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  1. Jack

    JavaScript Developer opportunities

    Frontend development is software development, but do you mean backend development, or something else like desktop apps or native apps? Javascript runs everywhere, it's incredibly universal, and can do all of those things. It's just question of the area you would like to focus on, do you have examples of the sort of software you would like to work on? For backend look at NodeJS, it allows you to run Javascript on the server. The beauty with JS is that it's not too difficult to transition between client and server, the syntax is the same, you just have to apply different methodologies to certain parts.
  2. Jack

    PHP contact form sends without user content

    Not necessarily on your site, I was referring to being able to put any PHP code inside a template and have it execute, what you tend to see from time to time is someone that has copied random code from somewhere on the internet and pasted it onto their site. There are examples of insecure PHP everywhere, and to get around that, some CMS vendors will make sure all plugin hooks go through their API. This means that any security issues can be patched and rolled out to every plugin that's using a particular piece of venerable code. Wordpress does this through their set of plugin hooks, but you have to explicitly use them, and it won't prevent issues from bad code inside a template.
  3. Jack

    PHP contact form sends without user content

    It's not too bad for some stuff, but it can encourage bad practices, like shoving the form code above into a template, because it will run. Wordpress does nothing to prevent users from running whatever PHP code they want inside a file basically. A lot of modern CMS's won't allow you to do this without writing a plugin that follows a specific set of documented functions, mainly to prevent security issues, difficult upgrade paths, and keeping a consistent architecture. For example https://docs.craftcms.com/v3/coding-guidelines.html.
  4. I would personally be looking at Shopify if you don't want to manage the day-to-day running of what sounds like a complex system. I would trial it, if you're happy, then either port your existing template over, or hire someone to do it for you. It's worth noting a lot has changed in 10 years, and you may want to revisit your site design too. Afterwards I would look at taking on a short-term contract with an experienced digital marketer to help with keeping your ranking intact on the new site. https://www.shopify.com/amazon https://www.shopify.com/ebay https://www.shopify.com/quickbooks https://help.shipstation.com/hc/en-us/articles/205900968-How-do-I-connect-my-Shopify-store-to-ShipStation- No doubt you could tackle a lot of this, if not all of it, within your team. It's hard to say without knowing what level of development and marketing skills your team have.
  5. Jack

    PHP contact form sends without user content

    If the PHP is in a template it will parse, if this is being added through an editor it will render the HTML but won't parse any PHP, to do that you have to use something called a Shortcode. I'm guessing this is being added in the wrong place, but to be honest the OP would be better off using a plugin like Ninja Forms or Contact Form 7.
  6. Jack

    Web Designer OPPORTUNITY

    This is hilarious. You want someone to work full time, available 24/7, never busy, an 'expert', can move location to Kent (so you can avoid Skype), all for free. Even if your project is successful, you wouldn't be turning a profit for a long time, and you'll likely need to re-invest if you do, so it's basically 10% of nothing. You also need a heavy marketing budget, good branding etc, having a certain number of FB followers doesn't guarantee users.
  7. Jack

    Page Requests / Site Speed

    I don't see how it could, it just duplicates certain rows in the posts table. Although if it's a theme, it's possible the theme editor stores the scripts etc in the database for some horrible reason. It's possible a caching plugin could be causing issues too, but it's hard to tell.
  8. Jack

    Page Requests / Site Speed

    Duplicate posts won't cause any additional HTTP requests, it literally just duplicates database records. I've used it myself to generate large amounts of test data. The issue is likely down to the plugins on the site, some seem to be design-heavy like Rev Slider, which in turn generate terrible markup. A combination of all of the various plugins on the site is causing the issue, you can see a number of image, script and css files being included from each one. I don't think the fix is easy, I'd personally be trying to re-write as much as I can to avoid using plugins, one piece at a time. I'd also look at adding filters to strip out a lot of the junk files included in website head, like the emoji scripts etc.
  9. The best thing in all honesty would be to re-think this. The problem with exporting tools is that they have to guess what you're trying to do, and on timeline based software like Flash there's just too much guesswork. If you just need a slideshow of images, there are many other ways of doing this. I'd also consider reducing the number of images considerably, flicking through 64 images is going to have dire consequences on performance, and your users won't sit through an animation that's too long. What does the animation do? I can try and find an alternative that would be more suitable.
  10. Social media is just one piece of the puzzle, you often include it within your digital marketing strategy, so it should actually provide value to your clients and not take it away. It also shouldn't be too difficult to rank above FB, they have a strong domain authority, but they lack the means of getting key descriptions, titles and content on a single page. Most of the time FB will only rank above when a well-structured and content rich website doesn't exist.
  11. Jack

    help with creating a form using API

    What do you envisage using the API for? The simulator could be done quite easily by having SVG images for the windows, or even the car, and using Javascript to change the opacity. The pricing would be best modelled around your own pricing, having a database of cars and the cost of the various modifications, unless you have a general formula for working out the cost that can be used with the API above. That's if you need to include every car, the only person I know that has tinted windows is @BrowserBugs on his Fiat 500, and I can't imagine that being common.
  12. Jack

    Lazy Loading images and video

    You can check how the crawler is seeing your page using the Google Search Console and using "Fetch as Google" - https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/6066468?hl=en. It's entirely possible your images are being seen but not indexed for another reason, like they don't have the correct description in place, or Google doesn't like serving non-https images, file size, etc.
  13. Jack

    Mobile Navigation Drop-Downs

    Do you have a link to the site?
  14. Jack

    JavaScript Experts

    Do you have any errors in your Javascript console?
  15. Jack

    JavaScript Experts

    Your CSS looks to be slightly different, so it's probably not referencing the right element to add and remove the active class on. There's no need to target .menu and ul because you're applying the class directly to the element anyway.