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  1. Hey, Thank you, that was very helpful! Say, if I was to freelance, would that involve just "exporting" the websites as like psd or svg etc, and still not have to have massive experience with html?
  2. Hey there, (NOTE: Sorry If I put this in the wrong section, I was a little disorientated) So, this isn't exactly about art/design, as I already know about that. I already know how to build a website, say, on Photoshop and make it look good, UI/UX design etc. But I want to start designing as a business. And the problem I've hit, is what can I do with that knowledge? Do I just export a PSD file to my client, and leave the html up to them?My coding isn't brilliant, but is there any tool that will let you design a website and export it to static html? I know this isn't particularly about design, but I'm a bit stuck at this point, on how to "make" and export the website to a client. Thank you, Oscar