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    Developing a local history website called Hinckley Past & Present, my latest project is Newbury History.

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  1. I've not come across the 'official site' banner yet, is this something new that Google are rolling out?
  2. Prefetching

    Thanks guys.
  3. Maybe @fisicx and @davep could offer advice on creating something in WordPress and starting with a theme that would work.
  4. I wonder if anyone is going to find the website via a Google search and in turn click on links to their Social Media pages. Maybe the penny will drop when they find out the website is about as much good as a chocolate tea pot!
  5. Scheduled tweets

    I have always used the Free version of Hootsuite to schedule tweets, you can set the tweets up via a browser or download and use the App.
  6. Prefetching

    Is it worth having for something like Google Analytics, or is it not going to make any real difference?
  7. Prefetching

    I recently came across the perfecting feature: <link rel="dns-prefetch" href="//google-analytics.com"> <link rel="dns-prefetch" href="//www.google-analytics.com"> My take on this is that the above example would force Google Analytics to load up last, but does this really help? Where in the headers would the Prefetching need to go to be of some use?
  8. Review: work in progress

    The colours are nice and easy on the eye, I did notice on http://www.i-am-peter.com/website-requirements that the 3 square links at the bottom of the page all point to the page that you are already on. Is there a reason why you have greyed out the links at the bottom-left of the page, its as if you want links but don’t want anyone to use them!
  9. Retailer Website Review

    It loads up nice and quick, navigation around the site is easy as well.
  10. dotvoice

    I like the animation, on the banner and the text as you scroll down the page, it does tend to draw my eye to them. I do find blue text on a yellow background a bit hard on the eyes, maybe try changing the text to black.
  11. Linux Full Installation

    Good to hear that Ubuntu is a solution that has worked for you, lets hope that your HDD holds up.
  12. Facebook vs Twitter vs Google Plus

    I think this is true to a point, if you can gain a following with a product/service that people like.
  13. Linux Full Installation

    Ubuntu maybe worth a try as an OS. Apache OpenOffice maybe a free option for an office suite. I have never used it myself, but people I have spoken to seem to rate it. I don't know if it is a lighter install than MS Office.
  14. Screen Resolution - Desktop

    I have recently found using the 45 to 75 Character rule an interesting read, this may help you decide what width to go for depending on your design layout.
  15. Greeting Everyone

    I can understand why WordPress could be used as a CMS for a client to update their own website, but I was more interested in why a Web Design Agency would create their own website using WordPress, rather than showing of their coding skills.