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  1. Looking for best wordpress social media plugins.

    You do this for Twitter and Facebook as follows Twitter: The URL is made up of: http://twitter.com/intent/tweet?text= Add some text if you want, in my below example the text is Share+this+page Then add the page url &url=http://www.webdesignerforum.co.uk/topic/85234-looking-for-best-wordpress-social-media-plugins/#entry508174 The final result would be http://twitter.com/intent/tweet?text=Share+this+page&url=http://www.webdesignerforum.co.uk/topic/85234-looking-for-best-wordpress-social-media-plugins/#entry508174 Facebook can be done like this https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u= Then add the page URL after the = like this https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u=http://www.webdesignerforum.co.uk/topic/85234-looking-for-best-wordpress-social-media-plugins/#entry508174 I'm not going to go into detail about how to get urls etc.. and building strings because if you're working with WP you should already know this!
  2. @@fisicx brings up some good points, which would be very useful to know before we could give you a solid answer. However off the face of your original question I've never heard of Zoomla and Googling it doesn't bring anything back.. Are you referring to Joomla? In either case, Magento is a powerful ecommerce platform. My personal opinion it looks a bit daunting when you first start using it, but it's incredibly flexible and can also enable you to push products to both Amazon and Ebay's stores as well increasing your product visibility. With Magento you're installing a e commerce first solution where as Woocommerce is bolted onto a Blogging platform Wordpress.
  3. For the love of.... Why are you responding to a post where the original post was over 12 months ago? You're filling up my "Latest Posts" sidebar with old content that doesn't need responding to!
  4. Whats easier... Wordpress or Joomla?

    rbrtsmith hit the nail on the head, if you had to pick between the to then Wordpress. We have a guy hot desk in our office now and again and I think on 2 separate occasions he's had most of his sites hacked, and they were Joomla powered websites.
  5. Well done Claire for answering a thread that was posted a very ago!
  6. Networking vs applying for jobs?

    I emailed my CV to where I'm currently working, on the off chance of future work as I didn't meet the job criteria that they were advertising at the time, I also attached some links to work that I'd done. I'll be honest I didn't like the work I'd emailed in but I did anyway and I had a response within 5mins asking me if I fancied coming in for a chat. I do often hear it's not what you know but who you know, that doesn't always ring true. You just have to keep working at it, keep building sites, keep applying for jobs and taking feedback from those that aren't successful and build upon the feedback you're given.
  7. Simple job board for recruitment website

    Well I was about to put something but rbrtsmith beat me too it!
  8. software

    Team tree house is a really good resource. It has tons of learning resources.
  9. Git merging conflicts on Mac

    That looks like exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks
  10. Git merging conflicts on Mac

    I use SourceTree on my mac for handling all of git repos because it's easy to navigate around however I really struggle when there are conflicts when merging, I can't seem to find any intuitive tools like that of Tortiose SVN that make merging much easier, with it's clean and intuitive gui.
  11. Taxi Website

    Hi there, Great start, however the home page size is 6.6MB which is taking me 16s to load on a 40mb fibre connection, so you'll want to get those images optimised. Resizing the browser some of the images disappear on tablet then reappear on mobile, content needs to be consistent. There are some errors in the browser console which you might want to fix. The space between the page header on testimonials and the content is quite large this might want reducing. There doesn't seem to be consistency across your site in regards to spacing etc. Also most importantly what is the purpose of the website as looking at it I can't really tell, there is no information about your services?
  12. Having trouble deciphering Bootstrap for editing...

    Rather than trying to edit the bootstrap.css file as it's quite a large file and difficult to find what you're looking for without using the search. Have you considered downloading the less or better yet sass source and modifying the SASS/LESS files and compiling it yourself. This is how I do it and would recommend doing it. The SASS/LESS source is much easier to work with because all of the different components are split up into their own files, as well as a variable file so you don't have to make multiple changes for say the primary colour. Then once the code is compiled it's compiled back into 1 file. When doing it this way I often also combine the bootstrap code with my own to reduce the number of files being loaded on each page request. Check out http://sass-lang.com/
  13. Udacity Senior Web Developer Nanodegree?

    Just over a year ago I transitioned from software developer to web developer, and I don't have any web developer qualifications that you would find by googling web developer qualifications or web developer courses all I had was a list of websites that I had developed myself and the experience I had gathered over the years. I was looking at the website of a local agency that I'd applied for several years before but was unsuccessful in getting an interview, most likely due to lack of experience, and I noticed they were looking for a PHP developer with a varied skill set, I didn't have all of the skills they were looking for, in particular a good knowledge of Drupal but I sent over my CV and a list of websites that I had developed including my GitHub address. As a result they asked me in for a chat, when I went in for a chat we discussed my experience and they had me sit a small test they'd put together. After the test I was also given a scenario where by they had a static website that they wanted porting over to WordPress. In this instance they asked me to approach it from a freelancer angle so I went home with the spec and got back to them the following day with a quote and time scale. I completely got the time scale wrong and quoted 10 hrs and it only ended up taking a couple which was good because if it had have taken me 10hrs I wouldn't have got the job. Basically what I'm saying is, agencies, companies care less for qualifications on paper and more about what you have done, what you can do and how well you can do it. Like I've seen rbrtSmith say over and over again stop looking for the silver bullet and get on with learning the basics and building on those and proving that you know what you're doing. This isn't something that is going to just happen over night it takes time to learn how to code properly, and if I was going to listen to anyone rbrtsmith is who I'd listen to, I have read how he has gotten where he is now and that's not through firing a silver bullet, it's from hard graft and dedication to learning how to develop and by all accounts is still learning now.
  14. Which of those 2 domain names should I go with ?

    I was going on the latest oldest post, but yes 3 years and I agree with auto locking. A forum full of developers and this is still an issue
  15. How to pass a php variable to a popup window

    Have you checked that $project has data stored within it? I would var_dump(); it straight after it's assigned and check it has the data you are expecting. Because you're using a modal form as long as the variables are set before the modal code you should be able to reference the php variable from within the modal. The simplest way would be to set the variables on page load.