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  1. Visual Studio Code

    what is the difference and benefits between using HTTPS or SSH when working with git?. I have it working with HTTPS at the moment but have had difficulties understanding using SSH.
  2. Linux Full Installation

    I've used vagrant with virtual box on my windows system while doing a php project at uni. I kept on getting problems with it running. I've used xampp which seemed easier. I've now got Linux on one laptop, 2 windows machines and an older Mac. Shortcut hell lol.
  3. Linux Full Installation

    I came across this page about basic Linux shell commands for beginners that seemed interesting: https://maker.pro/education/basic-linux-commands-for-beginners Would you agree with this?
  4. Linux Full Installation

    I have Ubuntu running now on my laptop and it seems really quick. Network printer is working fine. Only things I have installed are Visual Studio Code and Chrome. I am going to get used to the terminal gradually but there are installers too to help me out. Only issue is that upon installing I had a warning saying hard drive may fail soon, which is odd as the laptop has shown no issues and is fairly new. Maybe a false positive, but better start looking at how to replace a laptop drive lol. All in all a good OS it seems.
  5. When you are designing a new website, do you design the mobile version first, or create the desktop version then scale that down?
  6. Wrappers and Containers

    Thank you Teodora. I've seen examples where both have been used in the same project. Full page container div that you mentioned has been the one I have noticed the most. :-)
  7. Wrappers and Containers

    This is for HTML and CSS structure.
  8. Wrappers and Containers

    I am curious as to the difference between the two and when one should be used over the other. Thanks.
  9. Torn between UNI CHOICES!

    I recently completed a business Computing degree which is a lighter version of computer science and as these degrees cover so many aspects of computing I only did 1 ux assignment in 3 years and that was a group project designing a smart watch interface. You may learn more away from university on a specific topic.
  10. I have an acer laptop that is only a couple of years old. The problem is that it has not taken to windows 10 very well with some random crashes and blue screens. Because of this I stopped using it around 3 months ago. Its compact and has a great battery life from a full charge. After discussing Linux on another thread I'm thinking of dumping windows on this machine and install Linux as the primary OS. That way this machine will get used with my front end developer work and not be sat in a drawer gathering dust. Is this easy to do and what version of Linux should I install? I take it MS Office won't install on Linux. Is there an alternative? Thanks.
  11. I've settled into the Treehouse course now and I must say that it is very good. I like the way the forum is connected to every video step and the work-spaces feature is great for interacting with the videos. I've covered the HTML basics course which went really well as I had done some before. CSS is a much bigger topic and I am finding myself repeating videos as the instructor goes through each selector and class etc. Each course seems to have 2 or 3 code challenges as well as questions. There are also some workshops to practice further where you are given 10 or so rules that need to be made to solve a problem. I was initially scratching my head a bid with pseudo classes, but found that W3schools is useful for practicing and seeing how certain selectors behave. Also converting PX to EM is something I understand now. I really want to build a landing page but still don't know enough CSS yet to do that. I am putting in the hours, so hopefully I can keep progressing.
  12. Did you change to Mac from Windows?

    I still have my 1997 imac and it still works but showing its age. Its been a great machine though. I have a fairly high spec pc now with dual screens and windows 10.
  13. Visual Studio Code

    It does have its own command line yes. Thanks.
  14. Visual Studio Code

    I may just install Ubuntu and use VS Code from there. It won't take long. What do you think?
  15. Visual Studio Code

    Thanks, Paul. I appreciate that. Thanks for putting me onto Git early. I'll follow your advice and keep things real simple. I suppose I could install a virtual machine and Ubuntu. I have done that for some cryptography at University. I could install VS Code there and work on that possibly do you think?. I think Virtual Box is free.