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Found 121 results

  1. Hey there, (NOTE: Sorry If I put this in the wrong section, I was a little disorientated) So, this isn't exactly about art/design, as I already know about that. I already know how to build a website, say, on Photoshop and make it look good, UI/UX design etc. But I want to start designing as a business. And the problem I've hit, is what can I do with that knowledge? Do I just export a PSD file to my client, and leave the html up to them?My coding isn't brilliant, but is there any tool that will let you design a website and export it to static html? I know this isn't particularly about design, but I'm a bit stuck at this point, on how to "make" and export the website to a client. Thank you, Oscar
  2. Dear Friend! I am writing to you in the hope of receiving an answer to my question. Now I'm starting to study their design and can not solve one task. I hope that you will help me to understand it. Unfinished task The idea of the application: Order of on-demand services Description of the application: 1). ‘Freelancer’ (gardener, carpenter, electrician, plumber, locksmith and etc.) after registration in the app provides the following information: credit card details; photo the document proving the identity; list of services that he can provide. 2). "Сlient" is registered in the same application in order to find who could, for example, repair a chandelier in the living room. 3). With the help of the card "Client" finds the nearest electrician (our "Freelancer"), looks at his profile, checks his document, reads reviews and leaves a request, indicating the address and time, when he will be at home and pays for the ordered service (money "freeze" on the freelancer account until confirmation). 4). At the appointed time "Freelancer" comes to the «Client" does work and requests through the application confirmation performance of work at the ‘Client’. 5)."Client" receives notification, opens the application and confirms the performance of the work (after that the money transfer to the account of "Freelancer") and leaves feedback (if desired). If freelancer did not come at the appointed time, money automatically return to the Customer and the order is canceled. The task: Indicate potential risks and suggest improvement of logic.
  3. serenechan3

    Torn between UNI CHOICES!

    Hey everyone, I am currently in the last year of high school and have decided to pursue UX as my long-term career. I am very torn about which degree to go after and thought some advice from some fellow UXers would help. What are you guys' opinions on the following degrees i.e. What it's like to to be in the UX programme- the people, atmosphere, resources, syllabus, teaching environment, student experience, is it worth it etc. ? The unis that I am more inclined towards are- UCL, UAL, NYU, SCAD, and U of T. The degrees I have applied for are: Loughborough University BSc User centred design University College London (UCL) Arts and Sciences (BASc) UAL London College of Communication BA (Hons.) Information and Interface Design University of Leeds BA Digital Media The Glasgow School of Art BA (Hons) Interaction Design NYU Integrated Digital Media (BS) Savannah College of Art & Design BFA UX Design University of British Columbia BA Media Studies University of Toronto Interactive Digital Media (Specialist), Honours Bachelor of Arts / Master of Information The Hong Kong Polytechnic University BA(Hons) Communication Design I was initially very keen on the SCAD UX Design course but am held back for safety reasons- drugs, alcohol, gun, racism against Asians and personal security issues are some things that I am very concerned about. I read the security report on the Savannah campus and there are 100+ drug/alcohol reports. Is SCAD Savannah a safe environment to be in? What are the things I need to be aware of? I am also quite worried that the learning atmosphere might not be as active/motivated and the overall quality of students might not be as good as traditional universities of higher rankings where students come from better academic backgrounds and are more motivated to do better. Is the statement true? Also, what are the prospects of computer programming in these courses- How advanced does it go? What are some tips you can give me in my portfolio submission? If you have taken any of the degrees listed above, I would really appreciate your honest opinion! Thank you so much! Serene
  4. Hi Everyone I hope you're well. I've been trying to work out how to make a video player with a playlist for the project that I'm working on. Their doesn't seem to be many tutorials on this and was wondering if someone on here could help me out? I would like to make something similar to this https://cdn.athemes.com/wp-content/uploads/onplay-video-magazine-theme.jpg If anyone can help me out it would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hello. I am looking for a bit of help to do something that I feel is simple, but in trying to make it work I find I don't have anywhere near the level of brain capacity to complete. In a nutshell - I want to display a picture for each minute of the day at the exact minute that is local to the user who is looking at it. So for example in the UK I'd want the picture for 11:34 displayed at 11:34 GMT. For someone in France, it would be 11:34 GMT+1. Etc. In a larger nutshell - I have a 24 hour clock face that I want to show at an oblique angle, not directly overhead (so a simple rotating circle can't work). The only way my tiny mind can think to do this - show the current local time as it would look like on this clock face, is to use 1440 pictures and update them every minute. What I can't work out is how to do this - find out the current time of the user, load the corresponding time image (so for 15:32 it would load 1532.jpg for example) on the website, and then continue through the images every minute. It has to be seamless as if it was a slowly moving video, so no loading and white refresh flashes etc. The pics would have to update instantly without visible glitches. Can anyone help? Thanks so much in advance G
  6. Hi guys, Im doing a project for college and need help with getting a Lightbox-type effect when clicking on an image. The issue is that i've had to link my images using CSS so that I can use the 'background-size: cover;' feature.
  7. EngineeringNo123

