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  1. Is the layout good?

    It seems to be good
  2. Hash tags

    Hi all.. I would like to know the real benefit of hashtags on social media websites. Is it helpful to reach our post to more people?
  3. How to get more followers on Twitter?

    Post user engaging tweets regularly. Automatically you will get followers
  4. Need Help

    Yes.. I am doing my research and got some ideas. I have started my work. Thank you all for suggestions
  5. Which CMS to use?

    I suggest WordPress. It is easy to use for both developers and clients.
  6. Hi all, What is your opinion in doing e-commerce website using WordPress platform? Is it a good idea to choose?
  7. Page loading speed

    Minify your Java, CSS scripts. Optimize images below 200kb. May be in some cases, we couldn't do it. But optimize images as much you can. You can see other methods once you check your website using Google Page Speed Insight
  8. I am using textWrangler. It sounds good for me.
  9. Rate this website

    The website designing and the content is not giving much user experience.
  10. Need Help

    Share it here friend. So, it will be helpful for others too.
  11. Need Help

    I don't want to outsource it. I need to learn and make myself better in the field rather than making profit.
  12. Need Help

    But its for boutique friend. I don't think that kittens work good here
  13. What would you prefer

    www or without www, its all depends on you. You can choose either. But make sure that your website contains only one version.