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  1. BlueDreamer

    Can Flipbooks be updated via the Internet.

    What @fisicx said! To extend on it, the ideal way of doing this is to have a web site as your catalogue, along with buying options. This has a ton of benefits: Anyone can access the catalogue and purchase (not just people whom you send it currently), could increase sales as well You could offer videos to view online, or deliver CD's for an additional fee (covers your postage/CD costs) You save on postage & CD's, you'd have web hosting costs though but long term that should be more cost effective. You only have to update one thing at a time (your web site), saves your time and hassle. People can then buy immediately without having to wait for the email. You could run a newsletter that people could subscribe to, then send out a weekly/monthly update of what's new. Just a thought.
  2. BlueDreamer

    My emails been spoofed!

    Yep, when someone spoofs a live email address it's a bit of a pain. I've got a couple of domains where this happens regularly - they mainly use email addresses (or variations of) harvested from Whois. What you could try is applying some email filtering. If the bounce emails contain specific wording you could filter them out that way and send them to your bitbucket (delete them). For example if the subject text is "Get viagra now" you could filter all emails that have the word viagra in the subject to be deleted.
  3. BlueDreamer

    SKY nternet keeps dropping out.

    But did you have a cwcom.net email address?
  4. BlueDreamer

    Freelance Advice

    Welcome to the forums The key here is to state in your contract that any work over and above what's been agreed are chargeable extras. What I typically do for extras is to quote time/cost for each item (or group of items) and get the client to agree before doing the work. The extra fees are then added to the final bill. If you have endless change requests sometimes you need to put your foot down and tell the to stop! What you could do is start stage billing where you bill them for these extras and stop work until they've paid. I always build in a certain amount of time for bug fixing in the original quote. The key here is to test as much as possible while you're building to reduce the number of bugs. Sometimes when it's possible I get the client to actually use part of the site during the build so they can see it working and point out anything that needs attention. I've always got multiple projects on the go! Will power I often work at night because there are no distractions and you can get a lot done
  5. BlueDreamer

    Do I still need to accomodate old versions of IE?

    I usually look at the site's stats to see what IE usage there is and make decisions/recommendations from there. I no longer "support" any versions of IE by default as usage is typically <5% for the type of sites I work with, but saying that it's always the clients choice whether to spend the extra money or let people using IE get a more basic version of the site that still works. For your case if it's a business site look at the stats and see the % usage and make a decision based on that, is the extra work worth the few %?
  6. I always go for logical URL paths when possible, so in @BrowserBugs example /restaurants/surrey/epsom would be an ideal scenario. On the other hand sometimes your data structure might not makes those URL' s easy to construct. For example if my locations aren't just restaurants but area also bars and hotels as well then you could have /restaurants/surrey/epsom /bars/surrey/epsom /hotels/surrey/epsom ...but that could lead to having a lot of duplicated content about Epsom! That's not necessarily a bad thing because your visitors can still get the the info they want, but a good case for using the canonical to tell search engines which page is the primary one. Alternatively for this sort of scenario you could go generic and do something like: /locations/surrey/epsom There's no right or wrong here but whatever you do I'd say visitors being able to easily find the info they want is more important than URL structure.
  7. BlueDreamer

    I'm Back.

    I know that name - wotcha!
  8. BlueDreamer

    How to put a clickable map on my Wordpress site?

    Normally the easiest way is to use a Google/Bing/OpenStreetmap Map which has multiple map markers. Typically a plugin/addon will handle geocoding and generating the map for you, you can hard code map data but that can be complicated if you're not used to it.. Anyhow here's how I normally do it, though using ExpressionEngine - I don't use Wordpress, but the process might be similar. 1. Create a publishing channel for your locations and create location entries - with each entry you'll need to create lat/long for your map markers, this is where an addon/plugin make life a bit easier by geocoding from an address you supply, or you can manually add lat/long values in a pair of custom fields. - naturally add any other useful info for your location landing pages, addresses, description, etc 2. In your template add the mapping code supplied by your plugin/addon - loop through your location entries - this should output your map markers that are linked to the relevant location pages ,
  9. @BrowserBugs has given you some great answers but I'll chime in with a few more comments: At the end of the day customers won't care less what the domain name is, though if it's easy to remember and type out that's a bonus. It's worth remembering that links posted on social media will generally either display the page title + text description, or a shortcut link name like bit.ly/xcvbnml - rarely do the show the actual domain name. I can't count the times I've come across 3rd parties holding a clients domain and hosting "hostage". Hope you can get access easily! Domains can easily be transferred between accounts, takes a couple of minutes to do. If you transfer to a different registrar there may be a small fee (probably $10-30) but that's well worth paying if she becomes difficult. With hosting it's just a case of giving full access to the account. Once that is in place the site can be moved to any web host.
  10. BlueDreamer

    How Much Should I Charge. Pricing

    Ah yes, "bung a bit more on to cover the unknown"
  11. BlueDreamer

    How Much Should I Charge. Pricing

    Estimating is always hard, and subjective, but you could use a simple formula: Total hours x your hourly rate plus Cost of software/ SSL certs/hosting plus Cost of providing your 6 months support (best estimate)
  12. BlueDreamer

    How Much Should I Charge. Pricing

    To be fair I think that's intended to mean within a 3 week turnaround time. It's always better to give yourself some leeway even if you deliver sooner?
  13. BlueDreamer

    Setting up your first client

    Yes draw up a contact! Include items including: What items of work you will do What items the client will be responsible for (eg supplying content) Expected deadlines,/timings especially items the client needs to do Payment terms How you deal with unexpected extras that crop up, it's common for clients to ask for extra work so build in something to cover this. It's very common to ask for a non-refundable payment up front. that can be anything you like. For smaller projects 50% is fine, for larger more expensive projects you could do stage payments on completion of certain milestones.
  14. Yes me too - it's very hard to actually understand what the site does. Lots of flashy (pointless) animation but nothing useful. Cookie consent - if you really valued peoples privacy, you'd offer an opt out.
  15. BlueDreamer

    VPN Black Friday (88% off). Should i get it?

    However tempting that may sound it's worth investigating what that VPN offers, latest data suggests they keep plenty of logs, though they don't fall under 5/9/14 eyes which is good. VPN provider data/comparisons https://thatoneprivacysite.net/vpn-comparison-chart/ General privacy info https://www.privacytools.io/