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    Developing a local history website called Hinckley Past & Present, my latest project is Newbury History.

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  1. GrahamUK33

    Inherited Website Need Speed Help

    Not sure if anyone else finds the following text a bit hard going on the eyes? Maybe a lighter font, or space the characters out a bit to make the text clearer.
  2. GrahamUK33

    Inherited Website Need Speed Help

    Jaba code is the only way to code in Star Wars! 😉
  3. GrahamUK33

    New here!

    Welcome the forum. 😎
  4. GrahamUK33


    Welcome to the forum. 😎
  5. GrahamUK33

    Please rate my website

    It looks clean and uncluttered, I like it. 👍
  6. GrahamUK33

    Which Social media channel is best for business promotion ?

    It wouldn’t hurt to create a page on Facebook as it is free, but you may need to pay to advertise that page on some particular searches. You could create an account on Twitter and start posting, but how many people find a taxi using Twitter. If you have a website, I really think the best bet is to pay for a Google advert so that you come up on local searches for taxis. I am sure a very large number of people would use Google to find a taxi in the local area.
  7. GrahamUK33

    New in web design programming!

    Welcome to the fourm, I am sure you will find the answers within the forum, or if not then post a question. 😎
  8. Welcome to the forum, I’m sure you will find some answers within the forum, if not ask the question. How are you finding Codecademy? Is it totally free to use? HTML, CSS and JavaScript are a great place to start, you will be able to use those skills to create a website. What text editor have you been using? I have been using Atom which is free open source, with plenty of plugins if needed.
  9. GrahamUK33

    Places to advertise? Ideas please.

    Don't know if this is a business or just a community, 'The Lochcarron Tree House' at http://lochcarroncommunity.com if it is a community website then maybe you could look after that for them, you may not get paid, but it would get your name and services out their with the local community. This could be another example for people to see what you can do, and help with local networking.
  10. GrahamUK33

    Places to advertise? Ideas please.

    Just looking on Google Maps with your postcode, I found a small business called Pop up Pottery, their website looks like it could do with redesigning - http://www.balnacra.com/
  11. I thought as much. I suppose Google will be on the case, because of a technique trying to manipulate their search results as well.
  12. GrahamUK33

    Tricky situation: what would you do?

    Why not go to them in person (face to face) and let them show you what the issues are, it maybe that they are doing something really silly, or it could be that you can solve the issue there. It would show willingness on your part that you want to solve the issue, if their is not issue then they will have to pay you for you remaining time.
  13. I am wondering what you will benefit from having an increase in false hits and traffic, am I missing something? 🤔
  14. GrahamUK33

    Places to advertise? Ideas please.

    Maybe have a look at the websites that the local businesses have, and if they are not responsive then you can offer to update the website along with some seo. There are a lot of people that just see a website as an expense, and a lot of people that think creating a website using wix is going to get them noticed. So perhaps explain in simple terms (no tech jargon) what you would offer and how it would benefit their business in gaining more work. As a side note – I have noticed on your website that you have listed all the websites that you have done. Maybe include a summary of what you did to improve their website, and possibly include a graphic of the website. Good luck, hope it works out of for you. 😎
  15. GrahamUK33

    Introducing myself

    Welcome the forum Jasper, sounds like you have achieved quite a bit so far, well done. 😎