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  1. Not allowed any more, if every was. If Google detects you try to manipulate backlinks in order to affect the search result you can even get a manual penalty.
  2. A collection of tutorials

    Nice one. Thanks for sharing!
  3. If you just want to design front end using Muse and then hand it over to your coder to that should work, depending on him/her, but why would you start working on something and then in the middle of it hand it over to someone else? If you need someone to code it for Wordpress then the same person may as well code from your final PSD file.
  4. I prefer Wordpress. I've worked with many CMS but Wordpress seems to fit me the most.
  5. website problem

    Are you enrolled to Google webmaster tools ? If not, register an account, add your website and see if there are any manual actions regarding your website first.
  6. Updated my website!

    It looks nice. I am not a marketing on webdesign expert, but as a customer I factor the look of web developer website, among other factors, in my decision making process.
  7. BEGINNER: Hosting A Script Requirements

    When you buy a VPS it's usually unmanaged, that means you need to set up the whole environment. When setup correctly the script will work. However, if you are really new to this I would really recommend to look into buying something managed, although it will be more expensive, it will save you a lot of time, and probably will avoid your server being an open proxy for hackers .
  8. Howdy from Yorkshire

    Hi AndyP and welcome to the forums
  9. Font awesome icons not showing?

    Sorry, my bad, I had a different issue in mind.
  10. I had experience with WooCommerce and would definitely recommend it for small deployments.
  11. Font awesome icons not showing?

    You cannot load fonts from a different domain. Make sure you don't use permalink to the css (or font files) in your code. LEt us know your website domain, maybe we will be able to help more.
  12. Hi there

    Hello and welcome to the forums .
  13. I definitely agree, a great portfolio is worth much more than any formal qualifications.
  14. Best Hosting for Designer

    Hi and welcome to the forums! Do you have any particular budget in mind? What location are you looking at? Do you need a standard shared hosting, or perhaps a reseller account, vps, dedicated?