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Found 41 results

  1. Hello friends I designed a business card for one of my client in photoshop with following specifications 300dpi 3.75in x2.25in color mode CMYK now i downloaded a print template for business card from vistaprint ( check the attachment) now when i drag the psd file in vistaprint file its almost double the size (check attachments) When i check the image size of 2 in inches it shows same but in pixels the size is double What am i missing ? Vistaprint_Business_Cards.zip
  2. Hi, I'd appreciate some help with what I'm trying to create as I don't even know what it's called to google it. I'd like to make something with similar functionality to this: http://www.onlinecollegecourses.com/beneath-the-thinking-cap/# I have both the graphics I need and can create slices from the graphics in photoshop, - is there a tool I can use to create this effect? Thanks! Esteban
  3. Hello everyone, I want a quick feedback over my confusion of using Photoshop or fireworks. Previously, I was working in a company where my boss recommended fireworks for banner creation, image editing and for some other stuff. But now I am a part of another company where our graphic designer and employees using Photoshop for graphic related things. As I am not familiar with Photoshop so I usually avoid working on it but really wanna know the best one among two so that I can start learning. Thank You
  4. Hey designers , i put on your hands premium elegant business logos from my design with open source file , you can edit them like what you want . download the psd file from here : http://downloadity.net/file/06aRP please visit our web site : http://psdressources.blogspot.com/
  5. Sazzad

    Gravit V3 Launched

    Since quite a few members of this community helped us out during our development phase, I wanted to write a post thanking you. A community of designers helped another community create a product many deemed difficult and impossible. With your help, we were able to release Gravit V3 today. Based on your feedbacks, Gravit expanded its scope to allow people to edit photos through the integration with Polarr Photo Editor 3. This is exciting time for us and is the first in the market to offer both vector and bitmap workflows to the users without the need to switch between the two apps. Polarr brings many benefits to photo retouching, including advance adjustments, cropping and tilting. Our frontend has also given a major rework to make it even more flexible and easy to manage projects by using the folder concepts similar to Google Drive. We scrapped the projects concept and went back to something that makes sense and is easier to use; a folder system. Users just need to create a folder and then upload photos or create new designs. On top of that, we have introduced Marketplace resources by partnering with Icons8 and Unsplash to import their high quality icons and photos directly into your designs. No more searching through the web to find these resources. You can do it directly through Gravit. The most major aspect is the Designer. We have given it a total facelift with a new light skin interface. Under the hood, we have improved every aspects from making the canvas area wider, added a lot of tooling improvements to make it intuitive for anyone to start designing, better pixel rendering and a new color picker that will turn off the selection outline giving you a full visual when playing with colors. Design like a Boss! https://gravit.io
  6. Firstly, I apologise for my complete lack of knowledge in this subject and hope you will all take pity as we all have to start somewhere! I am a Graphic Designer who uses Photoshop to create designs which I then give to a developer who makes the magic happen and creates brilliant Wordpress sites from my designs. Once I send him a design I have little clue what he actually does with it to turn it into a website. In order to work smarter and achieve a better outcome for my clients I need to understand what he does and also I am keen to learn how to code and develop myself, (I know this wont be a quick thing and will likely take 5 years before I can produce any quality code). My question is this, we have recently purchased Creative Cloud and there seem to be some fab web development apps on there which I want to make use off, but I am confused how to use them best? For instance Muse means we can create simple sites without a developer being involved, but could a developer then take what we have created in Muse and turn it into a Wordpress site? (All our clients require CMS) Also can you take what you have produced in Muse and run it through Reflow or do you need to create it all over again? Finally in order to set up sites in Wordpress I take it we first need to code then site in something like Dreamweaver and then change the code to suit wordpress, upload as a theme etc. Is this correct? Failing being able to answer to ridiculous questions does anyone have any resources I could look at? Online training courses etc? I need to start somewhere but it's knowing where! Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
  7. Hi all, Looking for some advice here: I produce photoshop mock-ups from design briefs and display them in software online (currently use cageapp.com) where myself/sales/client can make notes on page elements in our own time on design tweaks. However with the incoming of responsive and mobile first platforms, it seems a little old hat to just give a mock-up of a desktop version of a site. We looked at Adobe Edge Reflow, the drawback here is the lack of support with preview software. I have heard before of designers supplying the customer with html/css versions to the customer so they can preview how the site would behave in browser. Whilst this sounds good, it doesn't allow for the note adding and doesn't fit in our current site development model. Is there software out there that would fulfil these requirements? Thanks.
  8. Hello everybody, I'm a newbie Web Designer and I'm just wondering what's size I should use in Photoshop to do a single page mockup. Currently I'm setting it at 1600 by 1968 px. Thanks, Maxine
  9. NobleCatDesign