    Blogger Widget Appears on Every Page

    Hi, I recently started my own Blogger website in order to promote my Instagram account. I added a Lightwidget to my website homepage to display my Instagram posts but the widget appears on all pages of my website. I tried to add a condition to my code below but it causes the widget to stop working entirely. Any ideas? My Widget code is as follows: <b:widget id='HTML1' locked='false' title='Images' type='HTML' visible='true'> <b:includable id='main'> <!-- only display title if it's non-empty --> <b:if cond='data:title != ""'> <h2 class='title'><data:title/></h2> </b:if> <div class='widget-content'> <data:content/> </div> <b:include name='quickedit'/> </b:includable> </b:widget> <b:widget id='Blog1' locked='true' title='Blog Posts' type='Blog' visible='true'> Thanks, Kevin
  8. RandomDesigner17

    Need some help

    Hi. I'm new to this forum. I want some help and I would like to now if this is the correct forum. Can anyone give me a hand with a website? I use WordPress as CMS, the thing is that I'm using a theme and I would like to modify it (it's not a lot, it's actually pretty simple for an experienced programmer) Please, answer to this question if you are willing to give me a hand Thanks
  9. Hello to all members, My name is Jamie and I have a small business that I have been running for the last 3 years now. I have started of with one van that we use for removal work and I have been finding it difficult to get a google presence and know nothing about building websites etc. I had used a self build site from one.com which was a disaster and have now given the hosting up. I am hoping that somebody could point me in the right direction here to find someone that could build me a personal web site for the business that would be compatible with all the google search requirements and help me get my business listed on google maps etc. I also require some advice on the most cost effective way to have my business advertised to only local customers in Dundee using google as I'm currently relying on a very expensive fortnightly rolling advert through gumtree which does deliver the work but only just enough to run the business. The biggest problem I'm facing in this line of work is that it is mostly one time only customers so the need for advertising is paramount to the continual running of the business. I have setup a Facebook page for the business which does have around 520 likes solar over the last year with a good amount of honest un coerced feedback on the page. On Facebook I have joined various local groups selling and buying where people may have a need for my transport services which also works although not much turn over here. knowing myself that whenever I need something that I'm not sure about then the first place I turn to is google as I have in finding this forum but typing in "Forum for web page design" . I assume that a lot of my gumtree custom does in fact come from people doing exactly that on google and finding one of the first generic links being gumtree where I am listed at the top of the page. What I am hoping to achieve is being placed in the small map link box where you see the first 3 companies if you type in "removals" into google search for example. This then brings up the usual page with the 3 paid adverts at the top followed by this map link result box below which only lists the local businesses by A-Z which in my area has around 15 companies although there are really only about 5 of them that are direct competitors but my business is not listed here at all. I know the generic listings is the place everyone wants but I am also aware this is something that I am never likely to be able to achieve at least not in the short term. My contact number and email address are shown on my adverts which I have placed links to below as I am not sure yet if it is allowed to put them in the forum messages. This is a link to my Facebook page below and also my current gumtree advert. https://www.facebook.com/jamiespropertyservices https://www.gumtree.com/p/removal-services/-removals-man-van-from-£10-van-hire-with-driver.-07446848467/1134766102
  10. Hi, i'm searching for one suitable cms to support my clients. i have webhosting, vps and webdesign department. and i need to webdesign wizard for calculation design coast. pay attention the cms must have wizard for calculation design coast. is there any whmcs plugin for webdesign wizard ? what is your suggestion ?
  11. DavidAndrewReilly

