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  1. Omg mate, one more plugin and it'll be a "wafer thin mint" moment! Have you actually tried lighthouse? Look at the list under Eliminate render-blocking resources, now work out if they are all in use before interaction. For example take a lightbox, until a visitor clicks something that uses the lightbox the js and css are not required, so load them in the background or instead don't load them at all if the page doesn't use them. Hate to be blunt but trying to load more plugins over plugins to manage plugins which manage plugins is a bit short sighted.
  2. BrowserBugs

    How to Crompress Image File Size?

    Agreed. I find that often using a compressed thumb with a less compressed enlarge works quite well. If a visitor wanted a bigger picture then they'll want more clarity, and since the full size is not in the flow you can let rip a bit
  3. Mate you haven't covered everything, that speed is far too low! See the results. What have you been doing to speed it up?
  4. BrowserBugs

    Help with Website redirection source?

    They will be setting a cookie at the first link before redirecting to the second link. Clearing cookies and pasting link 2 sets 22 cookies, doing the same and going via link one and you land with 25 cookies set.
  5. First, can I just say forget "SEO" and think optimisation. User experience, helping the search engines understand the structure, delivering the web page in a reasonable time, writing beautiful content to entice the visitor to take action, links to a resource that serves all the answers = a good website. Generally I'd say if you hit first position you will generally only fluctuate between positions 1-4, the swing I'd simply call the search engines mood for that particular day / time / location / lunar cycle. Outside of this is how well does the page content stand up on its own, forget sitewide for a second, for a page to rank for a given term must be the best information / most accurate for the term searched. The way to maintain your position is to keep on top of the most accurate and articulate content on the internet for that given term. As @fisicx points out, although calls it SEO, is to look at that particular page and ask is it outdated information, could we answer more questions, does it really need all those plugins delaying the user in interacting with our site, do we not give enough opportunities for the visitor to make contact? If we combine all aspects of the proverbial "SEO" and look at it from a users perspective would you be truly happy with this page if you were first?
  6. TBH I'm confused knowing what you do, as @fisicx points out there's a lot of potatoes and not a lot of meat, kinda reminds me of Christmas, at my house we play colone or timepiece because the advert makes no sense at all ... "What am I looking for? Something I can't see. I can feel it. It's magic." - WTF?!?!
  7. BrowserBugs

    Sub-domains: How It Can help a website to Rank

    For my 2 pence worth in SEO terms a sub-domain is like a brand new domain. In all my years I've used sub-domains twice, neither were for "SEO" but rather the user portal areas e.g. myaccount.rootdomain.com, was easier to lock down an entire root than a sub-directory for the specific purpose.
  8. That logo is very Milltek / KW ... what do you tune?
  9. Welcome to the madhouse What was the site you were working on?
  10. BrowserBugs

    I need some sort of reference to work towards

    I'm not front end (although I dabble), I would say; HTML5 Elements - Semantically good plus makes the SEO department eat out the palm of your hand. Aria Roles - Accessibility for both visitor and search engines. CSS Selectors - Used correctly you can turn code the length of war and peace into a comic book.
  11. BrowserBugs

    Front End or Full Stack Course?

    But in reality; Junior Developer • PHP / MySQL • Glasgow • Perm - up to £ 22k Are you a talented programmer who doesn't know they are a unicorn? Looking to be underappreciated, underpaid and the scapegoat in a company where you will be encouraged to work too many hours for the sake of "team spirit"? Would you like to work on a varied and interesting workload because we have no idea WTF is going on and can't make up our minds? If this sounds like you, read on-
  12. BrowserBugs

    New Laptop - Terrible Mic Quality

    Could be as simple as they are using another manufacturer for the mic. TBH I just use a turtle beach headset, great mic and sound.
  13. BrowserBugs

    Inherited Website Need Speed Help

    I'm sure that'll be on the cards, op has "inherited" the site. Here's one I've been asked to take a look at this week - yikes! ... and that's before even looking at the content 😅
  14. BrowserBugs

    Inherited Website Need Speed Help

    Not sure if you use lighthouse? If not it's worth a look and running through the list, some big old files in there. Edit: e-RGP_8259.jpg is 7360px X 4912px and a staggering 3.34MB - That's bigger than 4K UHD!
  15. No problem. I'd suggest looking at things on a relational note, both in subject and in location. Say for example you're a florist in Birmingham, I'd start looking for high ranking caterers in the Birmingham area who do weddings and approach them as you're both in Birmingham (geo relevance) and share the same term "weddings", just "wedding catering" vs "wedding flowers" but both are sort after by a bride for the wedding day.