    Best software for web design mock ups

    Hi all! Hope you had a good xmas. I'm new to web design...I studied graphic design and illustration (and worked as illustrator for last few years), but have changed course and am getting into web design. I've recently completed a web design online course which was super helpful, and am now in the process of putting together a portfolio of sample web designs. My plan is to have around 5 different sample homepage designs (in tablet, phone and desktop versions reflecting responsive design considerations) for 5 made up brands/businesses etc. I've completed one thus far in photoshop including the text. From now on though I'd like to use other sofware for different aspects of the design photoshop is a bit pants when it comes to rendering text for example. It may be a a daft question, but would anyone suggest what software (out of photoshop, illustrator and indesign) I might be best to use? For example, could I create the layout in indesign (scrolling homepage), use illustrator/photoshop for graphics/images and then indesign for text? Sorry if it's a silly question...just wanting to design it all correctly from the start so they'll look good as portfolio pieces. THANKS!
  10. mikekaperys

    Designer needed

    Hi guys, I need a designer to build me an email template from a piece of artwork. Literally just needs throwing in Photoshop and slicing up. Don't worry about responsiveness - needs a fixed width of 650px. Goes without saying, but needs to work and render correctly in all browsers and email clients If anyone is interested please send me a message Cheers, Mike
  11. I'm trying to design this flier for a political party that is going to be sent around the place, in order to be kept up around busy areas in the UK it will need to seem as if it's something legitimate and not anti-establishment, they will be taken down if seen as anti-establishment, anything that seems as if it's an official flier from the government will be kept up, anything that isn't will be taken down, so what they said for me to do is to take fliers and edit them, insert your own text but introduce meritocracy to the general public. On the banners by the conservative party with david cameron's head by it, it says "We can't go on like this. I'll cut the deficit, not the NHS.", I want to change that and introduce meritocracy to the people, as if it's something the conservative party are supporting - a millionaires %100 inheritance tax and a meritocracy, of course it's not but we are hijacking their leaflets and writing what we want, it'll go down better with the people, it won't cause controversy and will be seen in a good light, after all it's the establishment that get's to decide what is right and wrong, what is good and bad. I've attached the picture below, I would like to write something that sounds legitimate for example "We can't go on like this, britain needs a millionaire's %100 inheritance tax and meritocracy." or "A new future for the UK, prepare for british Meritocracy.". Then at the bottom include meritocracyparty.org or meritocracynow.net, I want to make it so that it fits in naturally without white marks behind it, I want people to see the url at the bottom so they can educate themselves about meritocracy. I also had an idea that I include of the back if they are handed out, "Please do not throw this away, if not wanted stick on a local wall." If they were printed on the reverse side of sticky paper, people could stick them all around the place if they didn't want them, that's wishful thinking though, if this was happening at for example London shopping centre at christmas, the message may just get out to many people. So how would I do this? I'm not really sure how to edit out text and keep the background smooth whenever I do it, I just see white patches from smudge marks.
  12. Specially I want to know to write Arabic on Photoshop and Illustrator using English set. Is there any advice out there for me?
  13. hi in the book Order disorder there is the vocabulary of the components of grid-based design and it says you have the building blocks of the columm are units than you place on top of the columms the region where you separate content will be placed its good to know this but in other books like Book design by Mueller and in "making and breaking the grid" there are more compoments mentioned like spatial zone, region and module so it comes in handy to know this stuff but it confuses me do you had also this problem to distinguish between spatial zone, region and module when creating a grid in web design? is spatial zone the module itself and module is the region? my problem is here that I cannot distinguish between modules regions and spatial zone, can someone correct me on this? thanks
  14. Since most of my projects are Habbo related, I don't want them displayed on my website, so I'm working on a few designs to build up my portfolio which is pretty small. At the minute, I'm working on a new design that will be free to download and responsive. What I'm after is a bit of feedback, it isn't finished, I just want to know what you guys think before I proceed. Just a few things to note: this is the Photoshop design, not a coded version, so some things aren't aligned properly and some text may look weird take no note of the 4 circular icons in the 'about me' section, I merged the layers in Photoshop before changing the black to white and couldn't be bothered to recolour them. I will also be changing the background colour on those icons because I dislike the blue the guy in the picture isn't actually me, I got him from http://uifaces.com I'm not much of a designer, so go easy :up: But anyway, here you go: http://uploadir.com/u/06izhu8i
