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  1. If you're going for a front-end development job, a good idea IMO will be to code some components (like sliders, menus, etc.), effects or even whole layouts. There are plenty of interesting ones on Dribbble or Muzli. Here is some inspiration - https://medium.muz.li/dribbble-trend-mondrianizm-c19f3fafa5e9 Coding (some of) those will probably be entertaining for you, you'll learn lots of new things and it will make for an impressive portfolio. Hth
  2. New from Peru

    Welcome to WDF
  3. Happy New Year everyone! 🍾🍾🍾🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉💕

  4. Hi @RobDoyle and welcome to WDF I'm out and about but will return to your post and list some points for you to consider if others don't beat me to it. Treehouse is a good place to learn the basics, too, from what I remember most of their courses were easy to follow and relevant. So a subscription is well worth the money IMO. Happy New Year 🎉🍾
  5. What's in a name?

    Hi @Web Lad and welcome to the forum I suppose the name should be "Web designer forum" but I'm not 100% sure. This thread says it is Web designer forum -
  6. New here

    Hey Chris, welcome to WDF
  7. Thanks @rbrtsmith for the incredibly detailed answer. Things have certainly changed I see myself digesting your post and researching over the next few days Thanks!
  8. P.S. A good database migration plugin is also the "WP sync DB" - https://github.com/wp-sync-db/wp-sync-db
  9. Interested to see if things have changed drastically on this front while I was away. I'm still using Visual studio code + gulp + git. I know there were plenty of task runners rising this year but I've been pretty happy with gulp. Brackets is another editor I liked but not as much as VS code.
  10. Hi @YoyoGlvz and welcome to WDF The easiest thing to do IMO would be to create the new website on a subdomain or a subdirectory so the current website is live while you're working on the new one. Once ready you can then simply move the new website to root. Perhaps you'll need to read more on how to move Wordpress from one directory to another or from one hosting to another. Here are a few search results to get you started: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=move wordpress site from subdirectory to root https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=move wordpress site from subdomain to root Here's what WP codex says: https://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress ---- In addition to the above - you could use a plugin of some sort I guess, but should you decide to learn how to do it without a plugin, it's pretty easy: - copy all the files in the directory where you have your WP installed. - replace all dev urls (if any) with the live site url within all files. - paste the files in your root directory (delete everything there prior to moving the new files, make a backup, etc.) - get a dump of the database - replace all dev urls within the database with the live site url - create a new database and import your sql dump - edit WP-config.php if needed, to update the DB username and pass. That's pretty much it and you may need to go to Permalinks and press save to flush the permalinks (in case all internal pages return 404 after the transfer). --- Hope that helps. Feel free to post if you run into any troubles
  11. Is removing the Social media and SEO forums something we could/should do - I think it was discussed earlier? Nothing there but vague pointless questions and equally pointless copy/paste replies. And spam, spam, spam.


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    2. TimW


      I first arrived here with an SEO query I couldn't find an answer to, so I am sure there is a place for an SEO board. I think the problem round here is that the moderators haven't really identified posters with fake names, fake photos, copy pasting the same query (or answer) in every forum they can find, never engaging in dialogue (which is the purpose of a forum) and it went on and on. Look for instance at user danielnash .  Fake name fake photo 12 threads started with the same fake copy paste queries . Still here.

      But just deleting the section would be easier than actually moderating a forum. I know, I do a bit elsewhere.

    3. teodora


      Well, the way I see it, WDF is a design / development forum and even though SEO + marketing were a big part of web design at some point in the past, that's no longer the case. Some of us may have sufficient skills in those areas but I don't think there are any advanced SEO and marketing professionals amongst us - correct me if I'm wrong and apologies if I have missed someone - as they frequent other, specialised forums while WDF focuses on different fields.

      My point is: do we really need those forums in the first place? Because they don't seem to provide real help but only attract spam IMO.

      P.S. @TimW you have great ideas and WDF is always looking for moderators, I believe - have you considered PMing @Jo 90 or @Rich C?

    4. robbydesigns


      I know we all see it differently but I'd hazard a guess there's a lot of traffic from users looking for answers to SEO questions. Perhaps check the traffic stats before getting rid? 

      PS, I'd be interested in being a Mod depending on what it involves. Always happy to help.


  12. How to create a geat mockup?

    Oh, yeah, paper and pen/pencil is still a perfectly good way of doing it, if it works for you.
  13. How to create a geat mockup?

    OK. An interesting topic. I assume the OP meant a mockup of a website, or in other words, a visual high-fidelity graphic preview of how the website would look like when fully developed (which was the usual practice a few years ago) and not a presentation mockup as @Quco's answer suggests. As @fisicx pointed out, there are many many things to take into account. Ideally, you'd start with wireframing or prototyping and most likely, you'll need to create quite a few low-fi mockups / wireframes / screens (you name them) during this first stage to illustrate the user journey, focusing on functionality, gathering (or discovering rather) additional business requirements in the process, perhaps even testing various layouts without investing too much time. Of course you can do most of this in Photoshop but there are plenty of tools, free or paid, which you can use to create high or low fidelity mockups. It all depends on your workflow - virtually any tool has its use if you feel comfortable with it. If you Google the following terms, I'm sure you'll get a better idea of what you really need: - UI/UX prototyping tools - UX wireframing tools - Photoshop alternatives Hope that helps
  14. Why responsive website is required ?

    I believe this thread is pointless and outdated as responsive websites are and have been the norm for the last few years. I don't think anything posted above will help anyone and for that reason, I'm closing it.
  15. Merry Christmas!! 🍾🎄❤️

    1. rbrtsmith


      And to you.  Hope 2018 brings prosperity and happiness.