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Found 52 results

  1. While being a member of the Web Designer Forum, it has given me some inspiration and help to redesign a website that I did a few years ago. The project was also to help me refresh some of the limited HTML and CSS skills that I have. The project is still work in progress, I still have a few things to do such as: Social media meta tags A mobile Menu Find a solution for the selector buttons to update on the Slideshow I have reached the point of asking for some constructive criticism/feedback for some further inspiration. All though I am not a professional, it would be nice to be able to get the website found in a Google search and for it to be functional on all devices. At this stage I am not sure if I will be creating anymore pages, local history is one of those subjects that could lead to many pages being created. Please view the Newbury History at www.newburyhistory.co.uk
  2. Some common pain points they face are: Sending emails with attached JPGs, PDFs to multiple clients and then tracking their replies and gathering reviews in a single place Tracking versions. They will send out version 3 for review and someone will send comments on version 1 Conflicting reviews. One person will ask to change the colour to green, and another will ask to change it to blue Uploading and sharing videos. And getting comments Understanding comments. It’s very often like solving puzzles. Comments like ‘Make it green’ and you have to ask the client ‘Make What green?’ Do you also face similar challenges? Please comment or share your challenges so that I can share with you one tool that we are coming with forever free plan.
  3. Hey. I'm here here, i wanted to ask if there's any category/subcategory where i can share my website's code and get opinions, do and dont's etc?
  4. Good afternoon, We have spent the last 6 months working on our website www.flux.ooo - which is a WebGL website designed to bring our logo to life and create a social interaction with the public all intrinsically linked to our tag FULFIL INNER POTENTIAL There is an awful lot of animation and design work gone into creating the website, so I would like to invite critique. At this stage we can still change things, but we are due to launch our product page in the early part of 2017. Please explore the concept, read some of the content posted by the public (drawn in through facebook ads since the recent launch of the beta) and add your own pixel to see the full animation and WebGL experience. All feedback will be greatly received and I appreciate your time. Regards, L Smith p.s happy to review anybody else's site; just ask
  5. bedmal


    Hello everybody, I am visiting here to see what you guys think of our WebGL website www.flux.ooo We are a start-up drink brand launching in 2017 and we're trying to do something different with our brand, to inspire everybody to fulfil their inner potential. Any critique would be greatly appreciated and feel free to add your pixel too! Kindest Regards, L Smith
  6. Hey guys, I hope your day is going well. Recently I started making a puzzle-related website - www.puzzlereview.com and picked Squarespace as a building platform. I am aware that puzzles are not particularly a very hot topic, but feel that my website gets zero to none attention. Rarely someone visits it and even when they do, they click no more than 5-6 pages and then leave. I am a scientist and completely new to site building/blogging, have also zero knowledge in web design. Would really appreciate if you point out the biggest mistakes I make and maybe some suggestions for improvement. Best, Artur
  7. Hey there, my name is Michael and about a week ago I have created a website called www.picnshot.com where I give away for free high resolution photos for commercial & personal use. I would love to have opinion of as many people as possible as to the website's design, build and most importantly the photos themselves. In general, what to better or change. The main point is that I love photography and love to share my pics with others. Please let me know, I am open to any ideas. Thanks, Michael J.
  8. I would like to share with you two websites that I have made and I would be very grateful if you could give me some reviews. Good or bad does not matter. All are acceptable. prosferoumeapokardias.org Home - Marias-Restaurant (not entirely completed) I am also in the middle of a new project, but it is not online yet, so here are some screenshots. Screenshot by Lightshot Screenshot by Lightshot Thanks a lot Aristeidis Karavas
  9. Been working on a new layout and feel for my site. Here's it currently: http://furff.com/film/inception/2010 Here's the new test: http://furff.com/index.html Tell me your likes, dislikes and anything else. Thanks - Greg
  10. Path is a fully responsive, multipurpose WordPress theme for blogs and magazines. Path is a simple, clean and modern design. We built Path with great enthusiasm and worked hard to build a theme that works for real projects. Full Features Clean, Simple And Minimalist design Fully Responsive + Responsive Mobile Menu Works with WP 3.8 Full or List Posts Homepage Layout Full or List Posts Archive Layout + Post Formats +Standard Posts Video Posts Gallery Posts Music Posts 10 Custom Widgets +Twitter Widget Facebook Widget Flickr Widget About Me Widget Banner Widget Newsletter Widget Popular and Latest Related Widget Video Widget Social Widget 2 Different Comments Systems(Wordpress Native and Disqus Comment Systems) + 3 Different Header Layouts + 2 Different Pagination Type (Numeric and Previous/Next Page links) Support for Contact Form 7 Google Fonts Library Font-Awesome Library PSD files Included Translation Ready – .po & .mo Translation Files Included Super Easy Widget Importing with Widget Importer Plugin Well Documented Awesome Support Live Demo | Screenshots | Buy Now
  11. Hi, I currently help my father in law maintain his business website by doing odd bits and pieces for him. The site was originally created by someone else and I update some text / images/ pages etc as and when he requires any changes. Was hoping to get some feedback on his site around things that could maybe be done better or improved as I really want to help him with it. Thanks in advance. www.sunfrancegolf.com
  12. Hi, i'm working on my website about technlolgy & science (sort of a blog but it looks more like a real website) Website: NerdyFuture So it's not completely finished but I know kind of what i want to add to the site. Like a Facebook wall next to the latest news(etc..). Little bit more of user usability like sharing buttons under every article. What do you guys think i should add to the site? Or do you think me site is not good at all? Let me know.
  13. Hello Everyone, I've been working on this site for more than a month. I am a developer but do not have experience in web development or design. So I am reaching out to you for any feedback you have on my site. I'd love to hear any comments from you. My site is located at www.volatileread.com It's about interview questions and answers but I am trying to make it more social and following the familiar model of stack overflow. Thank you all in advance.
  14. Hi, This is my first post and i need some suggestion from WDF people regarding my design here is website http://www.boysjoys.com and i want to change upper fold of website so i can show my inner content in front.I am thinking to remove slides and 3 boxes on right of slide and put there something different which can show content in more better way OR should i stick to this design ? please review
  15. Hey, I've been working on a site for my b-boy crew and have this so far - http://www.factionbreakdancecrew.com/ Gonna be looking to make it responsive today/tomorrow but wanted to know if there was anything i'm missing or anything important that i should change (particularly with my coding)? I'm self/Google taught and don't have any other web designers around me so I heavily rely on reviews and feedback to keep developing. Really appreciate your time.
  16. Hey everyone! Please could you have a look at my new website I created for my workshops company. Please let me know how it could be improved. URL: http://www.urbanedgeworkshops.com/ Thanks for your time.
  17. Hey everyone, I have been updating my business website and just wanted some feedback on it so far. I still have to finish a couple of pages but most of it is done. I have tried to create a site that reflects the company name 'Urban Edge' by using mainly concrete shades and saturated images. I have used the blue on certain titles / headers to make them stand out and draw attention I guess. The site is responsive and works best in Chrome. I have had a few issues with Firefox! Anyway, please let me know your thoughts and ways to improve the site. Thanks for your time. URL - http://www.urbanedge-promotions.com/
  18. TheFlyingSquirrel