  15. Need advice on setting up guides in Photoshop I'm new at creating web layouts in Photoshop but I do have good coding skills. I want to start creating my own PSD layouts which I then plan to code using Twitter Bootstrap. My questions are as follows (and forgive me if this sounds dumb) but is it the most common practice to set guides or a grid in Photoshop before anything else? If so how would I ...or is there a specific way to create the vertical guides that replicate the CSS grid specified in Bootstrap. Is it simply a case of understanding all the column and gutter widths in Bootstrap and then creating the guides accordingly with the ruler set to show? Finally just to clarify I'm not looking for someone to simply tell me how to set up guides...I can work that out for myself...I'm trying to research what is the most common approach that a designer would use when creating a layout that is then to be coded with Bootstrap.
  16. I redesigned a website for a photographer client who is an elderly gentleman. He takes great photos of a city but the problem is that he liberally edits the photos and completely destroys them by overusing shadow/highlight filter and some color corrections. My question is how can I make him realize that he would be much better off just doing basic level and curve corrections or maybe even letting someone else do the photoshop work. He seems to think he's a graphic artist as well as a photographer. He actually sells his photographs as prints on canvas and they are mostly very beautiful. I actually asked from the print shop what they think of the quality of the image files that he sends to them, and they said that they often have to do some damage repair before printing. There is at the moment no feedback form on the site. If I put one there, someone probably would say something about this, which would be a good thing. However, he has done this to hundreds of images for years, and I wish I could find the best possible, gentle way of making him understand that while the photographing part is great, the rest is not. I'm not sure his workflow keeps unedited versions of the photos, so there's also the question about redoing old photos. Any ideas?
  17. I have a scorpion which I want to make it more perfect and simple. pls see attached pictures. my expectation is the joints of scorpion could be more obvious, at least when it becomes small the joint could be saw perfect the joints. the strokes no more than 3, at this moment too many strokes, combine the leg, head, claws together like the body only solid color could show a vivid animal, the leg is something that I don't have a better way to deal, if make it in solid color, it will be not vivid. it's better that show some aggressive, the claw could be more sharp and narrow than round one. here is the example of one stroke I don't know I ask too much, and I think this is more like a sketch project. I really appreciate the help.
  18. Hi Guys, I've been coding in HTML and CSS for a number of years now and PHP since last year. I've always used either notepad or notepad++ and just hand coded everything & it's improved my skills tenfold. I've seen a lot about people using Photoshop and was wondering what the benefits are and how people use Photoshop for their web development? Any input would be great. Thanks, Marc
  19. salvagesites

    Photoshop Creative

    For all you Photoshop lovers (like me) - I found a sweet deal on "Photoshop Creative" Magazine: 3 issues for £1 on Magazine.co.uk. A bargain if you're asking me. Ordered myself that AND Digital Photographer in the same deal
  20. Hello, I have a question to pose for the Web Design Forum and I was looking for some feedback. I recently began working on a clients website and determined that I'd like to make their site "future proof". Although that's a relatively impossible task, their last site design lasted a whopping 9 years! So I'd like this next iteration to last at least 5-10 using some the latest techniques in 2013 and even stay ahead of the curve. After a ton of research, I've decided to build the clients site to be a: Full browser width, Responsive design, that's also Retina ready. I'd like it to look beautiful on the newer monitors like the recent MacBook Pro and Retina iPads. As Apple usually sets the tone, I'm sure more computer makers will also adapt the higher displays. Also because this clients site won't be updated as frequenly as some, I want to be sure I'm ahead of the curve. Full disclosure, I have never worked on a full browser width, responsive design, or Retina ready site before... And I've been pretty overwhelmed with the amount of information there is to consume on the subject matter. So I had a few questions I'd like to pose and hopefully get your feedback. Question #1. Is it necessary to provide a PSD mockup of each of your website design pages in all of the following scenarios? MacBook Pro 2880 x 1800 @ 220 ppi 27" iMac 2560 x 1440 display @ 109 ppi iPad with Retina display 2048 x 1536 @ 264 ppi (vertical and horizontal) iPhone 5 1136 x 640 @ 326 ppi (vertical and horizontal) Question #2. If the website design is image intense, does making it Retina ready cause a loadspeed deficit? That is a real concern of mine and I'm on the fence as to it's necessity especially because of the amount of images in the proposed design. They include full browser width background photos. I want to be ahead of the curve but I'm concerned about causing load time issues. Aren't Retina images massive? Thanks... I look forward to your feedback! Shaun
  21. YaronElharar

