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  1. Do you drink coffee?

    Hey @Grant Barker How much coffee do you drink daily? I used to be obsessed with coffee and I used to drink huge amounts of it in any form - instant, ground, as well as eating anything coffee-flavoured. At the beginning of the year I had to make some drastic changes to my diet and lifestyle, including giving up coffee for a period of time. I was surprised to find I don't miss it at all. Green or herbal tea seems to be a great replacement, and what I found really weird is that I am just as alert and aware (or even more) as when I drank coffee regularly. In a few weeks time, I'll be reintroducing coffee in moderation and I'm interested to see how would it feel to have coffee again and if there will be any benefits or downsides. Too much of anything is bad - you're right about that. As far as I know, a few cups of black coffee (no milk or sugar or other sweeteners) are considered to be healthy.
  2. How to track the connection to be active?

    I'm not too sure whether you're asking how google tracks visitors once they've actually visited a certain site but this might be what you're looking for - https://developers.google.com/analytics/resources/concepts/gaConceptsTrackingOverview
  3. New Forum Logo - the winners

    Looking good in WDF's colours, too
  4. Wrappers and Containers

    Yes, all of these can be used in the same project
  5. Wrappers and Containers

    Of course, the above class names are just an example. site-wrap, main-container and wrapper are quite popular but can be replaced by anything. That said, the aim of naming convention is clarity most of all - here's an article on a very popular naming convention https://assortment.io/posts/introducing-bem-css-naming-convention
  6. Wrappers and Containers

    To contribute to the thread: here's how wrappers, wraps, containers and holders can be used in a project. A few examples I've seen and used myself. A main container or site-wrap, which you can open immediately after the opening <body> tag, and close it before the closing </body> tag. This div "holds" your entire page and is a parent to all elements within it. It's useful if you need to centre your site and restrict it to a certain width, or specify that everything outside this container should be hidden by giving it an overflow:hidden. </head> <body> <div class="site-wrap"> <!-- Your html goes here --> </div><!--/site-wrap--> </body> Wrappers are pretty useful, if you wish to have full-width sections (or divs, depending on your context) but centered content within them. For example: <section class="u-dark-bg"> <div class="u-wrapper u-mx-lg"> <!-- Your html here --> </div><!--/wrapper--> </section> The above will return a section that has a dark background (set in the css), and expands to fit the width of its parent container or the width of the screen. If the class .u-wrapper has a margin of 0 auto, it will be centered within its parent section, and restricted to the maximum with of xxx units which you may give to the .u-mx-lg class. I use holders on very rare occassions, mainly when I'm working on a project without a consistent naming convention, and when I need to add a parent container to a group of element, for example: <div class="nav-holder"><nav></nav></div><!--/nav-holder--> Hope that makes sense
  7. Wrappers and Containers

    What about holders? (Joking)
  8. Is the competition still going? I wanted to enter but it's been quite a busy month.
  9. I use InVision for presentation and feedback / comments and haven't faced any of the above issues for years.
  10. If you're going for a front-end development job, a good idea IMO will be to code some components (like sliders, menus, etc.), effects or even whole layouts. There are plenty of interesting ones on Dribbble or Muzli. Here is some inspiration - https://medium.muz.li/dribbble-trend-mondrianizm-c19f3fafa5e9 Coding (some of) those will probably be entertaining for you, you'll learn lots of new things and it will make for an impressive portfolio. Hth
  11. New from Peru

    Welcome to WDF
  12. Happy New Year everyone! 🍾🍾🍾🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉💕

  13. Hi @RobDoyle and welcome to WDF I'm out and about but will return to your post and list some points for you to consider if others don't beat me to it. Treehouse is a good place to learn the basics, too, from what I remember most of their courses were easy to follow and relevant. So a subscription is well worth the money IMO. Happy New Year 🎉🍾
  14. What's in a name?

    Hi @Web Lad and welcome to the forum I suppose the name should be "Web designer forum" but I'm not 100% sure. This thread says it is Web designer forum -