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  1. This may be a slightly daft question, and in a way hopefully it is so it isn't too difficult to answer! I was wondering what the best way of separating updates from a specific selection Facebook groups and pages from my main feed was? I am finding info from pages and groups is getting lost within posts from friends and is quite frustrating! I thought of RSS, but groups don't have feeds it seems? Is there an app out there that helps with this? Suggestions appreciated! Thanks
  2. Red11

    Placeholder for unloaded images

    Ah this is great, will give the javascript solution a go as this will probably be more suitable for the project. Many thanks!
  3. Hi there, I am hoping to achieve something like on the bbc website, where all images have a grey area of the correct dimensions so the page holds its structure before the images are loaded and doesn't 'pop' into shape. I would've thought this was fairly straightforward but when working responsively you can't simply set the width and height of the frame like you used to! How would I go about this? Thanks!
  4. Red11

    Center aligned div

    Should be easy right? Am not sure what I'm doing wrong here, but the div with the form in on this page is refusing to align centre: http://www.southeast.bike/form.html The form pretty much fills the div at full screen so appears central, but shrinking the browser width will reveal that it hangs left. Essentially these are the 2 parts of css that are of interest: .homesearch-wrap{position: relative; float:left; width: 100%; margin-top: 200px;} .homesearch{float: none; width: auto; display:inline-block; margin: 0 auto;} If someone can help it would be greatly appreciated! (I am using the foundation5 css framework)
  5. Hi all, Looking for some advice here: I produce photoshop mock-ups from design briefs and display them in software online (currently use cageapp.com) where myself/sales/client can make notes on page elements in our own time on design tweaks. However with the incoming of responsive and mobile first platforms, it seems a little old hat to just give a mock-up of a desktop version of a site. We looked at Adobe Edge Reflow, the drawback here is the lack of support with preview software. I have heard before of designers supplying the customer with html/css versions to the customer so they can preview how the site would behave in browser. Whilst this sounds good, it doesn't allow for the note adding and doesn't fit in our current site development model. Is there software out there that would fulfil these requirements? Thanks.