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  1. seedism

    Review: work in progress

    thanks Grant, actually been very helpful and I am no longer an all round (although better then square I guess) web designer...lol
  2. seedism

    Review: work in progress

    Thanks for the feedback. Yes my name is Peter. The missing pages will be there soon, contact, portfolio etc. It is obvious that I attach too much value to the splash page as it is, although I like it I will do a few different layouts to see how I feel, and again ask how others feel about it...perhaps a "less is more" approach. I am also working on good mobile experience and will have to think bout the content not working good on small screens. Motivation Again, not a website that needs to attract traffic but more an elaborated business card with info on what a client needs to provide when requesting a site. The few clients that approach me know nothing and expect me to provide everything from text to images and marketing to brand creation. I am preparing a few tutorials on the site on how to make good images and resize them, how to create content etc, my aim is that my site should help them preparing their content so that I do not have to charge ridiculous prices for time they could spend on this. Again, I do not need clients, but get approached quite a lot with questions/queries. And again, I really enjoy making sites in my free time and this is 90% for fun and perhaps 10% for need. P.H.
  3. seedism

    Looking for help on my website

    Yup, and also not too hard to transfer your PhpBB forum to a BBpress forum on Wordpress, and it makes it simple to start a shop in the future with woocommerce, the amount of skins or themes as Wordpress calls them is endless and many very good ones are free.
  4. seedism

    Looking for help on my website

    Your forum has a lot of members active, so there is something going well for the need of a pigeon racing site, once you have your site modernized you should be on a winner. I would suggest finding a Wordpress developer, should take only a few days to make your site up to date and user-friendly.
  5. seedism

    Looking for help on my website

    Start a donations campaign on you pigeons forum and try to raise money for a developer? And then come back here and post in the jobs section, there are quite a few good people here who could make you something for a reasonable budget.
  6. seedism

    Looking for help on my website

    Hi @lvlasked, unfortunately I have to agree that your web guy made a bit of a mess of your project. Get all the login and admin info you can, if you can not get a hold of the guy you might need to start again but will have lost the domain name potentially as it is in his name. Do not get too attached to a homepage, and a hard lesson I had to learn is that what I like is usually bad for 1000+ others, a website should maintain a basic aesthetic and follow a couple of important rules to become user-friendly. First off all remove your personal and emotional attachment to your logo, that is hard but necessary, let it go and focus on a happy place to get over it... again I went to the same process and had to stop with my craziness. Then all the movement, makes me dizzy, those moving everythings belong on a hello kitty fansite (sorry kitty), again do not blame yourself...your web-guy should have guided you through this process as it is a steep learning curve for many. But, now you need to get hold of that guy, get all info he has from the hosting company so you have full admin access to the server, the domain name etc. Do it for the stray pigeons that are depending on your links to work.
  7. seedism

    Review: work in progress

    As not many pages are live...lol (noob) I can only expect criticism... I am aiming to have all pages up and running in 10-12 days.
  8. Although not finished I would like some feedback on my new site i-am-peter.com There is still a lot to do but am open for feedback, I am ready to get blasted so do not hold back...lol btw. I am not a full time developer, not a real developer at all as I do not know how to code, only how to cut and paste Wordpress and make some CSS changes to my liking. I mostly do this for fun as I am very busy with my two other companies, and being a bit of a control freak need to make all my companies sites myself and thought that I might as well start making some sites every now and then for people/brands I like. I am not looking to sell many websites through this venture, more needed a website to show when I approach people I would like to make a site for...if that makes any sense. Anyway, rip my site apart and let me know please. Thanks Peter
  9. Your new layout is a lot better then the original, and simple is better for a news website. I do not love the layout, but I do not think there is much wrong with it, perhaps it does need a few stylish elements to break up the monotony of text. Icons would perhaps make it a bit more unique, I do not see a login area, and perhaps a nice logo. Also I always feel a rich footer would make a site feel more easy to navigate. But it is a lot better then the original so well done. P.H.
  10. seedism

    Wordpress - is it hard to learn?

    You do need access to your servers root folder, there you will find the wordpress instalation. Inside the folder wp-content you will find a folder named themes, inside that folder are all the themes and there you need to make a new folder named after you child-theme, inside this folder will you place your new template files like style.css, page.php, footer.php, header.php and many any file you want to change. Making a wordpress theme is really important to learn as fast as possible, will make your webdesigning/developing much easier.
  11. seedism

    Wordpress - is it hard to learn?

    Hi TimW, that was the same question I had when I joined here a few years ago. A child-theme is a wordpress theme that relies on an existing theme like twentysixteen (I use that most as "parent" theme), but exists as a new theme where you can place your own versions of the standard wordpress templates. I have one child-theme which only has a CSS stylesheet where I change the layout of the "parent" theme, and by only altering this file in my child-theme these will override those files from the parent-theme. Child-themes first use the files of the parent-theme, then look in the child-theme files to see if there are adjustments which override the parents CSS. It took me a little while to understand child-themes but changed the way I work with wordpress and have now much more options. http://www.wpbeginner.com/beginners-guide/wordpress-child-theme-pros-cons/
  12. Nobody has to name the obvious facebook etc. if he did not know about facebook and the likes he will never get a client in his taxi...which is probably still steam powered. Besides how to get people to your social ad is more important then having one, facebook whatsapp etc. are bloated and bad, who uses ads from facebook. Make actual flyers..from paper at a printer and spread thousands locally. Or just get a job at uber.
  13. seedism

    Systems for responsive design

    I do not use grid systems, all custom css in wordpress child-themes.
  14. seedism

    Urgent - Please Help!

    When I think about it you should just install BBPress and Buddypress, making a forum gives you all the room they need for their site.