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  1. PHP will a little better in the long run, but Jekyll is a safer choice for beginners. It's very simple to use and it allows you to use partials. If you run mac, it's very easy to install jekyll. Just some basic terminal commands and you're good to go. Whereas php requires you to install a local server environment and then php library. Takes quite a bit of work. And if you really want to take php further, you will need to look into database as well.
  2. Sazzad

    Gravit V3 Launched

    Hi Jak, All feedbacks are welcomed. We have setup a connect section where you can report bugs and get in touch with other users. We will soon be starting on a "friend" system where you can follow other users and form teams with them.
  3. Sazzad

    Gravit V3 Launched

    Since quite a few members of this community helped us out during our development phase, I wanted to write a post thanking you. A community of designers helped another community create a product many deemed difficult and impossible. With your help, we were able to release Gravit V3 today. Based on your feedbacks, Gravit expanded its scope to allow people to edit photos through the integration with Polarr Photo Editor 3. This is exciting time for us and is the first in the market to offer both vector and bitmap workflows to the users without the need to switch between the two apps. Polarr brings many benefits to photo retouching, including advance adjustments, cropping and tilting. Our frontend has also given a major rework to make it even more flexible and easy to manage projects by using the folder concepts similar to Google Drive. We scrapped the projects concept and went back to something that makes sense and is easier to use; a folder system. Users just need to create a folder and then upload photos or create new designs. On top of that, we have introduced Marketplace resources by partnering with Icons8 and Unsplash to import their high quality icons and photos directly into your designs. No more searching through the web to find these resources. You can do it directly through Gravit. The most major aspect is the Designer. We have given it a total facelift with a new light skin interface. Under the hood, we have improved every aspects from making the canvas area wider, added a lot of tooling improvements to make it intuitive for anyone to start designing, better pixel rendering and a new color picker that will turn off the selection outline giving you a full visual when playing with colors. Design like a Boss! https://gravit.io
  4. Sazzad

    Comments to a part of article

    Are you referring to the Medium comment system? If yes, the closest I found was this http://aroc.github.io/side-comments-demo/
  5. Sazzad

    Links using graphics in a list

    One of the best practices in HTML and CSS is to not use <div> inside of a list. I am assuming you are not using sprites and just a solid image. With that said you can re-write your code as so: <ul class="socialmedia"> <li> <a href="#"> <span><img src="img/facebook.png" alt="facebook" /></span> <span>Facebook</span> </a> </li> </ul> The css: .socialmedia { display: block; text-align: center; } .socialmedia li { display: inline-block; /*could use float if you like, but inline-block helps control alignment*/ } .socialmedia li a { display: block; } .socialmedia li a span { display: block; text-align: center; } .socialmedia li a span img { display: inline-block; width: 50px; height: 50px; /*image size*/ opacity: 100%; filter: Alpha(opacity=100); transition:all .2s ease-in-out; } .socialmedia li a:hover span img { opacity: 50%; filter: Alpha(opacity=50); transition:all .2s ease-in-out; } Btw if you are interested, I am working on a new side project for Gravit for a social icons bundle. Still very usable at this stage so you can download the source code from github. Here is a rough preview: http://gravit-io.github.io/sociallyiconic/
  6. Sazzad

    Gravit - Design & Collaboration Platform

    Sorry to bump this post, I need some opinion. Currently we are working on re-doing the Gravit UI. While working on the User Profile page, we got into a little discussion on the direction of that page. Few of the staffs prefer the user information sitting on top and the other likes on the left. This is more or less a case of Dribbble vs Behance; where Dribbble has it on top and Behance on left sidebar. Since the profile page is viewable by public and you can share it as samples for future employers; I think seeing as much as you can without having to scroll is a bonus. Therefore, the most ideal case would be left sidebar to contain profile information and the right would contain your recent works/community activity/marketplace items. This is what I have for a early draft: http://drbl.in/pjaM Since you folks are designers who will ideally use our product, we want to hear from you. What is your take on the profile page?
  7. Sazzad

