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  1. You don't need Disallow as it's set to nothing, and you have add (Allow: / ) which instructs all the search engines to index and crawl your website regardless of the bot they are using to crawl.
  2. If your website is responsive then according to google ranking policy your website will be ranked higher but if the website is not responsive then there exists a issue with mobile SEO. Now a days people prefers to use mobile phone so your mobile view of the website matters more.
  3. Dezvolta

    PHP contact form sends without user content

    For contact form implementation instead of going with PHP you can get it done by installing a plugin in wordpress because there are lots of cost effective plugins available in the market. An expert wordpress developer can help you in this.
  4. Dezvolta

    Please review my website honestly

    Hey that's a super cool website but there are some broken links exists in your website. I have listed out the broken links below please fix that as soon as possible because it can reduce traffic and ranking ability of pages. http://vibe432.com/tab-best-sellers5b47017fbf84a http://vibe432.com/tab-on-sales5b47017fbf84a http://vibe432.com/tab-best-sellers5b47017fd85c7 http://vibe432.com/tab-on-sales5b47017fd85c7
  5. Hey guys here is my website - https://www.dezvolta.com. Could you please check and review my website feel free to share your suggestions too. Am open to any kind of suggestions.
  6. Its nice to meet you all here! How are you all? Myself am a web guru if you have any queries or clarifications please get in touch with me. I need to communicate more in this lovely forum.