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  1. Need your advice to choose a VPS package

    These options are fine if you don't mind managing the server yourself. Level of expectation that you know how to set things up with these really.
  2. Backup of WP site

    Are you asking how to just back it up only, or back it up and move it to a different hosting/domain?
  3. Web Developer (Tax Return)

    Hi all, I like many have to submit my tax return soon (Self-Assessment). I'd like to know the type of items others know you can claim for and any other helpful information. I host many clients and therefore have a few servers, is the tax on the servers something which can be claimed for too?
  4. How much would a web developer charge for this?

    You've missed out absolutely everything we would need to know to give a good quotation on this project. (Features/Functionality, How much of a new site design, Responsive, CMS etc..) Also my quotation may be way off the mark from yours, therefore it's of no use asking someone else to price it up if you're building it.
  5. Dating site

    This will be the thread starters first and last post, as they always tend to do. 1 ridiculous blank question and they never return.
  6. 1&1 Terrible Review

    Things got even worse. I will quickly summarise: Because I requested the 27th as the backup to restore, it's as if they thought the 26th and 25th backups are no longer needed and they've told me they deleted them! At no point did I ask them to do this. They delete any backups before the date you've requested a restore from. I clearly explained that the 27th was a guess until I could see the .SQL file, I may need to use 26th or 25th instead. That's no longer happening, they've just possibly deleted a 10 year old database containing all good data without the injected data. Absolute joke.
  7. 1&1 Terrible Review

    Targeting UK and based in UK. I am UK based and also have all servers in UK too.
  8. 1&1 Terrible Review

    Hi, I fortunately don't personally host with 1&1, however a potential client of mine has been using them for over 10 years. I was contacted by the client recently (they know me from elsewhere some years ago) to help with the fact their website was recently hacked. I reviewed the website and yep it had a number of SQL injections which managed to fill the database with all sorts. All of which is now displaying on the website to the users, has modified settings across the website etc. Simple solution would be to restore a backup of the database, this is where 1&1 and their terrible support and slow nature of things comes in to play: ** A note to say that unless you have manually exported the database via PHPMYADMIN yourself and have the .SQL file, there is no way to run any other type of automated backup restore for databases with 1&1, they do it themselves only from what I can tell. I called 1&1 asking for a backup from 27th August. The rep firstly got confused saying they can only do a backup covering the past 5 days. I said, ok yes meaning you have one backup per day for the past 5 days, I need the 27th August backup restored. Said I can't choose a specific day, it's 5 days only. Why would I want 28th and 29th included? It was hacked on 28th. Eventually he realised yes that's correct that it should be set to a specific day, then carried on to simply say yes ok we can do that. I would be contacted when complete. I wait all evening and eventually I email in for an update. Literally it was pretty much one sentence (excl account details etc) asking if there was progress. No reply. I call up the next morning and they say, we received your email last night "asking for a new backup", therefore we cancelled the first one and beginning a new backup restore. <-- Why?? I wait literally another full day. Nothing. I call again and they say they are processing it. 5 hours later I get told the backup file is now in my FTP. They've zipped up what I expect is the .sql file using some LZO file compression. Something which is not standard on a reg computer (other than server) which I therefore can't simply unzip. Called again! Now they say they are processing the .sql file themselves and will update me when complete. At time of writing I am still waiting for them to simply upload a 5mb .sql file they should have backed up and replace what's currently in my database. Days of time, a number of calls later, and we are still waiting. Well, you can be sure I will not be recommending 1&1 and instead recommend this client switches hosting to me asap! Final note. I do not recommend 1&1 for anything ever. The website itself is now being reviewed and I feel it's likely they will be progressing with a whole new up to date website. Current one is clearly flawed on its security and is very old. It's an e-Commerce site also.
  9. Encrypted Files - Backed Up

    A client of mine has just got the CryptoLocker virus and therefore most of their computer files are now encrypted, alongside the prompt asking for $300 to undo. They won't be paying this (understandable). We're going to try a system restore (if any). My question however is for the future. If I have them set up with Dropbox, so in future all files are backed up online, and they end up getting a virus again which encrypts everything on the computer again in future, that encrypted file gets backed up to Dropbox too right? So even though there is a backup of the file online, it's a backup of a useless file now? I do believe the above is correct, however, the benefit may be that Dropbox would allow you to download older revisions of files, so even if you don't have a local system restore point, Dropbox at least would have older versions of individual files.
  10. trycaviar.com

    Hi mmalkuwari, I strongly believe this website you've mentioned is custom built. It's a nice design, and looks like a large enough business that they've invested in building everything custom to suit their needs. Not with certainty but I'm sure most will come to the same conclusion with some experience of what to look for if a template is being used etc. I've also sent you a PM regarding a bespoke website development if it is of interest to you. Regards
  11. Using Curl to scrape from website

    Try this out mate: http://import.io
  12. My Website Is Down At My Ip Address

    Can you even ping the website from windows command prompt? Any response?
  13. Don't really understand what exactly you want. I see the 'Find Your Program' option, but what about it?
  14. You probably want PHPMYADMIN. You hosting control panel (if any) should have the PHPMYADMIN option.