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  1. CSS Flexbox Layout

    Yes, and what I see is a bunch more mark up than is needed and sections that don't expand to match when there is more content in one vs the other. Not to mention the benefit on page performance, if your into that sort of thing: https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/performance/rendering/avoid-large-complex-layouts-and-layout-thrashing
  2. Stop font changing on page load

    This might help / explain things: https://jonsuh.com/blog/font-loading-with-font-events/
  3. CSS Flexbox Layout

    Disagree. Flex box is most defiantly a better approach then float or inline block and can be used to overcome several short comings of each.
  4. jQuery & Radio Buttons

    If your bundeling all your script and target by class( with jQuery), you'll be thrown errors on page that isn't using the component.
  5. jQuery & Radio Buttons

    I'll take that advice a step further. I never, okay never is a strong word, I TRY to avoid hooking any of my js to classes in general. That's a good case for data attributes. So <label for="windowFront"> <input id="windowFront" name="window" value="Front" type="radio"> <span>Front Windscreen</span> </label> would become <label for="windowFront"> <input data-attribute="someName" id="windowFront" name="window" value="Front" type="radio"> <span>Front Windscreen</span> </label> and then you can target by jQuery or POJS const radioButton = document.querySelector('input'), radioButtonAttribute = radioButton.dataset.attribute; if(radioButtonAttribute === 'someName'){ do stuff }
  6. How to make a Video Player/Playlist

    This is a pretty low level explination of the one I built but... I have one actual video element on page with a list ( just a good ole ul) of videos. Going by the example you posted, the list might look like this... <li> <button data-src="video src"> <img src="img src"> <p>video title</p> </button> </li> On page load, I grab the first video src and load it. when the video is done ( calculation of video.duration - video.currentTime), I grab the next on the list and play. The actual Playlist I developed is still not live yet but you can see an example of the video switching element here... https://www.xfinity.com/compare/comcast-xfinity-vs-directv.html (dear mods, this is not me promoting this business, just trying to help out)
  7. a setTimeout function on the scroll would do the trick. Also in the intrest of performance you would probably want to throttle the scroll event as well.