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  1. Slider with accordion

    Hi, I'm looking for an example of a slider with an accordion inside. any ideas?
  2. Social media on Google Analytics

    Thank you Andy
  3. Social media on Google Analytics

    Hi, Is it possible to see which followers clicked on the link in your post or tweet in Google Analytics?
  4. Best web hosting?

    I think you are right. This seems the best way forward. Thank you
  5. Hi, I have a Wordpress theme and have been asked to change a button from 'Inquiry' to 'Enquiry'. Any ideas how I might be able to do this? http://flooring-library.co.uk/listing/instafloor/
  6. Best web hosting?

    I've been using Heart Internet for years, however I would like something a little faster. Can anyone recommend a shared web hosting service that is a bit faster? Thank you
  7. I'm curious to what people do. Please ask honestly and don't write anything below that will influence anyone else's vote
  8. back button jumps to search engine results

    Its very strange. Also on my other site it seems to remember the last page visited, but none of the others before. Any ideas? The other site: tileandstonejournal.com
  9. Hi, I look after this website: http://www.contractflooringjournal.co.uk If I visit a few pages on this site and then click the back button on the browser it takes me back to the search engine results rather than the previous page. If I visit other sites such as Sky Sports using the same browser it does not do this. How do I fix this so it doesn't jump straight back to the search engine results? Thank you!
  10. Which analytical tools to use for best results and stats?

    Is the 489 pageviews or users, which is totally different? My company is launching an analytical site based on interaction (clicks) rather than pageviews. We will be launching our Beta version in about a month (which will be free). Signup if your interested.
  11. Looking for Beta testers for our Link Analytics system

    Yeah, that would be good if you could. Obviously we don't intend to compete with GA as they are massive and provide a lot of in-depth data. However they are focused on providing data on website performance for developers for all types of sites, whereas we are aimed at marketing people for commercial sites. I have created a PDF showing all the differences between us and GA as part of our research, which I would be happy to share once our beta version is launched. I would love your feedback and hope you will be willing to give us a try
  12. Looking for Beta testers for our Link Analytics system

    Yes, they are a very good service, but they are going down a different route to us. The main focus with them in providing powerful realtime data, similar to Woopra. Most of which is useful for targeting specific people. Also their trends section is based on page views rather than interaction. I think the best way to describe what we are trying to achieve without giving too much away is a cross between Crazy Egg and SkyGlue. No heatmaps like Crazy Egg and less visual but far more about progressive data that will tell our users more about how many people interact with their website and how. We aim to provide commercial websites with trends about their target audience and filtering out the rest, showing a clear difference between the two and therefore providing clearer data to users, targeting these people to give them a better experience of your site and giving you a much more focused idea of how to attract more of these people to your site. It sounds like you are very experienced in this area and I would love it if you could try out our system when we go to Beta. We are also obviously starting up so there will be room for improvements so feedback from you would be massive to us. Could I ask, what are the main reasons you use GoSquared. What information do they give you that you find the most useful and why? Cheers Jack
  13. Looking for Beta testers for our Link Analytics system

    Ah, yes I grew up in Eastbourne. I've seen your a regular poster on this forum Nock. Great to have you signed up
  14. Looking for Beta testers for our Link Analytics system

    Thanks to both you guys for signing up. That really does mean so much to me
  15. Looking for Beta testers for our Link Analytics system

    Sorry, we have been so caught up in the development that this is something I need to add. Here's the Twitter account: @linktagstats