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  1. If you check search console it should have a 'linked from' if it's known. I normally find junk like this is links from scrape directories as they often end up appending your urls with parameters, like links to yourdomain.com?url=yourdomain.com. Good to know your site correctly returns 404, I've seen many a case where a site allows this sort of thing, ends up with a hell of a lot of junk pages.
  2. BrowserBugs

    SEO Backlinks

    I know she's pretty busy, will check with her and pm you. If your biggest holdup is content from clients always keep a writing contact and tell your client to get their wallet out
  3. BrowserBugs

    SEO Backlinks

    To be honest for me writing is an art form, I hire a writer on projects who was a journalist and has just written her first novel, she freelances as a writer. Like any industry some people are better at other tasks, wouldn't ask her to code me a form lol If you're going to write something yourself my bit of advice would be to get others to read it first. My wife is a teacher, so is my mother in law, I get both to read my content and make changes as they can spot a grammatical error at 1000 yards lol.
  4. BrowserBugs

    SEO Backlinks

    To be honest I'd say for optimisation industry getting published by Moz as a guest writer is a good place to start, they oooze reputation but getting on there you're article needs to be good, accurate and informative, and really good. One link from a site like theirs and its solid gold. For a hairdresser getting a mention from Bliss for Brides or Vogue is solid gold, for my clients bodyshop it was aticle mentions in Practical Classics and Retro Ford when they had done the body work. Who the link is from, the authoritative knowledge of their site, the quality score for their content all voting with a link to you is what it's about rather than quantity of links, although high quality + quantity = off the chart.
  5. BrowserBugs

    SEO Backlinks

    Had a read mate, just to be really picky your first point about gaining trust from a search engine = blog is plain wrong. Yes, search engines look for quality content but that does not gain trust. Trust generally comes from content depth and accuracy, frequency should depict when content was last checked and updated to which if the content is deep and accurate will help in the content search position. Once you have enough trust (both onsite and when cross referenced with other reputable sources) on a given area you're then assigned trust. So far from experience trust does give a higher preference for your domain, but also closes the gap between new page launch and the page ranking. An example would be my pet project for an app game, when a new character is released in the game and I add them to my site it will rank top 3 with the new characters page within around 12 - 24 hours simply because the site is an authority on the game characters because the stat data is always accurate. In addition i'd avoid using the blog example and instead go for regular content feeds which could include blogs but more importantly it should be manageable content people are interested in, for example instead of a blog a garage could run a showcase of cars they have worked on, or a hairdresser could have a cuts and styles section which they could keep up to date with techniques, colours etc, it's all content people are interested in and related to their industry rather than making up articles like "10 reasons to clean your drains in suffolk"
  6. BrowserBugs

    So many 404 errors

    I agree Wix is normally the heart of the issue and cleaning up before the migration isn't the best way but once migrated and armed with htaccess there's no way everything he has worked for will go down the drain. Just saying it's a bit scaremonger mate, I got a client off Yell (just as bad), retained and gained in the search engines.
  7. BrowserBugs

