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  1. BRS Massage

    plectrums? silicone breast implants? ah spa stones maybe? not sure about the overall composition - try rearranging the elements
  2. Crepes Du Jour

    clipart or original work? this is better anyway
  3. DNL Food Management

    ah "DNL" (saw from the post title) I did wonder what that mangled mass of letters was meant to be. "Services" is superfluous. too many lines of text. Camel Case tagline is nasty (and technically "It" shouldn't be capitalised. lett spacing and thin serif make it weak and "do it now" OR "Get it done". just one thanks.
  4. Dr. FixurPhone

    scalability? do you know what it is? nice gel button - haven't seen one of those for many years
  5. Florida Earth Festival

    hobo font?! bit too hobbitish maybe... overall concept kind of ok but too busy and too many effects on it
  6. Island Lifestyle Concirge Services

    nice but a bit dated, too many gold bits and i'd worry—again—about scalability
  7. MND Training

    do those young kindergarten attendees need training? too busy, inappropriate font and colours and too many clouds
  8. Muscles & Mascara Fitness

    too busy and the two-tone glow is dated
  9. New Scripts Pharmacy

    why the halftone? how does it fit in with their brand? fonts don't work well together and I'm hoping you didn't pick script fonts because, well, scripts pharmacy?!
  10. Nola Cake Boss

    i do like this one but perhaps the cakes have too much detail, and the contrast of the grey thing behind it is too low
  11. Ragland Family Cleaning Services

    what's the royal angle with this one? the raglands are like royals? they treat the customers like royals? bit too illustrative to work as a logo in different media and sizes
  12. Reliance Brokers

    quite like this one, it's ok
  13. RTR Tactical Firearms

    those guns are going to look like tooth picks when the logo is scaled down
  14. Star Life Investments.jpg

    bit dated but otherwise ok. tag line too small to read normal-use sizes
  15. VIWA Visual

    too busy and i don't know what it is