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  1. Website Review

    Thank you. Any other comments?
  2. Website Review

  3. Website Review

    Hi, I have made quite a few changes to my site since I last asked for opinions and was wondering if people could feedback on it now. https://www.shivampaw.com Thank you!
  4. Review my site homepage

    Site is live at https://www.shivampaw.com if anyone has any comments and feedback now.
  5. Review my site homepage

    I also made some changes just now, you might need to force reload the CSS at: http://newsite.shivampaw.com/wp-content/themes/shivampaw/style.css I've removed the background image on the homepage and remove the call to actions images. I like it but now on pages like work the call to action is blended into the page background. http://newsite.shivampaw.com/work/ I was thinking of making it the same colour of the footer but then it doesn't stand out. Any suggestions? Thanks! I've also added all the content now if you want to check it
  6. Review my site homepage

    Just two quick questions. Do you think it's better with no blue background but having a max width of 950px for readability or what I've done now which is standard container width and just having a less of a blue background. Or a mix of both etc? I found the white background to be a bit too plain? Here's an image of the white background on the work page: http://i.imgur.com/lAaBWP6.jpg Also, you'll see I've added a call to action above the footer on all pages except the home and contact page. And I've also added the getting in touch details. The other question is, I'm looking at changing the logo, any ideas for what would go well?
  7. Review my site homepage

    Thanks both. I'll have a look at that dodgy image problem. Also I'll sort out the narrow full width stuff. Thanks!
  8. Review my site homepage

    I swear I changed it.. Ok so I've WordPressified the site: http://newsite.shivampaw.com/ I think it's basically done? I know I have to add the main contents to each work post and also the rest of the pages and also add the contact page but other than that is there any other overall feedback? Thanks for everyone's help If someone can also test the contact form on the bottom of the homepage I'd appreciate it
  9. Review my site homepage

    I've made the background images the same. It felt plain without them? Thanks, I fixed the typo Thanks. I'm gonna start on WordPress now. I feel using it will make managing content etc a lot easier and there's no real point wasting time to reinvent the wheel?
  10. Review my site homepage

    I'll be working on the content today. I've also just finished redoing the portfolio bit on the homepage. UX wise, do you feel it's good now? Thanks all!
  11. Review my site homepage

    Thanks!!!! I'll work on the portfolio tomorrow a lot. I'm thinking of using bootstrap 4 cards but need alternatives because of the lack of responsiveness it has currently. What do you think my priorities should be right now?
  12. Review my site homepage

    I don't get it, I've tried to do what good freelancers have done etc and made it minimal etc. I'm not sure what's so bad about the layout? Right now I'm messing with the work section so it looks weird. How can you develop a site without having a proper design idea? I'm a bit lost here.
  13. Review my site homepage

    If I don't mention my name there's nothing personal - I see it as a must. Like I said, I can't get the content done properly while designing it on bootstrap because as I transition to WordPress it will need changes. Right now I am trying to make the layout and design work so adding content is easier in WordPress. The hover works on touch screens as well (I made it with them in mind). All the case studies and project details will have the information, isn't that what you said? Or did I misunderstand?
  14. Review my site homepage

    I've also just designed the page template: http://dev.shivampaw.com/me/page.html and contact page template: http://dev.shivampaw.com/me/contact.html Next I'll work on the work portfolio and the blog template.
  15. Review my site homepage

    Hi, I've totally revamped it (new design, layout, content etc.) http://dev.shivampaw.com/me/ I haven't added case studies yet because I will add all that when I transform the theme to WordPress. What do you think about the homepage layout?