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Zoom to image coordinates?

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Hi, I'd appreciate some help with what I'm trying to create as I don't even know what it's called to google it.

I'd like to make something with similar functionality to this: http://www.onlinecollegecourses.com/beneath-the-thinking-cap/#

I have both the graphics I need and can create slices from the graphics in photoshop, - is there a tool I can use to create this effect?



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I'm not sure why you would want to replicate that exact design. In my opinion it is pretty poor. 

If you want to show or hide content on click, your best is JQuery: 


Have a look at the documentation for this, you should be able to adapt this to fit your needs. You will need to put the target of the action as your graphic slices, then show/hide the respective information, depending on which is selected. 

JQuery has easing effects too, if you want to animate the transitions between content: 




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Thanks for the response, I agree the design is weak but I have my own design and the functionality is what I'm after. I was hoping for some software method of creating this where I could click where I want the image to move to and it would automatically generate the code - do you know if such a thing exists?


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No, I doubt there is software solution to this problem to be honest. 

I'd be happy to build it for you, for a reasonable price, wouldn't take me much longer than an hour I'd wager. But, we would need to discuss your exact requirements. Drop me a message if that's an option. 

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