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  1. If you have EU users I would think so, judging by the companies I have seen implement it. It's not reliable to do a Geo IP lookup either, so I'd imagine they have to, plus it's easier to just roll out to everyone.
  2. Most clients should know by now, we've already been doing a tonne of work getting people compliant. The biggest problem is that I haven't seen any campaigns over here. Some businesses are just finding out now through word of mouth, some that will require work doing haven't replied to us, it's a mess.
  3. Do any of you know how businesses are supposed to be informed about GDPR? Maybe you've had campaigns in the UK, but It seems like we've actively had to go out to every client to let them know, which is a nightmare when you're a small team.
  4. Jack


    Does your version of Photoshop support actions? http://designstacks.net/photoshop-action-and-batch-to-resize-images
  5. Jack

    Doing Upwork While Learning

    Sites like that are full of idiots and would likely end up taking up a large amount of your time anyway, plus you would have to setup a portfolio, manage clients, feedback etc. Where would you say you're at skill wise now? If you're able to freelance you're probably not far off being able to step into a junior role. If you have stuff to go through / look at, I'd happily spend some time going through it with you to see what areas you need to improve on.
  6. Jack

    Do you drink coffee?

    We just got a new coffee machine at work, it cost a fortune, but I still prefer using my Aeropress to make coffee, and that thing cost like £20.
  7. Jack

    Etsy API / OAuth - Help Wanted

    If you're just retrieving data all you need is an API Key by the looks of it. If you add your key (without the curly braces each side) and do a GET request on the URL it should return a response, even if the default response is just a 200 header you will know that the correct connection was made. GET https://openapi.etsy.com/v2/listings/active?api_key={YOUR_API_KEY} What are you using the API for specifically?
  8. Jack

    WP Staging Help

    You might have to do a search and replace for the old url (local) and replace it with the staging url. There's a fairly decent plugin to do this called Better Search and Replace, which will give you a dry-run first to see the data that has changed. An SQL backup is advised though. Also, try amending the site URL under settings -> general to the staging URL. Do this before any search and replace.
  9. Jack

    js - enabling es6

    You would need to add something like https://www.npmjs.com/package/gulp-babel to the production build script. You don't want it running on every save, only when you're ready to build for production, alongside minifiying scripts etc. It would probably be better to raise the issue on Github so that the author can build it in properly.
  10. Jack

    HTML5: Range vs Number (or Both?)

    No worries. You'll need to adjust the numbers to whatever 'feels' right with the data you have. Try and keep the steps large enough though to improve the total amount of results.
  11. Jack

    HTML5: Range vs Number (or Both?)

    I would use a range slider but have different steps: 1 - 100 increments in 10 100 - 1000 increments in 50 1000+ increments in 1000 10000+ increments in 5000 Anyone looking for a 20,100 seat venue is unlikely to be bothered that the scale isn't an exact match, as long as it's in range. Often people underestimate how large they need the venue anyway with staff etc, so it's perfectly fine to round the figures.
  12. Jack

    Reporting a web developer

    There's no point in giving estimates when you haven't seen the site in question. I've worked on sites in my time that take forever to update, even for seemingly small changes, mainly because of how it has been built. I find there are normally two sides to stories like this, mistakes we're likely made by both people.
  13. Do you need to run the commands again? It sounds like you've just been setting permissions on folders that may not have had the right permissions before. Another thing you can do is to create an alias for commands you use often - https://jonsuh.com/blog/bash-command-line-shortcuts/.
  14. Jack

    Do you drink coffee?

    It smells quite bad because it's so strong, and it's almost black in colour, but it does taste pretty good. It's good for hitting deadlines anyway.
  15. That wouldn't even cover the API integrations or web scrapers to get all of the content from a couple stores, that's before you have an application. Google had a similar product called Google Shopping and it wasn't very successful. When it comes to price and convenience online, many people choose convenience, and go with what they know. Amazon have dominated the e-commerce industry, not from necessarily being the cheapest, but having a checkout, delivery, and support service, that's basically untouchable. In order for a site like yours to work, it has to be the first place the user goes to, even before a search engine, and that's an incredibly difficult task. Google had all of this information available, a search engine to put it on, all the tools at their disposal, and still couldn't get it to work.