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  1. Paying Tax On Small Incomes

    Yes filling in a tax return would be necessary, it's most likely that the extra income would be taxed at 20%, unless you earn more than £45k in your current job in which case it would be 40%. From memory when you start filling in the return it gives you some options so you can declare earnings over and above your full time job.
  2. Do you drink coffee?

    I've always drunk loads of coffee, and rarely drink anything else
  3. Sleep disruption

    Haha sometimes I can't sleep because my head is wizzing round trying to solve a design/development problem. Quite often I just get up, have a coffee and marmite sarnie and work on the problem, sometimes the answer comes, sometimes not.
  4. Feel like a jack of all trades

    Yes it can be very easy to slip into being a "jack of all trades" - been there. I remember about 10 years ago feeling a bit swamped with trying to do everything and so I started specialising, and to date that's worked out just nicely. When I get enquiries about stuff I don't do I just refer them to some contacts who specialise in what they're asking for. In your case I'd day start specialising, you could still take on other work in the short term as a fallback in case it's quiet.
  5. So long as you have some 301 redirects in place for your new page URL's there is no SEO impact as such, search engines will simply reindex your URL's and any page value will normally just follow through. For SSL, personally I'd add a my certificate at server level, that means you wouldn't be dependant on a 3rd party.
  6. Not specifically visual but writing some case studies might be beneficial?
  7. 1. Sending emails with attached JPGs, PDFs to multiple clients and then tracking their replies and gathering reviews in a single place We haven't done static mockups for years, instead we have live wireframe demos on as server that clients can actually interact with, usually password protected anyone that has access can preview. For comments we normally use Basecamp or Asana. 2. Tracking versions. They will send out version 3 for review and someone will send comments on version 1 Again we'll use dynamic wireframes 3. Conflicting reviews. One person will ask to change the colour to green, and another will ask to change it to blue We encourage people to provide a specific reason for something like a colour change. More often than not it reflects peoples personal colour choices, rather than anything beneficial for people who will actually use the site. 4. Uploading and sharing videos. And getting comments Included in dynamic wireframes again, easy to add 3 videos to a demo page for review. 5. Understanding comments. It’s very often like solving puzzles. Comments like ‘Make it green’ and you have to ask the client ‘Make What green?’ Again that's down to making sure clients know what sort of feedback you want before anything else.
  8. E Commerce Website

    It really depends on your products, customers and people who have to manage the site. What you need to do is compare ecommerce addons/scripts etc to determine which would work best for your business.
  9. The end of the 'listicle'?

    I haven't noticed any more of any less of them, really I try to avoid "top lists" articles because they rarely answer my questions. The problem with many marketers (and media sites) is that they churn out so much worthless drivel like best of articles, just repeating what everyone else has done, and filling up the web with crud. Of course Adtech is mainly to blame here because ad supported sites need eyeballs to bring in ad revenue, which need constant streams of new content, to bring in eyeballs, which need constant streams of new content, to bring in eyeballs....
  10. What is your preferred way of building Websites?

    Ideally I start with finding out what visitors may want to do when visiting the site (i.e. their Top Tasks), from there looking at content and what's needed. In your case for a maintenance business think about what information potential customers might want, e.g. Do they offer the service I want? Opening time (if applicable) Contact details (phone, address, email) Price guide (so I can get an idea of how much I need to budget for) Do they operate in my area? Testimonials (optional but can be beneficial) Examples of work done (can work with testimonials) Some information about who they are, how long they've been in business etc.
  11. Different browsers, OS's, monitors and devices have always never displayed colours the same, it's been that way ever since colour monitors first appeared. My advice, don't worry about it!
  12. Need icon / image advice please

    My question is why do you really need icons (or dots)? The category of each article is already added next to the entry date. Still on topic the only problem with coloured dots is that they are often hard to decipher if you have colour blindness, that affects about 10% of the population.
  13. Self hosted Pwik will help you when GDPR comes into force - https://piwik.org/blog/2017/09/gdpr-potential-consequences-piwik/
  14. New site! Let us know what you think.

    Good points. Auto closing of threads seems to work well on other forums, one I mod at for instance closes threads if there have been no replies for 3 months and we've never had a problem. If a 5 year old thread is still going with people posting regularly (i.e. more frequently than every 3 months) it wouldn't get closed. We do get bots/spammers answering many posts in succession, even old ones, to get their post count up - favourite targets are "SEO" posts as you'd expect! Auto closing would help alleviate that problem. Finally, all forums have old posts with old information. That's part of the course really, a fact of life,.