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  1. You don't need Disallow as it's set to nothing, as @fisicx says could easily be picked up as root "/" by mistake, as adomin.com and adomin.com/ both use root "/" as their uri. You could also test the robots with GSC and the robots.txt Tester.
  2. Sorry no idea, don't use WooCommerce ... only replied to let you know we listen
  3. BrowserBugs

    New website

    Hi, I'd take a look at a Non Disclosure Agreement if concerned. Cheers.
  4. Hi Mate, Looks ok in both Firefox and Chrome, what should they look like (Chrome Left / Firefox Right)? I'm also a bit confused as to your css as by default lists get disc as the style type, a ul is a block element and an li is already a list-item.
  5. BrowserBugs


    I know I bang the drum on url integrity but if this 2 year old site is any kind of testimony to tight paths then I don't know what is
  6. I think "legitimate interest" sums up most things legit, profiling in the background for marketing gains is the dark area
  7. I never do, was more an example of "you could for some reason" because it'll trash on session end.
  8. Your policy looks ok. I'm personally reading through my clients when they ask me to update so I can see each approach and hopefully confirm my own. It's interesting to see each take on it, last one I updated included about sharing limited information with their accountant (third party), another about right of removal not able to be done in the case of invoices already paid obviously to tax reasons, they're all so different :s I think it's more aimed at organisations who have been using underhanded tactics to generate data ... i'm getting a lot of emails about "please don't leave us" to mailing lists I never signed up to so it's having some effect. Storing IP in a session cookie is fine IMO as it's not persistent, it's the saving anything to the server after the session ends, so in the case of session cookies you're not storing their data, it's only the user data you hold once logged in. All my clients sites with logins, if the user blocks session cookies the login forms change to a notice saying they cannot login without them on. We can't make the world cookie free.
  9. I wonder how the GDPR stands if the physical computers get stolen, like come in to work and even the desks are gone ... hmmm. 

  10. OMG I'm a dumb ass, "The Directive gave individuals rights to refuse the use of cookies that reduce their online privacy." source. Session cookies don't use personal information 😵
  11. I know caution mate, might be a bit overkill. I've been looking at different companies approach, take a look at TSO Cookies as it names the cookies and what each does, covers GA and HotJar (even though their tables are screwed, will need to inspect). Edit: Google has announced a new privacy policy, I'll be linking to it when live to save repeating myself.
  12. I'm facing the same issue, I'm not worrying about it too much and instead keeping it simple (as GDPR says it must be clear). ... pretty much what I'm saying too with a few extra bits like "I don't have a mailing list", "I use Google Analytics to improve my site" with a link to their policy, "I use session cookies simply to hide this banner when you have clicked ok" etc. I'm trying not to over complicate it.
  13. BrowserBugs

    Free Booking & Payment System for B&B

    Damn I hate cheap ass clients. They will have to learn to live with one calendar or cough up the jaw dropping $50 lol.
  14. BrowserBugs

    301 Redirects

    Ok routing the one path should be fine, I take it there's no internal links on example.co.uk to example.co.uk/ie?
  15. BrowserBugs

    301 Redirects

    I don't think so, 301 would be the best course of action. Quick check tho, do you run both example.com and example.co.uk as separate sites or does example.co.uk resolve to example.com?