    Gravit - Design & Collaboration Platform

    Thank you both. We are looking for amazing developers and designers to help us shape the future of this product. Feel free to register (by beating the Pacman game) and give it a shot. We have setup a small community there to help users provide feedback and communicate with each other. We are also working on improving the product even more by enabling users to collaborate with one another. No more emailing designs back and forth. We have a few staffs observing this thread closely, so if you run into any issues, feel free to post here or on our community board.
  8. Hi Folks, I wanted to introduce you to a new design and collaboration tool we are working on for the web. Over the last few years, we have seen a number of new graphic design tools. But most of those are exclusively on Mac, which left Windows and Linux users in the dust. We wanted to change that. We intend to create the world’s first web-based screen design tool and we want everyone to have the ability to design. Being web-based means that anyone using any operating system — be it Mac, Windows or Linux — can use Gravit from anywhere, at any time. We hope that this will open up new possibilities for both design professionals and aspiring designers. Gravit is built with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. The back-end engine does all of the “heavy lifting” and designers can use the app without any need to install anything locally. The app runs in the browser but it feels almost like a desktop app. Gravit is free to use and offers two ways of getting into your first design. If you want to make a “quick jump” into the app itself, you can simply load www.gravit.io and click on the “Create design” button. For those who want to explore the Gravit’s screen design features, this is the way to get started. The limitation is that you cannot save your designs or upload any image assets. To unlock the app’s full potential (including all collaboration features), you need to sign up first. This requires a little effort though, as you’ll have to play a quick game before you can claim your beta invite — but don’t worry, the game is pretty easy. We're always looking for ways to improve this product. And we want designers and developers like you to provide us with feedbacks and features you would like to see.
  9. Sazzad

    JS with Contact Form...

    Are you looking for something like this? http://jsfiddle.net/3UWk2/1/
  10. This is quite a nice design. Few changes I would recommend: 1. Navigation - make the a tag the box. Not just the text. This way, you maximize the clickable region. 2. In the cart, the update cart should be below the items in the cart. Otherwise I have to look for it. Which is discouraging. 3. On this result page, the footer is a bit jumpy when I hover from item to item. 4. Sign up for the newsletter is not clear. What am I exactly signing up for? A catalog, or your weekly notice. How frequently do you email, etc.
  11. Sazzad

    Best CSS Editor for 2013

    It's very nice. I use it to do majority of my front-end coding. Since it's based off of Bracket, there are several wonderful Bracket extensions you can use on Edge Code. Here is a link: https://github.com/adobe/brackets/wiki/Brackets-Extensions
  12. Sazzad

    Best CSS Editor for 2013

    I like the simplicity of Adobe Edge Code. It's currently on Preview 2. It's light weight and there are extensions for advanced features.
  13. Sazzad

    Adobe Fireworks CS6

    CS6 trial launched today and it's wonderful. There are few features I didn't see in the beta so it's great! It's also nice to see some work designed by FWPolice in the common library.
  14. Sazzad

    Dribbble invite giveaway

    Just letting you know, if you add a special character/symbol in your name, it also translates to the URL....or in your case it did lol. http://dribbble.com/alzer81%E2%9C%A9 << that works not your original...lol
  15. Sazzad

    Adobe Fireworks CS6

    Yes Specctr is a really cool addon for Adobe Fireworks. We do get to talk to a lot of people from the Fireworks community and Specctr folks are fun to talk to. For CS6, they are going to be updating their tool. The CS6 features are amazing. The CSS3 extraction makes workflow much easier. Several members of our team at FWPolice got to beta test CS6 and actually develop some materials for the Common Library and the software completely blew us away. As far as upgrades, I would definitely get in touch with Adobe and try to get that upgrade for free. In CS6 you no longer have the 2gb memory cap on 64-bit. So you will no longer get that "out of memory error." Even though they didn't get rid of it (if they did it would have raised an uproar), Adobe did cut down the staff size. But the team they do have now, lead by Jacob, is doing wonders with the software. There is quite a large Adobe Fireworks community out there. Most people tend to overlook it. If you need any resources, feel free to stop by FWPolice.com. As for the release, it comes out in 3 days!