    WordPress Fatal Error

    Hello, everyone, I could really do with your help. I was trying to remove WordPress sign hints at login. I saw a video on YouTube about disabling hints that could make it harder for hackers to access my website. It did not go well. I am currently logged out of my account. I contacted my web hosting (LCN) account and they say they can restore it for on their end for £50 + Vat! I have backups. I backup my website every week. (UpdraftPlus) The error message is included below. I only edited the functons.php file. I tried to upload an older version of the functions.php but it didn't work. (FileZilla) Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_theme_support() in /www/sites/674/efc/www.aspirationscotland.co.uk/web/wp-includes/functions.php on line 24
  12. sepal01

    Website builder help!

    Hi I've had a free website on weebly for the last couple of years using my own domain however since weebly changed to carbon and removed most of their free templates I've been looking to move my website elsewhere. I don't know much about coding apart from a bit of editing in weebly and I'm on a really tight budget (I'm a student) so I created an account on Wix, built my site and decided to upgrade to a free package (connect domain) for about £36 a year which was all fine, but after a couple of days I've decided I need to move again. The Wix branded ads are really annoying particularly the footer one that follows you as you scroll and I can't afford the next package up to remove the branding (the weebly branding was much less invasive). Do you have any suggestions for good quality website builders to try? I've tried wordpress and I don't like it. My website makes little to no money so I don't particularly want to splash out on something expensive. Thanks You can check my website out here to see what I mean. Any help appreciated!
  13. Hello, I don't have much experience in Web Design. I have not designed a website in years . However I have been asked by someone as a favor to make a similar prayer website to the one below. They can't afford a web designer. comepraytherosary.org The main difference they wanted was a different video and text. Also they did not want the first pages like where it says enter or english or spanish. They only wanted the last page where the video and text appears and the rosary animation which lights up to the right . My question is it possible to just make a similiar website with a different video and text? How would I do it? also which web design program should I use? I only ever used dreamweaver a long time ago. Also what hosting company should I use? I am in United States if that matters. The person is expecting at most 50 visits at a time. Thank You in advance for any help!
  14. Hi folks, can you suggest and show examples if possible? Can wordpress handle large classified add websites? Im thinking of designing a property search website and have a programmer who can write the back end on wordpress I also have an option for hiring a programmer who can write his own CMS system. What would be suggestions? Please help with an advice.
  15. sajuk101

