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  1. What are the ideal breakpoints and font size?

    I can see px, where are the pts?
  2. Hello from Bristol

    Hi Barnaby and welcome. You might want to fix your profile photos on your website like your logo though.
  3. doh! i meant to say inkscape, not gimp in my previous post -but you all figured that anyway
  4. if you're a developer you should be handcoding it just joking (although you certainly could hand code it it wasn't too complex) I use illustrator (because we have Adobe creative cloud at work), export as svg as either 2 or 3 decimal places and then run it through https://jakearchibald.github.io/svgomg/ (with the same level of decimal places, 3 if it's complex and loses any curves. gimp is supposed to be good too, and is completely free. probably a lot lighter footprint too compared to illustrator! think fireworks also has has an svg export plugin. there might be some online tools too but to be honest i've always just illi because it fits my work flow.
  5. Help please with expired domian

    usually you also get plenty of warnings by email when a domain is about to expire
  6. What Software Should I Use?

    i think you're expecting too much from free services - you always have to pay something either with their banner at the bottom or in some other way. Of course you have to pay for a domain name. Or invest in your own learning time. Unrealistic expectaions usually end in disappointment
  7. If this was a hobby site i would suggest just finding a basic wordpress template and throwing stuff in there - as it's a business site I would advise finding a budget to get something built! Looking at the code generated by serif it's, well it's a mess on my phone it's pretty much unusable without zooming in a lot to navigate or read text - certainly not want you want for your users, and certainly not what you want for potential customers. I think you have some promising elements - the header part could be condensed into a logo if you simplify it (you have two lots of " Quality Coarse Angling and Tackle Shop / TACKLE AND BAIT SHOP" for example and some good pictures of big fish! the front page is a bit on the bust side and the flashing elements take me back to the 90s all that centrered italic text is not the easiest to read - italics should be used to set text apart, for emphasis for exmaple or things like plant names in Latin, not whole sentences of text, and certainly not all centred which is a lot harder to read than left aligned text with enough space around it to allow it to breathe. also reduce the amount of yellow orange gradients - with everything vying for attention it's like one advert after another. the tone of the site seems very friendly but i think serif and your own lack of coding skills are holding back the business potential. the best option would be to invest in a proper site but if you just can't find the budget then consider wordpress on the same hosting you have. At is it stands there is too much to fix in that site that it wouldn't be worth it - better to start again and plan the content - reduce the clutter on the frontpage, you don't have to tell everyone everything in great detail from straight away give an overview and a few unique selling points (friendly service, comptetitive prices, expertise, etc.) with links to find out more and hopefully get people calling in to visit/purchase or simply find out more to return at a later date. Taking a crash course in modern web design and coding to make a slick fast loading site that works on all devices can be a rewarding thing, but like anything it takes time and effort. p.s. a simple hook/fish based logo wouldn't go amiss either
  8. bit more context would be helpful - what's the background?? what do the abbreviations mean (they could be chemical?) what happens when you click on the lines/where do they go? lines are not traditionally very good action elements - will users know to click on them? why the lines and not the letters? how is it going to work on mobile and scale up and down generally? what other page elements are there on the page?
  9. Kindly review site

    this has been review once before on here not that long ago - has something changed since then? still seems about as bad as it was before
  10. unless you contact for copywriting services and/or stock photography selection and purchase. remember if you're the one picking photos then you need to charge the customer for the photo AND for the time selecting it - it can sometimes take quite a while to find the right photo
  11. Sumit - this is 6 months old or so, so guessing they probably decided a while ago
  12. Logo for website

    use svg instead - clear at any size (well ok not 5px wide and any any high res screen like retina or similar display and you only need one asset for any size or screen pixel density. align your pixels to the pixel grid in the programme you made your logo in (if you can) and it should be good to go!
  13. Use of Accordion Elements

    your line length is still too long (e.g. on http://www.wildlifeonline.me.uk/wlol_wordpress/questions_answers/qa_deer/what_are_antlers_and_why_deer_have_them/ ) it would be a lot easier to read if it was 50-60% of what it currently is, and with some more leading i.e. line-height. 1.4–1.5 is a good place to start though for shorter lines it depends on the font and generally just a bit of testing Verdana has a large x-height (the lower case letters are quite tall) which makes it easy to read but also means it needs more line-height than fonts with smaller x-heights. Wondered too if you had tried Georgia as an alternative? also don't underline (sub)headings unless they are links . lot of interesting info on there - got 'distracted' from web stuff and started reading all about the deer! edit. you can your browser developr tools to increase line height temporarily to test it
  14. Chrome Extension to Capture Open Tabs

    isn't this jthe same as saving a session? like session buddy extension for example?
  15. Creating A Course

    i assume the topic is something they are capable of i.e. something other than web design, but the means is the stumbling block