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  1. I have the behavioral flow of my website about 50% of the users are dropping out when they are visiting the home page of the website. Is this due to the design ans style of the website? Does the website gives you a feel like a digital marketing agency? I am open to all your suggestions please check our website and let me know your feedbacks on this - https://www.dezvolta.com/
  2. Your sitemap looks good and there is no error in it only thing is you need to remove the below mentioned section from the sitemap. <!-- created with Free Online Sitemap Generator www.xml-sitemaps.com -->
  3. Dezvolta

    Please review my website

    The website is looking really cool only one thing looks cluttered the banner in the second section looks like a ad banner either you can remove that sections or else keep the image in full width.
  4. The website is looking really good especially the special effects you gave are just amazing! You can change your menu to hover type because people wont have sufficient time to through your entire services page. The colors of the buttons looks odd on the home page so i would suggest you to change it and use the same color for each and every button.
  5. Hello I just gone through your website the loading speed of your website is too low and it should be improvised first because it is one of the important ranking factor considered by google. If you want to rank all your pages on your map listing then you have to build quality back-links for that particular URL.
  6. Yeah well said i totally agree to your words buying this kind of software's are just a waste of money and time instead of doing that you can spend your money on getting some quality backlinks from a high DA site which will help your business to generate some quality traffic.
  7. Hello guys I have recently launched my new website - https://webdesigner.cheap/. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.
  8. You can optimize your business title by means of using a keyword and then the actual customer reviews and ratings will surely help your business to stand out on top of google map listing.
  9. Dezvolta

    Music while working

    Oh yeah I would love that too! I used to hear songs in Saavn and it will give me piece of mind to work.
  10. Dezvolta

    How to write good content in a lot of topics?

    Yes how can i assist you?
  11. Dezvolta

    How to write good content in a lot of topics?

    Hey to become a content copywriter you need to be aware of the popular magazines like forbes , guardian and other websites and you have to go through it only then you can get to know about lot of topic ideas and then you have to be a expert in a domain to write quality articles.
  12. Dezvolta

    Review My wbsite

    Really a very good website and the loading speed of your website is also cool. Why don't you have the contact us button on the top of your page? Because people wont have time to scroll up and see whether the button is there or not.
  13. Dezvolta

    Do you like what I designed?

    Instead of using page builders like this you can go with wordpress where you can develop your own custom website with the variety of free themes options available.
  14. Dezvolta


    Yeah I agree to this instead of calling several times assign it to a variable and so the process of calling becomes really easy.
  15. Dezvolta

    E Commerce Website

    Hello It really depends upon your budget if your budget is really high then you can go with Magento or else you can go with Shopify or WordPress.