get a demo page but can't find any on the internet. Can somebody suggest some templates having content using with Angular Routing ? That will help me to get startup. thanks you!
  22. Me and my friends started our own firm for web and graphic design. Please check it out and say something about it Here is the link -----> http://apogeezone.com
  23. Hi, I am the founder of WWW.ONLINECARBOOTY.COM which was the first Online Car Boot Sale ever created. The site now boasts over 100,000 members but we're always trying to improve things. We don't have a big budget like the big boys and have recently changed the look of the site and tried to make it look right on mobile and desktop. Until now, it used to have a seperate site for mobiles. I just wanted to ask what you guys thought of the site, design and responsiveness as we would love any positive or negative feedback. Many thanks, Mark at OCB
  24. Hi everyone. We designed new website for our advertising agency. Your opinions about the site? Here is the link: https://www.mainostoimistoloud.fi/home