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  1. Analytical Madness

    Who Wants to Create My Website?

    I would like to thank everybody for their contributions but we have found a solution to our problem. Hope you all have a good day.
  2. Analytical Madness

    Who Wants to Create My Website?

    Alright, not at all what I was asking about. But how?
  3. Analytical Madness

    Who Wants to Create My Website?

    I have looked at a few hundred and tried out a few dozen that seemed to fit best. But the fact is, it would take forever to do that for 25.000 themes. It's looking for a needle in a haystack. Either way, a Wordpress theme could help me. For me both matter. I'm well aware, I'm just out of ideas. I don't see any other alternative to Wordpress at this point. Well, I don't want my layout to be non-responsive. In fact one of the main reasons why I stopped using my previous website builder and tried Wix was because it couldn't make the pages responsive. When I'm talking about replicating the above, I'm talking about creating a version that looks very similar (similar colour scheme, the same or similar looking graphic elements, etc.) with things in similar places (that banner up top, the featured article to the right, etc.) but which can also adjust to cellphones, tablets, etc. As for my budget, it depends on what is being offered. But no matter what I certainly can't go over 1000 dollars.
  4. Analytical Madness

    Who Wants to Create My Website?

    Everything is not a particularly helpful response, I'm sorry to say. As for the image you've attached, it's certainly not flawless. But I also don't see any impedement to reading it. Not that you're supposed to read much more than the titles on this page. But Wordpress allows for responsive themes. Things that adjust based on things like phone size. First of all, I'm not "going on" about Wordpress. I asked whether someone could make me either a website (but if it costs thousands of dollars that's too expensive for me and most times I've contacted people about it their prices have been 2000-3000 dollars for their most basic package) or a Wordpress theme. Secondly, you're not aware of this but I have considered many, MANY alternatives. I have tried a bunch of website builders. I started specifically NOT wanting to use Wordpress. But every single time that I've used a website builder I've run into some sort of problem and at this point pretty much the only alternative I have left that I'm aware of is Wordpress and asking someone to build me a custom theme. So do you have another alternative?
  5. Analytical Madness

    Who Wants to Create My Website?

    I was actually not originally looking to discuss if anything was or wasn't wrong with my site, I was asking if anyone wanted to either design a site or more likely a wordpress theme for me. I've looked through the existing themes, but none of them fit what I want. As for the narrow browser thing, I'm assuming that wouldn't be a problem with something like a Wordpress theme.
  6. Analytical Madness

    Who Wants to Create My Website?

    Alright, then write what you think is wrong with it.
  7. Analytical Madness

    Who Wants to Create My Website?

    Alright, what don't you like about it? Also, I'm not here to ask for any free stuff. But the budget depends on exactly what the other person is offering.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone who wants to create either a website or a Wordpress theme for me. No actual design is required. All of the graphic elements have already been created and the basic design ought to look something like this (https://analyticalmadness.wixsite.com/analyticalmadness). The site is meant to serve as a way for me and a partner to regularly publish articles, so there would have to be an in-built easy way for us to do that every week without asking a web developer again. So, anyone up for the job?
  9. Analytical Madness

    What Software Should I Use?

    I believe I have, yes. But I'm not 100% sure. I tried most of the basic ones like Squarespace and Wordpress. Nothing that works for me, sadly. Yeah, I think that's a bit too much of an investment in time to me. I have. It's decent but it has some problems. Among them the fact that I have to pay to use my own domain and secondly it displays a banner of "Made by Wix" on the bottom if you don't pay.
  10. Analytical Madness

    What Software Should I Use?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any idea which is the best completely free open-source software I could use to create my website. I've been using a program called Open Element up until now. But it has some shortcomings including text which changes size depending on the webpage and it doesn't have a built in search engine. The type of software I'm looking for must be drag-and-drop since I only know a little bit of coding. It must also allow me to use a search engine, preferably through something built in, and it must have a good way to change how it displays pages on mobile. Finally, I'm looking for something more like Wix than Wordpress. So something where I have relative freedom to change the themes, increase the size of images, change the layout, move things around freely, etc. as I wish. It must also allow for good SEO. Note that I don't need a url or webhosting, since I already use GoDaddy for that purpose, but only need the design software.
  11. I think the sidebar is very valuable on the actual website itself though (not on phones). In how it improves navigation. And I'm not sure I could create an equally useful alternative through some other way. I mean, personally I can still see the banner image fairly well on my cellphone. But at any rate, while these are certainly possible concerns I don't have the money to test what my audience will do in any way. / Anyway, I'll discuss what we've discussed with my partner and potentially send a call your way when possible. Thanks for the advice so far.
  12. You mention several studies here including about shade and button styles. Are the results of these studies freely available? If so, where?
  13. Well, OpenElement does have features for this. But they've proven rather difficult to get a handle on. But it is something I wanted to address before launch. I know, but I wasn't aware that OpenElement might not be capable of this. I mostly have chalked it up to my own inexperience and as something I've yet to fix. But wouldn't I need to do a lot of coding in order to do this properly? I don't feel confident enough in my abilities to build something from the ground up. That's a fantastic offer, but it seems like that would take you a good deal of time, no? I don't want to be even more than a bother to you than I already am. I mean, the only thing I could really offer in compensation is to put you in my thank yous on the website and to link to your website. Don't worry about being negative, I'm fully open to criticism. It's good to know these things. After all, I want my site to succeed.
  14. Since I've already spent a lot of time learning and using OpenElement and I have financial resources invested in this site (and it still hasn't launched) it seems to me that what I want is too comprehensive to do in Wordpress without going passed the base site/page builder and spending a lot of time learning how to use it and developing themes and whatnot. I'm not necessarily completely unwilling to do those things, but concerning the issues I believe the site currently has I'm currently not convinced it's worth the time. I could change my mind though. But what issues do you mean?
  15. So I tried Wordpress, but I feel a bit on rails when using it. I'm not sure whether it's my lack of knowledge about the website builder, but I don't think it'll allow my website to look the way I want it to look. So I think I'm going to try and find an alternative search engine instead and try to solve the overflow problem some other way. But thanks for the advice.