    New Plugin for Photoshop

    Hi everyone I developed a plugin for Photoshop, the plugin is a multilayer exporter for Photoshop. you select multiple layers or a group you want to export, and it will save it for you in a folder under the file name ** layer names will become the file name link to be Export Pro plugin http://sugarvds.com/ExportPro/ Q&A why the registration? basically this exporter is a beta, and I'm still developing it If you didn't register how would you know there is a new version and it's also a way for us to keep in touch from time to time which version of Photoshop it works on? CS5's on windows and mac(les tested) Will it ever cost money? I wish, it will help me develop more. but I can promise you it will always have a free version Try it out and enjoy,, If you find some bugs or you want to recommend an improvement, right here in the post I'll see it. And if you don't want everyone to see you can drop me a mail tnx Yaron
  22. Hi I developed a new free plugin for Photoshop, its a multilayer one click exporter and I would like people to know about it. I myself hate spammers so I would like to put it in the right place, it's a very useful resource but I'm a little biased tnx yaron
  23. Hi everyone I developed a plugin for Photoshop, the plugin is a multilayer exporter for Photoshop. you select multiple layers or a group you want to export, and it will save it for you in a folder under the file name ** layer names will become the file name link to be Export Pro plugin http://sugarvds.com/ExportPro/ Q&A why the registration? basically this exporter is a beta, and I'm still developing it If you didn't register how would you know there is a new version and it's also a way for us to keep in touch from time to time which version of Photoshop it works on? CS5's on windows and mac(les tested) Will it ever cost money? I wish, it will help me develop more. but I can promise you it will always have a free version Try it out and enjoy,, If you find some bugs or you want to recommend an improvement, right here in the post I'll see it. And if you don't want everyone to see you can drop me a mail tnx Yaron
  24. robinmujician

    Logos again...

    Hi there, I've hit a bit of a brick wall with my web design learning curve. Seems like every site needs a good logo, and I'm really confused about how to produce them. I've got photoshop, and know the basics of how to use it, but it seems the resolution of the text it produces is just too low to look good on the web. For example I want to make a logo/banner/what's it actually called? like this: What I need to know, is how would a pro go about producing something like this? I'm aware of the distinction between vector and raster graphics, and I can produce svgs using Inkscape. I want to avoid this solution though, because i use wordpress, and the svg support is unreliable, and I want my logos to display on all browsers. I've heard that other programs like Indesgn are better because they use vector graphics for text, but I don't know if that means that files are saved as svgs? I'm guessing there must be a fairly easy solution since so many websites have perfectly good logos, and they can't all be svgs? Is it maybe jsut a case of learning more about PS, including all the anit-aliasing options? or using only smaller sized text? Or what? Any help much appreciated, Robin.
  25. Hello designers... I have been designing off and on for years. Always learning but much needed to advance. Any help I would appreciate. I have a intermediate understanding of Photoshop and Illustrator. Made a couple of websites with Dreamweaver. Just watched a lesson about Fireworks. I have a few websites I have made in the past. http://www.kreativemojodesign.com http://www.alexanderclocksandwatches.com http://www.noranovak.com http://www.artdamaged.net http://www.immaculatehousecleaning.com My main website is the kreativemojodesign. I need to convert it to CSS but it's very difficult to grasp!! Lot of info, but any help I would appreciate! thank you! Johnny D