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  1. Ty. The website is online but still not finished. Here is another video, made some slight changes and you can see the footer here https://youtu.be/poJWj-ONGQg
  2. I made lots of changes.. https://youtu.be/O4tfUgi_z44
  3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxeEzGh9KFJrSGphUXZ1RHl6akU/view?usp=sharing
  4. I cut out the footer, which is just links, not important. What do you think about the above the fold area? What about the rest of the page? Thank you in advance. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxeEzGh9KFJraThEc2tWNU9DTUk/view?usp=drivesdk
  5. I only got 1 day left to design the website, and then 1 day to code it all into a joomla template complete with modules, booking system, etc. Lots changes in a short time. My client don't want more refinements for the logo. Thank you for the valuable feedback and opinion everyone, have a nice day.
  6. what UX? To be able to judge the UX, you need to visit the site, but you can only see the above the fold area in the mockup.. The design is responsive and will work on any devices just fine. I don't think you understand what UX means. Anyhow, I just took a look at your website. Not sure if it is a blog. But I only see static html pages. I'm on my phone so can't see if there is any CMS. It's all walls of texts with little white space. Most people leave sites as soon as they see walls of texts. I understand minimalism as design style in website design, but your website doesn't look it have any design style. Sorry to say this, but I don't think you are any good of a designer. I decided to take your comments not seriously the first time you told me logos are not important. Cheers.
  7. Using the new identity on the website design I'm currently working on: http://image.ibb.co/fE8hGF/JMA_IPAD_MOCKUP.jpg
  8. Just some minor refinements. I think this one is more simple. If one could see the "JMA" in it, then good, if not then it will still work, just for identification. Not going to waste more time to make any more refinements for this one, as I've got other ideas I'm working out. http://image.ibb.co/fFOoqa/JMA_3_e.jpg
  9. Thank you. The "A" might look like an N, but I'm afraid if I add some kind of horizontal line through the center of the "A", the complexity will be too much. Trying to keep it simple here. Hence I used the typeface with the same style as the "JMA" logo, but readable enough. Still trying other fonts though if this one is not that readable. Anyhow I'm trying to do other ideas for the identity, rather than spending hours reworking this in case it is not working out. Still waiting for my client's feedback. So I might start a new topic, I hope you guys don't mind. Cause other design forums seem to be dead.
  10. As I already said on my reply to your post here, a logo exist only for identification. Some logo tips from the professionals: "A logo is only a visual representation of everything a company stands for. A strong logo is filled with symbolism, both obvious and hidden." In this case, my design could be one with hidden symbolism. Some tips from the professionals: "If you’re designing a logo for a shoe business, don’t feel that you need to include a shoe in the logo. It’s ok to be a abstract. For example, the Nike logo ‘tick’ is actually an abstract interpretation of the wing of the Greek Goddess of the same name." Sorry if I look like I come across as thick-skinned. I should have mentioned the kind of feedback I'm asking for. The feedback I need is for the Concept, the Style and the Visual Design of this new identity. "Concept is the soul of the design, and almost always dictates the style choice to use. Explore the literal (low hanging fruit ideas)but re-imagine them in a new way, also push to dive deep and uncover the non-literal ideas that showcase clever connections related the company, product or services. If a concept is weak, the end design will be less effective and memorable. Style is what drives design aesthetic and it’s continually shifting. Some concepts for a logo can be executed in a variety of styles, but the truth about style is you can also pick the wrong style that will undermine a concept and weaken the overall design. Visual design comes down to fundamental design skills and craftsmanship, how well you execute the idea and the style you have chosen. Your concept can be strong, your style can be appropriate, but you can execute it poorly and it derails the ultimate potential of the design and it’s effectiveness." There are many other logos with URL. Not all of them are in lowercase. Some in uppercase, others in capitalize, like easyJet.com with capital J and the rest in lowercase. And many of them use "stylist" font. I just know this from a quick Google search. As for the letters I & R, I'm pretty sure most people in Bali or looking forward to travel to Bali wouldn't mistake it. Thanks for your valuable opinion.
  11. This is my first ever attempt for the car hire firm JMABALIRENTCAR.COM. The new identity design is here: http://www.webdesignerforum.co.uk/topic/86299-new-simplified-logo-design-for-a-car-hire-firm-what-do-you-think/ Please give feedback on that one instead. Thank you, very appreciated!
  12. Couldn't edit the first post on my old thread and don't want to receive any more feedback for that one. Please give me any kind of feedback for this one instead. I decided to make it more simple and more clearer. Idea: - Waves - The firm: "JMA" Concept: - letters J, M and A to form wave shapes http://image.ibb.co/j8fy6F/JMA_3_b.jpg http://image.ibb.co/b2Lbtv/JMA_3_c.jpg http://image.ibb.co/diPQmF/JMA_3_d.jpg
  13. Thanks for the feedback/suggestion, really appreciated. I simplified the logo. It now has 2 colours only, removed the "beach", added 1 more wave crest to the right to make it more clearer. Since I couldn't edit the first post, here is the new identity: http://image.ibb.co/j8fy6F/JMA_3_b.jpg http://image.ibb.co/b2Lbtv/JMA_3_c.jpg http://image.ibb.co/diPQmF/JMA_3_d.jpg Please tell me what you think on this one on this thread: http://www.webdesignerforum.co.uk/topic/86299-new-simplified-logo-design-for-a-car-hire-firm-what-do-you-think/
  14. Why does a car rental company need a logo? Why do you ask that? What if the company decides to expand its services, rent properties, etc. Then with my design, I could easily just change the logo text (ex: JMABALIRENTHOUSE.COM). I think every brand needs a logo. - A logo is a flag, a signature, and escutcheon, a street sign. - A logo does not sell (directly), it identifies. - A logo is rarely a description of a business. - A logo is less important than the product it signifies; what it represents is more important than what it looks like. - And the subject matter of a logo can be almost anything. The wave crests don't necessarily need to be too clearly read as JMA. The FedEx logo for example: If people look at it for the first time at a glance, they don't see anything but "FedEx". If they pay more attention / look closely, there is an arrow, the negative space between the letters E and x, which could easily mean "moving things forward"..
  15. The concept is the letters J, M, A shaped to form wave crests. I don't like the idea of following other car rentals "design trends", the ones with car keys / tires / gears / etc somewhere on their logos. I don't think a logo should tell people exactly what the company does anyway. The company name is long enough and tells enough what it does. The company is based in Bali, hence I use warm beach and waves as the idea.