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  1. Visual Studio Code

    Thanks, Rob. I'm just learning concepts at the moment on Treehouse so not really building as such yet. I just wanted to sync between my 2 machines from VSC with versions to a repo. I've not fully worked the process out yet as it commits on my desktop but not my laptop for some reason. I need to re-check the process.
  2. Visual Studio Code

    Good point thanks. I'm happy bitbucket is private for those exact reasons.
  3. Visual Studio Code

    Thanks Paul. I've followed the tutorial and I think I have it sussed now. I've opened a bitbucket account for a private repo and cloned it on my local machine. I'll use GitHub to showcase anything meaningful that I build.
  4. Visual Studio Code

    One thing I am trying to do with VSC is to allow it to scyn settings and projects between my desktop and laptop. How would you suggest I best do this so I can keep continuity with workflow?. I'm thinking git but it's the last module on my treehouse course so maybe an extension.
  5. Visual Studio Code

    Thank you. I will get used to keyboard shortcuts for sure. Thanks for reminding me that all this can be kept simple.
  6. Visual Studio Code

    Thanks, Rob. I'll stick to using this simply with minimal plugins. I want to keep on track with the course. It is far better than brackets with the number of features. I certainly don't need complexity at this stage with tools.
  7. Visual Studio Code

    Ahh ok. I'm still trying to figure it out
  8. Visual Studio Code

    Thanks. Do you use a HTML live preview extension? That was the one thing I liked about brackets. VSC does seem excellent.
  9. Visual Studio Code

    I've just installed VSC as I want to get used to a high level editor. Could anybody please suggest the best extensions for HTML,CSS and JavaScript such as auto closing etc?
  10. I'm now a couple of days in to the Tree-house course and I must say the teaching style is excellent. The way the forum is linked to each video is a good idea. The way things are explained is motivating and the daily consistency graph is a clever idea. Thank you @rbrtsmith and everyone for pointing me in the right direction. It seems a solid path. When you are doing a course like this and you hit a wall on a coding exercise or project, how do you approach this?. Do you give it a certain amount of time before asking on a forum, or do you grind away at it no matter how long it takes to figure out?. Just thinking of continuity and time management. I know at University, support was scarce which had a negative effect.
  11. Junior Job Interviews

    That's fair enough and will allow me to just focus on the learning and experimenting for now. I've organised myself into having 25 hours or more a week for my learning. Time will tell how that converts into progress towards landing a job. Glad to be making some positive progress and have a plan. I know things will slow up at the JavaScript stage but I will push through it. Really looking forward to understanding that.
  12. Junior Job Interviews

    I am now working on the front-end web developer track on treehouse and will try to develop a relevant example of work with every course I finish on the track for my portfolio. I know I may be jumping the gun a bit, but I am very curious about the sorts of tests members here were given when getting their first junior role in the industry?. I've not honed in on an exact role yet but I do want to be involved in creating bespoke websites. The thought of coding something in front of a panel sounds terrifying or presenting anything instantly. What are your experiences with this and how did you prepare? Thanks
  13. I was looking at the tech degree for front-end web development on Treehouse. Its a shame I can't afford it at the moment because it looks an awesome course and includes 12 projects that are suitable to impress on a portfolio. Maybe look at those and have a go at doing your own version of them or something similar. https://teamtreehouse.com/techdegree/front-end-web-development It will be interesting to see what others have done to stand out at an interview.
  14. My first computer

    Mine was an Amiga 600 which I loved. My first gaming system was a Philips G700 which was in direct competition with the Atari at the time. My first PC was an Opus which I loved to upgrade and introduced me to PC Gaming. There were some great PC games in the 1990's, you used to get the floppy disks or CDs in a massive box. Good days lol.
  15. Time Management

    I am just curious about how people on the forum handle their time management from day to day? I know life can get busy especially with work and family commitments. In my case I am a family man with a job and am about to embark on learning front end development. Just wondering how you maximise and what you use to plan time, plus what you find most difficult?