    foodbank website

    Hi Guys, Been tasked with creating a website for a local charity looking to set-up a food bank. They will be working with local authorities to provide food bank vouchers to those in need. So the website will ideally operate like this. 1. Each local authority will have its own account used by multiple people in their organisation 2. After assessing someone needs they will log onto to their account and fill out a form on the needy person's details, after submitting the form the site will check against a database to ensure the maximum food-bank voucher quote has not be exceeded by that needy person (quota = 3 food vouchers over a 3 month period) 3. If they pass the checks the site will produce a food bank voucher for the authority to print and hand over to the needy person. The voucher will have a unique id which is linked to the needy person's details and the authorities account on the site database 4. Finally, the database will ideally have some reporting/search tools allowing the food bank administrators to search, build and export reports on voucher ids/needy person details/authority accounts/quotas exceeded Appreciate the help, I'm hoping there is a WordPress plugin or plugins out there somewhere that can be tweaked to get this up and running. regards, Sajid.
  16. Hi! I am in web-development since 2002 and right now I am looking for students who need guidance on one of the topics that I have good experience with. The reason is I'm looking to create video courses, so in that effort I'm looking to accept a limited number of one-on-one students who will get guidance from me during live video sessions with screen sharing. My skills are primarily javascript, related tooling and techniques, backend javascript, node.js, npm, build tools and task runners, frontend techniques, css3, html5, basic and advanced topics. Or if you need help to quickly host html pages you've just created free of charge. Check my profile at https://www.codementor.io/yurio to see my skills in more details, and see what others are saying about me. Also check me out at StackOverflow.
  17. Hello all! I've recently ventured into website making/blogging, and whilst I've been enjoying the past few days, I was wondering what I could do to update my website design. (website: https://skiddlly.wordpress.com) The website seems to lack presence, and I'm wondering when is the best time to start think about the logo? (assuming it's wayyy too early for me to thing about making one)
  18. Hi all. I need to start (would like to) learn web development. Im chemist and its really weak aspect in my country. So now im breaking the point. Im total noob, i never programmed anything in my life nor web designed/developed. Watch me like absolute zero about web development. I wish someone answer to me detailed (if even needed) what should i start to learn first? As long as i understand it should go HTML > CSS > Javascript and then server-sided scripting PHP and ASP.net. What do you think? Any help/tips will be helpful. Thanks, Boris.
  19. Hello I'm creating a forum. I've made the basic site using KompoZer, and I intend on finding a way of making the forum using this software too Does anyone know how to make a forum using this software? If you do know a video link or a step by step comment would be helpful. Thank you! P.S. I'm new to this site, so consider this a introduction from me too I'm Daedis, and i'm quite the noob to programming and web development but Iam passionate.
  20. Super Crazy

    Online Pharmacy Gateway

    Hi, I am not a developer, but I am getting my website done from someone who I think is not much experienced. I have a cosmetics website which has a gateway on it. Can I use that gateway on my pharmacy website? I am unable to get a gateway for my pharmacy website and the people who provide charge a lot of percentage. Can somebody tell me if it is possible? If not possible, can anybody suggest me how to redirect the gateway without the customer knowing that he is redirected to another domain?
  21. huuline

    Help needed

    Hi, I am new to web desgine and have a site set up. (litedrip.com) No need to visit the site just for your refrence if you need to visit it to help me. I am trying to put an offer wall on the site that gives people litecoin for compleating offers. I dont know how to do this and cannot find any tutorials online anywhere. If anyone has a tutorial or know where I can find out plz let me know. I dont want anyone to do this for me as I want to learn to do it myself so please no offers for doing it for money. Was on a nother forum yesterday and that is all I recieved. Thankyou in advance.
  22. MOTIF.tv

    Google Analytics Question

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to do what should be pretty straight forward but can't get my head round it at all. I am setting a date range of 6 months for one of my sites I'd like to get a breakdown which shows clearly Sessions per country, per month Just so I can easily show Jan / UK / 1400 sessions Feb / UK / 2300 sessions Any ideas? Many Thanks Luke
  23. i badly need a lot of help. i am new and a complete noob to website design. i just purchased on godaddy as part of learning. i have a little project in mind, nothing to get cash from or something, just a little game i want to try show to the little world. overview: 2 Question marks photo. 1 line of words saying a description Guess which one Question mark has the description photo inside win points. thats all. it might be quite simple for some.. but for me, i have spent 2nights and 3days on it. i am dead tired now. can someone please help me out. thank you regards, a very tired person
  24. Hi, I currently help my father in law maintain his business website by doing odd bits and pieces for him. The site was originally created by someone else and I update some text / images/ pages etc as and when he requires any changes. Was hoping to get some feedback on his site around things that could maybe be done better or improved as I really want to help him with it. Thanks in advance. www.sunfrancegolf.com
  25. unbotttled

    Launching New App, Need feedback

    Hi guys, Im launching a new app / website that brings together all ui websites, color trends, tools etc. I would really like some feedback; at the moment its held on http://designr.co , go see what you think. What Im looking for is feedback on speed, and websites that are included, if any of you have any websites that you use as graphic / user interface designers please feel free to share, Ive only included ones that I normally use. Thanks in advance