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  1. Jquery viewport trigger

    Thank you, l think I'll use that one if its easier on the browser.
  2. Jquery viewport trigger

    did it in case anyone was wondering.. $(window).scroll(function() { function elementScrolled(elem) { var docViewTop = $(window).scrollTop(); var docViewBottom = docViewTop + $(window).height(); var elemTop = $(elem).offset().top; return ((elemTop <= docViewBottom) && (elemTop >= docViewTop)); } if (elementScrolled('.animate')) { var els = $('.animate'), i = 0, f = function() { $(els[i++]).addClass('expand-images'); if (i < els.length) setTimeout(f, 400); }; f(); } });
  3. Jquery viewport trigger

    Is there a way to make this run when it comes into view? Or more to the point when it reaches a designated amount of pixels prior to it being in view? <script> $(window).scroll(function() { var scroll = $(window).scrollTop(); if (scroll >= 1000) { $(".animate").addClass("expand-images"); } }); </script> Thanks
  4. can't get gulp to work

    Thank you, I actually watched this and I'm hoping to have solved it by changing directory, just installed node-sass that seems to be fine, just have to try everything else, thanks for your help again
  5. can't get gulp to work

    After trying for about half a day, loads of different things from chown to reinstall of node, I'm still having problems believe it or not, this time trying to install node-sass.. Here are the error logs if that is any help
  6. can't get gulp to work

    wow, golddust, i’m assuming if I use that, because it’s virtually a batch the server would have to be restarted for reset to see changes on save, would the atom-live-server do it automatically or would I need something like run-watch? thanks
  7. can't get gulp to work

    I’m losing a lot of faith, trying to use gulp and have problem after problem, now the bloody thing (on my work computer) is telling me gulp-sass failed because I don’t have permission.. what the hell is going on with it? All I want is scss conversion, browser-sync and autoprefixer to work in bootstrap4, why is it being so bloody difficult?
  8. can't get gulp to work

    I have managed to fix the issue by reverting the files Thanks
  9. can't get gulp to work

    everything I did was here https://coursetro.com/posts/design/72/Installing-Bootstrap-4-Tutorial Not knowing anything about gulp I decided to try using it by instruction package.json
  10. can't get gulp to work

    I'm trying to get gulp to work but no matter what I do it just won't var gulp = require('gulp'); var browserSync = require('browser-sync').create(); var sass = require('gulp-sass'); // Compile sass into CSS & auto-inject into browsers gulp.task('sass', function() { return gulp.src(['node_modules/bootstrap/scss/bootstrap.scss', 'src/scss/*.scss']) .pipe(sass()) .pipe(gulp.dest("src/css")) .pipe(browserSync.stream()); }); // Move the javascript files into our /src/js folder gulp.task('js', function() { return gulp.src(['node_modules/bootstrap/dist/js/bootstrap.min.js', 'node_modules/jquery/dist/jquery.min.js', 'node_modules/tether/dist/js/tether.min.js']) .pipe(gulp.dest("src/js")) .pipe(browserSync.stream()); }); // Static Server + watching scss/html files gulp.task('serve', ['sass'], function() { browserSync.init({ server: "./src" }); gulp.watch(['node_modules/bootstrap/scss/bootstrap.scss', 'src/scss/*.scss'], ['sass']); gulp.watch("src/*.html").on('change', browserSync.reload); }); gulp.task('default', ['js','serve']); This is the error
  11. Scheduled tweets

    I use https://dlvrit.com/, I schedule RSS feed to tweets, its a great system.
  12. dotvoice

    The problem is not the css, the problem is not the html, it’s not even the javascript... it’s the combination, the time it would take for something we will be adding to very soon anyway, it’s just a balance of time vs worth
  13. dotvoice

    Between the modal, the video, the burger icon, the svg and the text, all that is layered, we add and remove classes to send the burger menu to the back for example Onclick so it does not appear over the modal. The video was appearing over the modal too and the modal was not shutting properly, we fixed that using the same type of method, then also included breakpoint javascript to make it work on mobiles. We included svg breakpoints and javascript because that too was appearing over the modal. these were just a few of the issues we had, what you are saying linda simple but there would be a lot of code we’d have to mess with, to give an example we were looking into changing the svg up and for some reason the 3 services at the bottom have disappeared... http://dotvoice.co.uk/draft it’s too temperamental.
  14. dotvoice

    I think that makes sense, maybe we made a bad choice for plug-in because we can’t look at them from an objective point of view as we don’t have the coding skills to predict these issues, although it could be their css interfering with it, it was not me who installed it as I typically stay away from Jquery and JavaScript as although I can solve very basic problems with syntax etc, my coding skills in that area are next to none. I don’t like it, but unless I used the nuke option of a pre-made theme (which I refuse to do) we will continue to hit these issues until we can employ or contract someone to do it for us.
  15. dotvoice

    I think it will be a bit more than that, sounds simple but we had z-index (video) problems and then we had problems with the script that makes the header appear and disappear buttons working etc, it would actually be a lot of work to swap it about in comparison to a temporary solution.