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  1. Getting CSS to automatically adjust to content

    I think fisicx means just put large images on the page without a need for a slideshow (i think when he said swipe he might have meant scroll?) but i'm not sure if the letting of the condo is the main point then i would have a header image of the condo in situ - nice outside shot set against the mountains so and then the images of the condo further down/separate page. the balcony shot with the view in it is the kind of things so people can think "wow imagine sitting there in that nice place with that amazing view" your call to action needs to be a nice clear button that takes you to the booking page or the form on every page as advised - a small link at the bottom of the page is easily missed:) on the what's on page (as suggested) i would group activities into a two or three categories to make it easier - e.g. activities (putting, biking, horses), place to visit (museums and other attractions) etc.
  2. Getting CSS to automatically adjust to content

    well first you need to drop the tables layout this hasn't been a good idea for about the last 15 years! your site also isn't respsonive - yes the main text area reflows to the same width as the phone but the navigation is unusable without pinch and zoom and lots of scrolling. your header images are also pngs instead ofjpegs and are 1.7 mb each - ouch. size them to the maximum size they need to be and save them as jpegs. I think your basic colour scheme suits the theme though the side navigation has poor contrast and too many effects going on. I would suggest starting over either hand coding something based on responsive theme - though i'm guessing you're not really wanting to do that: the web has come quite a way since we built fixes width and table-based sites another option would be to find a basic Wordpress template and feed your content into that - it's going to be a lot easier to add pages and have them appear in the navigation and most of Wordpress' basic functionality should be enough with a couple of plugins if required to provide you with a solid basis for your content without having to worry about how to make things fluid and responsive. I would also suggest your heading text as something more like "A special place - the best place to stay in the Smokies" rather than the keyword stuffing bonanza you have going on at the moment reduce the line length - too long for comfortable reading - i.e. the width of the text (not the amount). your pictures are good - maybe a you got a real estate friend to help or maybe you took them, but they are well done. or hire a good designer/developer if you have the money to invest in your business
  3. Getting CSS to automatically adjust to content

    that would be great
  4. Getting CSS to automatically adjust to content

    Iit's difficult to see wtihout all the code all the html that makes the page and the css that makes the stylehseet. often we use something like https://codepen.io/ and give a link to stuff there so it's easier for people to see the whole thing. otherwise do you have web hosting where you could upload this? if not can you post ALL the html and ALL the css here and then we can help you. otherwise we're working in the dark
  5. Getting CSS to automatically adjust to content

    again, post a fiddle, codepen, link to a test page or even the whole code html+css.
  6. The Tradesman Theme

    depending on the trade and the urgency, many tradespeople - (guess we can't say tradesmen any more when there have always been women working in those roles ) - like to have their emergency/24h or normal contact number as first thing at the very top of the site, especically on mobile: think burst pipe and you find a plumber's site - you want the "burst pipe water everywhere? call this number ..." as well as location or area covered - no good finding a great plumber if they have to travel half the length of the country also a good idea to have a place for accreditations - possibly the footer - i.e. CORGI registered and all that kind of thing beans on toast (first category) needs some grated cheese
  7. Getting CSS to automatically adjust to content

    tha's the relevant css but what about the source code? have you tried the free version of codepen? easy to show stuff and for us to fork it...
  8. Website design feedback

    colours can be sorted out right at the end, but should be part of the overall branding rather than a visual add-on or colouring in of the shapes
  9. Website design feedback

    is that grid going to be in the design? will people see it when they visit the page ir is it simply in photoshop? it's a little hard to comment more on whether the design is suitable for the content when we don't really know what the content is and who it is for i find the design a bit too busy and a little heavy - the life couching[sic] buttons seems very fancy compared to the rest of the site and i find the backgrounds too heavy when they are underneath the the text. I would suggest having only one or two picture styles - at the moment you have portrait, landscape, square, almost round, oval (and rotated) and a strange one of a lady with the top of her head cut off and her left side erased your line length is quite wide in places - for example where it begins "Albert Einstein..." making it harder to read. how is this going to work at different resolutions? you will need some idea and some layouts of say a tablet view and a mobile view -although small medium and large are only rough points for a site as there is a whole rainbow of resolutions you will also need layouts for child pages or at least a template if they are all similar, and contact/form/blog pages too. Pencil/pen and paper are the best tools to roughly sketch out first before diving into photoshop - saves a lot of time because it's so quick to scribble it all down on paper first - however roughly - and then put it together in photoshop when it's planned out. to be honest I always find photoshop quite clunky to do web layouts (i always used Fireworks or indesign before switching to Adobe experience design) because it's not made for layout work. if you have a new enough version of photoshop then you can use more text styles and artboards to make things go a bit quicker and easier.
  10. and how well are the images compressed?
  11. Hi not sure if this is the correct section

    If i may give a couple of graphic design tips too the navigation bar looks a bit too techie - more computers than childcare - i don't mean make it childish but a little more in the same spirit as the site. don't underline text when it's not a link. I would also avoid italics for headings and reserve it for emphasis i.e. setting words apart from the main body text because they mean something different (like a latin name might be italicised). A larger font would work far better and allows for easy scanning. whether it's bold or not depends on how it looks If you don't want to use web fonts then i would suggest not using times new roman— even arial would look better— or increase the font size to around 20 or so and use a dark grey like #444444 with a line height of 1.5. add a footer - makes it look like the page has got stuck btw are you allowed to show children's faces? (e.g. the gallery page, Recreating Jackson Pollock's splatter painting) ? I assume you have permission from the parents or know all about this anyway, but i would still be very careful.
  12. welcome - interesting to see someone else using process wire - we switched to it at work a year or two ago.
  13. grid effect backdrop for webdraft

    no attachment - try uploading the image somewhere and linking to it - Rich C told you it was missing
  14. My first computer

    was that the version with the flake?
  15. Buying new laptop

    " I mostly need it for internet but I would play world of tanks on it as well. Price rang it about $400-500. " damn 1.5 year old post