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    Developing a local history website called Hinckley Past & Present, my latest project is Newbury History.

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  1. GrahamUK33

    Lazy Loading images and video

    The video is hosted on the same webserver as the website, and called up using <video> the video is not a full background video it is in a control box.
  2. GrahamUK33

    Lazy Loading images and video

    I am looking at ways of decreasing page weight without optimising images any more than I have to, I am mainly thinking about mobile devices on a poor 3G connection that will be more effected than a mobile device using a 4G connection or connected via Wi-Fi. What I am looking for is a cross browser solution, but at this stage I don't know what the problems are using a Lazy Loading solution and if the benefits would outweigh them. What are your experiences using a Lazy Load solution?
  3. GrahamUK33

    Irrelevant GDPR

  4. SOLVED - The Google Chrome Lighthouse report has been updated and now works fine. 😎
  5. There does look to be an issue with Lightroom v3 currently. SEO blocked from indexing fails when robots.txt specifies user-agents #5329 https://github.com/GoogleChrome/lighthouse/issues/5329
  6. I have tested the robots.txt with Google Search Console, it passes the test with no Errors and no Warnings.
  7. I removed the top two lines, waited a while and then ran the Lighthouse report again, it still shows the ‘Page is blocked from indexing’ error. Being that removing the two lines did not make any difference, I have put them back in. Out of interest, I ran the Lighthouse report on half a dozen big company websites, and even on the following URL from the Google Chrome Lighthouse page. Guess what… they all show the same error in the report. Tools for Web Developers - Page is blocked from indexing https://developers.google.com/web/tools/lighthouse/audits/indexing It does look like it could be some kind of bug in their report causing this error.
  8. At the moment that is all I have in the robots.txt file, I was planning on excluding a couple of pages once I have learnt a bit more on the best ways of doing that. But in the meantime I am just confused why Google Chrome Lighthouse throws an ‘Page is blocked from indexing’ error, when clearly the pages are being indexed. I am wondering if it is a Lighthouse Report issue.
  9. This is a bit of a strange one, I have recently been using Google Chrome Lighthouse v3 and noticed that under the SEO check it reports that the ‘Page is blocked from indexing’The report also shows that the Blocking Directive Source is /robots.txt robots.txt User-agent: * Disallow: Sitemap: http://www.mywebsite.co.uk/sitemap.xml I have removed the following from the webpages, as after a bit of reading I found that these settings are not really needed, unless a webpage is to be not indexed or not followed. <meta name="robots" content="index, follow"> Looking through Google Search Console, it shows that the webpages are being indexed, and all the pages can be viewed using site:www.mywebsite.co.uk What’s going on, any ideas what is causing the Lighthouse report to show the ‘Page is blocked from indexing’.
  10. GrahamUK33

    Problems with Atom?

    UPDATE - Atom is now working after reinstalling 3 times. 👍 Still interested to hear if anyone else has had any problems with Atom.
  11. Atom has been working fine up until this morning when it just will not start, as far as I know there has not been any updates for Windows 10 or Atom itself. I have removed Atom and reinstalled several times, and still Atom is not loading up. Is anyone else having problems with Atom not starting up.
  12. I am wondering if DR is Domain Authority, which can be found at http://www.seoreviewtools.com/website-authority-checker/
  13. GrahamUK33

    Tourist Website Advice Needed

    Personally, I find the text is a bit too heavy looking, that the website load times are a bit slow on a desktop. Looking at Google Page Speed, the Optimisation came back as Low 28/100. If you run the test it will give you some areas to fix. https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ Otherwise I think the content is okay, it is a typical tourist website giving the information needed.
  14. GrahamUK33

    Do you drink coffee?

    I have been drinking Nescafe Azera Cappuccino, has anyone else noticed Nescafe have changed the recipe and now it tastes more milky and less of Coffee?
  15. Why would you even consider buying links these days?