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  1. Best Web Designing Tool

    For creating web pages you require to use HTML and CSS, because without HTML and CSS, you cannot design the web pages. However to create unique GUI designs, you also need to use a Graphic designing software. You can use Photoshop or coral draw software for creating different design elements.
  2. Companies utilize both social media channels and SEO to increase the visibility of their brand and product in the market. Both of them can be used to drive tremendous traffic to the website.
  3. How can I convert an Adobe .pdf image to .jpg?

    Windows OS have a few options to convert a documents or jpg images into PDF. There are two ways to convert a PDF format into PDF Use online tools There are variety of converter tools in the market but majority of the online tools are not safe enough. Online conversion tools require the user to upload their files and it is not safe to upload a classified file on the internet because the online tools can copy the contents for your file or they can even take a screen shot of your file contents. Use converter software It is better to use a converter software because it is installed in your computer and you do not have to worry about classified information leakage. I have used Classic PDF converter software to convert different file formats into PDF but it is a paid tool but you can download the free version to convert your file. You can look for the other PDF converter software on the the internet and you use the one that fulfill your requirements.
  4. How to use Pinterest effectively for social media marketing.

    Pinterest is one of the most commonly used social media platform. It is also rich in traffic. If you want to get more followers for your Pinterest account, then you can use the following tips: Add the Pinterest Follow Button Use Keywords, Descriptive Titles, & Hashtags Promote Individual Boards Link With Other Social Media Accounts Mention Others Promote Your Individual Boards Follow Others Run Contests Find Friends From Other Social Networks
  5. You can also add a blog in your website to drive more traffic to the users. Most of the business companies offer information to the audience. So that they could drive more traffic to the website. When your website visitors would increase then the chances of product sales would increase as well. You can also utilize the social media platform to increase the sales. You need to add contact information to the website. You can add contact informatio to the footer and you can also create a separate page. Contact information would pass the signal of a genuine company to the audience. In order to improve the UI, you can also add customers reviews at the home page.
  6. Is Magento a Good Platform for Startups?

    Variety of platforms are available for developing applications and each platform has certain strength or weaknesses. For developing applications platforms are selected based on the project requirement. Magento is a very famous platform among the developers for developing applications because it is highly customize and flexible. Magento is a used by over 250 000 merchants worldwide. It offer an unlimited expand-ability, scalability, and flexibility to meet each client's specific requirement. It also has a very large community of developers and large collection of extensions that speedup the application development.
  7. Responsive Facebook page plugin?

    If you are designing a WordPress website then you can use responsive Facebook page Plugin to create your website fully responsive.
  8. Which CMS is right for me?

    WordPress is a great platform for application development. It is easier to develop applications in WordPress and even the users with zero programming skills can easily use design an application. But WordPress also has other alternatives that can help you to achieve the same tasks as WordPress platform.
  9. Backup of WP site

    It is compulsory to create backup of WordPress site because you might accidentally erased a file or your website might get hacked. Website backups are an also essential part of owning and maintaining a website. You can check this post to create the backup for your website: https://fizzle.co/sparkline/backup-wordpress
  10. Which one is best CMS? Joomla - Magento

    Deciding that which platform is more suitable for your application depends on the requirement of the application that you wish to develop. WordPress is primarily developed for blogging systems. But it is not limited to blogging sites only, you can create eCommerce, listings and all business types of website with it. Even beginners can easily use it to create web applications. Joomla is a great choice if you want to create a community or a network with membership area, news, articles, inputs from external authors etc. But since Joomla is difficult to learn, beginners might find this platform difficult to use.
  11. Companies optimize their websites for the searching engine to increase their visibility in-front of the customers and to improve the rank of a website in the searching engine, you need to follow following guidelines: Make your website responsive Make sure that your website has fast loading speed Create back-links in high authority websites Create SEO friendly web design Add high quality and detailed contents in your website and frequently update its contents Use on page SEO Utilize social media platforms because some platforms provide quality back-links
  12. Majority of the business companies utilize email marketing to inform the customers about new services or products. Email marketing is also used to convince the potential customers to buy a new product but to the send emails, business companies require the list of potential customers and if a web service would provide the list automatically then it would save the marketers from the time consuming task of manually creating the list.
  13. Email marketing is used to inform users about new products and services and it is also used to convince the potential customers to buy another product from the company. Email marketing is a very effective technique to promote brand sales. Majority of the business companies are utilizing it. Following are some of the advantages of email marketing: It can be used to spread brand awareness It is cost effective It is easy to create and share It promote brand sales
  14. how to hire frontend developers ?

    Following are some of the skills that are necessary for a front end developer: Meets project deadline Have a strong portfolio Up-to-date knowledge Great communication Knowledge about changing trends Awareness of technology Ability to adapt to changes visual aesthetic that matches your brand or product
  15. I admit the topic of fastest way to get organic traffic

    Blogs and forums can be used to drive huge amount of traffic to a website. But you also need to utilize the social media platforms to promote your traffic. There are many social media platforms and the most famous social media platforms include Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube,Facebook and twitter. You need to utilize the platforms where your target audience spend most of their time. Engage with the users and become part of the conversation. Without any user engagement on blogs, forums and social media platforms, you won't be able to drive any traffic to your website.