    Design Review Needed

    Hey Everyone, I have overhauled my website based on previous feedback, and was looking for critique on the design, www.bakaraphoto.co.uk - It is a photography website Many Thanks, BK
  19. Hello, What do you think of my site? I sell website templates that can be used with Adobe Muse software. http://www.musetemplatespro.com
  20. Hi all new to the site, just looking for help on my website www.1stforplanthire.co.uk My site has been falling down the google rankings no matter how much work I put in to it. Just looking for advice as to why. Thanks Jay
  21. Hello. This is a website I made for a hobby of mine, what do you think? http://learnbaduk.com I didn't use any frameworks or javascript, just html and css. I plan on using sass though. Some issues I already know: - The website has a firefox and ie bug where the text for the menu items displays before it should when the menu drops down, which is why I made the animation a little faster than I would like it to be(although for some reason it doesn't have this problem when viewing one of the pages from the middle menu in ie). I will fix this when I get around to it. - It doesn't get very slim in firefox and opera when making the window smaller. OK, thanx!
  22. Tips and hints really appreciated this is my first website ever and i've really just been learning as i have gone , it works now on mobiles (such as i phones) and i want to really take it to the next level so it looks a little more professional , As i don't want the reviews to come up when people search my site i will leave the wording broken up and would really appreciate everyone doing the same www . m f a t o d a y . co and the last part being .uk Thank you guys i would really appreciate any and all tips/hints/critisism
  23. Hi Folks, Would appreciate your thoughts on the first concept for a logo for a web application development company client? Cheers.
  24. Hey Guys, Would appreciate your thoughts on the design and layout of the home page of this website I'm designing and developing for a client of mine. http://dev.affinitycloud.co.uk/ Bare in mind that this is a first draft. Cheers.
  25. Been reading the forum and lots of info on re seller accounts. Has anyone done a recent direct comparison between HeartInternet and TSOHost? I feel like a pendulum at the moment swinging one way one minute and then the other way. I have been with GoDaddy and that was an horrendous experience and currently with Fasthosts but they are very expensive in comparison. I am happy that I have narrowed my decision down to these two companies but which is best or is it just a case of flipping a coin? Appreciate any constructive feedback. Thanks