    So many 404 errors

    Doh, wonderful Wix strikes again! You need to split those 404 errors into two categories, images which have been deleted and images which have only had their default 'open-up-when-clicked' turned off which I assume means the image still exists? Deleted Images: 404 is the right action, no need to redirect as the image had not been moved. I would double check there are no internal links to the old image and it's not still included in any site maps. Default Turned Off: If the open up function was making a second url for the same image e.g. scr="/realfolder/image.jpg" made yourdomain/gallery/some-wix-madness/?img=dx34n101 then you should 301 the weird wix path to the real image file if it's still there. If it's deleted follow above As for loss in ranking, I've never seen 404s have an effect themselves. That said if an image was shared a lot across Pinterest / Facebook etc then deleting the image would essentially remove the backlink. In addition if you were picking up traffic from Google Image Search then that traffic would also drop off. For pages themselves e.g. /blog/weddings/outdoors the ranking signal would equate to image content + page content = total content. Probably deep in the algorithm somewhere it might also equate to image rank + page rank = total page rank, but i'm not 100% sure as you could otherwise link a higher domain image to your content making other image rank + your page rank = your total page rank.
  8. I honestly don't know, depends if the next theme is just as heavy, the demo for PRS008/PRS01 is cleaner; could still do with work but the results are better; This is an audit on one of my sites for comparison;
  9. I'm referring to a class names combined being 1018 characters long, that's pretty extreme. It might just be the theme your using, it might be prestashop needs it to function but I've never seen classes used like this. When I went to https://www.prestashop.com/en/showcase and took a look at their source it's all a lot shorter, I don't know, I'm no front end master, biggest I found was; class="html not-front not-logged-in no-sidebars page-node page-node- page-node-384 node-type-showcase-list i18n-en" The reason it matters is if you keep your code to a minimum you keep the file sizes down, it's why we minify code, every character and space all adds up. This combined with other bits and bobs will have it loading like a rocket, it's not all keywords and backlinks. Not sure if you use Chrome Dev Tools but it's worth a look, run an audit on your home page and see the results;
  10. I'll give it a go mate. Looking at you home page some major points to note; Your code is bloated, not even sure how you end up with a class this long, it's 1018 characters with spaces, and that excludes each associated style! <li class="post-509 product type-product status-publish has-post-thumbnail product_cat-ecommerce product_cat-prestashop product_tag-accessories product_tag-fashion product_tag-foods product_tag-fruits product_tag-grocery product_tag-kids product_tag-kitchen product_tag-mega product_tag-minimal product_tag-multi-purpose-store product_tag-organic product_tag-prestashop product_tag-responsive product_tag-templatetrip product_tag-theme product_tag-toys product_tag-vegetables pa_browser-compatibility-chrome pa_browser-compatibility-edge pa_browser-compatibility-firefox pa_browser-compatibility-ie11 pa_browser-compatibility-opera pa_browser-compatibility-safari pa_color-green pa_color-orange pa_columns-278 pa_layout-responsive pa_license-split-liacense pa_source-css-files pa_source-html-files pa_source-js-files pa_source-layered-psd pa_source-php-files pa_theme-category-food-restaurant pa_theme-platform-prestashop pa_version-prestashop-1-7-x instock featured downloadable shipping-taxable purchasable product-type-simple"> All your alt and titles on those example themes are the same; zero for the search engines to fathom, although your demo does rank first for "corporis suscipit libor" alt="corporis suscipit libor" title="corporis suscipit libor" You are using multiple h1, and two of them are identical with "We focus on our skills". Stick to one h1, and use h2 in sections. Double check your wording. Your meta description reads "TemplateTrip is based on designing company to design website themes and templates. We give us sample demo version of each responsive website templates. You can also use all our demo contents for your business for shortest time launching your business online, TemplateTrip - premium web theme and template resource" ... might want to rephrase that or if English is not your strong point pay someone to write it for you. To be honest I wouldn't click in the search results if I read that. Compress some of those images, speed test is flagging them up. Should be enough to start with
  11. BrowserBugs

    Go to next/previous page using php folder array

    Hmm ok I figure you'll need $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] to grab the current page, array_search to find the key where the url matches and then I guess the returned index-1 for previous and index+1 for next?
  12. BrowserBugs

    Hello :)

    Welcome mate
  13. BrowserBugs

    Go to next/previous page using php folder array

    Errrm, just trying to understand the question. Are you trying to find out which page is currently being viewed in the 'all' array? If so, is it the [3] => blog/posts/test-blog-post bit of your array you want to match?
  14. BrowserBugs

    Setting default language in HTML 5.

    You add it to the opening html; <html lang="en"> Edit: I see you're missing the opening html on your home page, it should be; <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <!-- Head bits --> </head> <body> <!-- Body bits --> </body> </html>
  15. It's not against the rules per say, just thinking one link with the pure url would do to show us the site so we can take a look for you, 3 links with keyword anchor text to a single url is a bit excessive.