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  1. davep

    Lazy Loading images and video

    are you serving different sized images at different viewport widths? so mobile gets a smaller version than desktop?
  2. double scroll bar for me at 1280 x 1024 latest chrome win10
  3. davep

    Reduce text size of about section description

    Elephant in the room: you can't offer essay writing services with such a poor level of English currently on display on the site.
  4. davep

    Lazy Loading images and video

    how are you serving your video anyway? youtube, vimeo, <video> ? is it a background video or a streaming 'normal' one?
  5. davep

    Button Alighnment

    and semantically that "read more" link should be styled as an anchor i.e. a normal link because it goes to another page/section and doesn't perform an action like a button does e.g. the "send" button of a form for example.
  6. So, since its a look, I would recommend using 'at' with it rather than 'on'. And also, googling around is always a good idea to find ans. We really learn a lot. And for your app sentence, you'd want to use of as an option. Any help Visit Rangpursoft the "on" refers to the "working on..." so "at" would be incorrect from oxford online "ans: autonomic nervous system" (https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/ans) but i assume you meant "answer" here "And also, googling around is always a good idea to find ans."?
  7. davep

    CPU always at 100%

    everything ok - found another virus, but this time it was flu, in me april update done and so far no problems. well ok still 100% in task manager but not in any other cpu monitor. guess bios might be worth a look at somepoint, maybe one of the previous windows updates meant my cpu activity was being misread by windows. thanks anyway for the help
  8. davep


    and if it does you'll probably need to add a step in there with the unsharp mask, otherwise your thumbnails may not be very sharp
  9. davep

    CPU always at 100%

    just installed CAM and it shows around 16% CPU usage compared to task manager's 100%... hmm maybe no need to reinstall anymore. downloading win10 april update now...
  10. davep

    CPU always at 100%

    hmm couple of years ago downloaded a backup from a friend's server when their site went down and now bit defender finished it found Generic.JS.DownloaderK.ED71C137 and JS.TeslaCrypt.2.Gen for example 97 instances all in the same backup folder- removed them in bitdefender and deleted the rest of that folder. 1525102162_1_02.xml
  11. davep

    CPU always at 100%

    2.5 hours into bit defender scan (89% progress, resolved items 97, unresolved items 0) and thought i would try out another resource monitor. from the screen shot it seems not to be 100% (windows task manager shows cpu 100% same as before ) obviously there is some cpu usage because bitdefender is scanning;)
  12. davep

    CPU always at 100%

    yeah but it takes so long to do a full scan i did half intend reinstalling windows anyway but yeah should have started with a scan will do a scan and then look at options from there like disconnecting other drive, wiping ssd then clean install and check again... thanks
  13. davep

    CPU always at 100%

    hmm just did a sull scan with avira - it finished and found a few instances of HTML/exp kit.gen2(trojan?!) and JS locky (ransomware ?) and then computer froze before i could do anything like moving them into quarantine. wondering whether to go for a format and reinstall or what?
  14. davep

    CPU always at 100%

    ok thanks for all the help (and to Rich as well of course )
  15. davep

    CPU always at 100%

    32 at idle, around 60 or so when gaming but nothing too high ever so rather than using the tool isn't it the same as using this option? (except not using the insider updates...) btw could there be a settings in my bios i need to check?? (as far as the 100% cpu usage goes)