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  1. Crawling is the process by virtue of which the search engines gather information about websites on world wide web. The crawlers are also known as spiders or bots , they visit website and send information to their respective parent websites.
  2. We can gain good backlinks as well from guest blogging.
  3. how to set up a facebook business page and promote it

    You have to do first thing that is development your business page. For that you have to upload your companies banners, various services related images, use appropriate profile picture as well as cover photo that helps you to present your business. Then you can post your business related stuff on your business page and share this page with your friends. Hope it will help you.
  4. Hi Kim Kiav, I have seen your blogging website. I found it too much simple and lack of attractive design. Why don't you try some colorful templates for your website. Also you can use beautiful images with animations related to your blogs on your homepage. It will helps to get you more user engagement. Hope it will help you.
  5. Meta / Google search results

    It will take some time for Google to index the new page. Its very much depends on the individual site and how often it is updated normally. You can use Google webmaster tool to fetch your sites new meta description quickly.
  6. Pinterest is the best image sharing platform. You can easily share your products images with its link and short description. So Pinterest users will directly connect with your products via images.
  7. Social media doesn't influence SEO rankings, but it helps to improve site visitors and popularity.
  8. Seeking help with CSS to style this header

    Your website is too much simple. You can use bootstrap framework to make your website more attractive and user friendly. As well as it is easily styled as per your requirements. Hope it may helps you.
  9. Centering Videos (HTML)

    You can try this one also. HTML: <div id="all"> <div class="sub">div</div> <iframe>Video embedding code</iframe> </div> CSS: #all { width:100%; float:left; text-align:center; } div.sub, iframe { width:100px; height:50px; margin:0 auto; background-color:#777; } It works perfectly for me. Hope it will be helpful to you also.
  10. HTML Dreamweaver to WordPress

    Don't worry if you are migrating from the old HTML site to new WordPress site. Your SEO remains as well. Your redirection pages SEO will also remain same and working properly as earliest.
  11. Tab options in Browsers

    I think tab's functionality is introduced by Mozilla Firefox first time.
  12. The search engine will definitely work more effectively rather than social media. Social media can be one part of SEO. SEO helps to get correct search resultsas well increase your site rankings. Hope it may help. Thank you.
  13. Magento is the best choice as a eCommerce platform because it has large community support as well as lots plugins and themes are available for it.
  14. You can try canva. It is an online graphic design platform. Non-designers can easily create graphic designs and layouts with drag-and-drop features. Design with free stock photos, icons, and shapes. Create menus, banners, social media graphics, and more.
  15. I think the latest design trends of 2017 may be: 1) Modular Design 2) Innovative Scrolling and Parallax 3) High qulity animations 4) Grid design structure 5) High quality video and image presence on site