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  1. Is this website nice for the sporting industry? Any feedback? suggestions please.
  2. I develop interest in programming codes php, mysql and javascprt and joomla. I decide to offer services to my friends needing a website. I used joomla for this. is it good or bad?? link: http://www.digitalwarriors.co.ke/
  3. Is there any good joomla extension out there that does all these; Allows user registration and profile creation Users make orders (Academic Papers) Owner can be able to view all the orders Integrated to paypal account Any suggestions and advise are highly appreciated.
  4. if that is your passion then go for it but if you are money motivated you are going to find it rough!!
  5. I am a web designer though not with much experience. I just created this website http://www.digitalwarriors.co.ke/. It is joomla based. The problem is different people have different perceptions about the site. I have read quite a number of articles and watched some video tutorial as well with regards to what a good website should look like. I think most of the aspects i have read are implemented on the site e.g responsiveness and navigability. Someone tells me that "The website is so basic". I really don't understand this. What can do to improve the look and feel of this website to make it look better? Your opinions please. Regards
  6. How can social media influence seo rankings?
  7. Meta / Google search results

    I have been having the same problem. My website page http://www.digitalwarriors.co.ke/service/web-design-in-kenya does not show all the title tags on search engine Google. Instead what i am seeing is the first keyword followed by website name. I have disabled append suffix on the global configurations (This is a joomla website).
  8. Hi good people, My website page http://www.digitalwarriors.co.ke/service/web-design-in-kenya title tag text is not appearing in google listing. Instead what i am seeing is the first text which is one of the keywords am targeting followed by the website name. This is a joomla installation. I have disabled the 'add suffix' option in the global settings but nothing has changed. Any help. I want all the text to appear as they are in the title tags. Thanks
  9. I am a web designer. I use Joomla cms for all my websites. A good example is this website http://www.digitalwarriors.co.ke/ .I have never used Wordpress before therefore i have got no idea of how it works. But one of my clients wanted to know the best cms to use. I definitely had no answer to this question because i dont use wordpress. is there anyone who has used the two before? what is the big difference?
  10. App Marketing and SEO

    Do an ad both on facebook and search engines especially Google and you will get good results
  11. I am new to web design and development. However i am determined to offer these services to the best of my ability. My question is is this web layout good for a web design agency? I mean in your opinion can it drop off visitors to my site? Any expert opinion will be appreciated. thanks website url http://www.digitalwarriors.co.ke/
  12. I am a newbie to both web design and seo but I want to start offering these services. is this web layout friendly for seo? Any expert opinion will be highly appreciated. Website url http://www.digitalwarriors.co.ke
  13. Which one is best CMS? Joomla - Magento

    Joomla is the best CMS ever
  14. The layout of your website has got significant impact on your seo rankings. Factors such as mobile friendliness, navigation play a crucial role. Read: How can a design of website affect seo rankings of a website