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  1. Reporting a web developer

    There's no point in giving estimates when you haven't seen the site in question. I've worked on sites in my time that take forever to update, even for seemingly small changes, mainly because of how it has been built. I find there are normally two sides to stories like this, mistakes we're likely made by both people.
  2. Do you need to run the commands again? It sounds like you've just been setting permissions on folders that may not have had the right permissions before. Another thing you can do is to create an alias for commands you use often - https://jonsuh.com/blog/bash-command-line-shortcuts/.
  3. Do you drink coffee?

    It smells quite bad because it's so strong, and it's almost black in colour, but it does taste pretty good. It's good for hitting deadlines anyway.
  4. That wouldn't even cover the API integrations or web scrapers to get all of the content from a couple stores, that's before you have an application. Google had a similar product called Google Shopping and it wasn't very successful. When it comes to price and convenience online, many people choose convenience, and go with what they know. Amazon have dominated the e-commerce industry, not from necessarily being the cheapest, but having a checkout, delivery, and support service, that's basically untouchable. In order for a site like yours to work, it has to be the first place the user goes to, even before a search engine, and that's an incredibly difficult task. Google had all of this information available, a search engine to put it on, all the tools at their disposal, and still couldn't get it to work.
  5. I don't think you understand how difficult modern frontend is, a lot of UI problems are still considered unsolved. It's not the fastest way to get your foot in the door, it's a separate skill that requires a lot of time to master. You may find it easier initially because it's more visual, but it ramps up considerably when you get past intermediate level. If you want to do full-stack, then expect to dedicate a lot of time learning backend, frontend, networking and infrastructure. Very few people are good at it because it requires a lot of skill to be proficient at all of those to an industry standard.
  6. Do you drink coffee?

    Same with me. Although we bought some Deathwish coffee at work and it's incredibly strong, you definitely feel wired from it.
  7. I'd go as far to say it's crucial if you want to work on the web. If you're building for the web, not having JS knowledge nowadays is a massive disadvantage. Even backend developers that don't use Node often have experience in JS.
  8. Do you drink coffee?

    I definitely drink a lot now I've got an Aeropress, I normally buy a couple 200g bags at the start of every month. At the moment I'm loving African coffee's, they have a nice natural sweetness to them, which is good because I just have black coffee.
  9. Ampps will work on Linux as well. There are quite a few alternatives available too https://alternativeto.net/software/mamp/?platform=linux if Ampps doesn't work.
  10. They already do this, they also prevent local .dev domains from being loaded now without https. Cloudflare free certs aren't full SSL unless you pay for the full version. For a free SSL cert I'd recommend looking at something like Let's Encrypt.
  11. Visual Studio Code

    HTTPS is password based, and gets a bit annoying because it will prompt you to enter your git credentials more often than an SSH key. Once you have an SSH key added it's much easier to continually use, you don't really have to do anything from one project to another. They can be easily revoked and setup again without having to update the credentials across all of your projects. SSH keys are also more secure, a password can be cracked, or if you re-use passwords (you shouldn't) it could unknowingly become compromised. SSH keys can't be cracked as far as I'm aware. Another step I'd recommend setting up is 2-factor auth on your accounts, which will prevent people from logging in without a code sent via an app or SMS. I'd recommend doing this on as many services as possible because it will give you an extra layer of protection. The last thing you want is your email comprised, because things start getting real difficult when that happens.
  12. New Forum Logo - the winners

    Yay, second place isn't bad. Although I know everyone will miss my first logo. In case people are curious, because I entered, I didn't have any vote or say in the results, even as a moderator. It's only fair that way.
  13. can't get gulp to work

    I've never had permission errors with any node module, but it does happen. Try running: npm uninstall gulp-sass and adding it back in using sudo npm install gulp-sass --save-dev You shouldn't really have to install with sudo but it may fix this issue.
  14. can't get gulp to work

    Did you copy this from an existing Gulpfile? The syntax changed from V3 to V4 and that could cause the error above to throw. Could you post your package.json file?
  15. Prefetching

    They need to go inside your <head> before any of the third-parties are called. They basically resolve the DNS ahead of time, so that you don't have to wait for the DNS to resolve when you get to the external resource. This generally means the script is ready to be fetched once the browser gets to it, rather than having to sit there waiting. It still has to fetch the data, but it has already verified the DNS at this point and can get straight to doing that. If you have 5 third-party scripts, 5 DNS lookups have to occur, and rendering will be blocked in the meantime. You can't be certain of how long this process will take either. This tag won't control the loading of assets in the case you've mentioning above, it's not a queueing system, it's just a way to tell the browser what to expect before it gets to it.