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  1. Nkm Dony

    My New Website

    Hi there, you should many things to fix, I like to listed bottom... 1. You should rid out blog page from "HOME" drop-down menu, it's weird 2. Need top padding of "why choose modern display solutions?" section bottom of the slider on homepage 3. Homepage blog article images are too small, you should fix it 4. Homepage social section need to fix, like margin of left & right and remove bottom white unnecessary space 5. Gallery page is not good, need to extend image size and insert proper information 6. In "Shop front signs" page you may sort two images in one side and two videos in one side, it will look better 7. Use the same image size in "vehicle graphics" page slider 8. Need also top padding in "kitchen wraps & furniture wraps" page slider bottom content And hopefully will catch up more...
  2. Nkm Dony

    CSS Grid Help!

    You may customize it using CSS property declaration without the grid.
  3. Nkm Dony

    Please rate my website

    Hey Dezvolta, I have checkout your website, it's a great professional site everything is perfect, but I dislike just one thing about the site. It's a slider mouse hover effect, it's really weird to your site, not matching actually.
  4. Nkm Dony

    Hello, please review my website.

    Hi Robert, Do you notice that your home-page all section paragraph texture font-size, line-height and weight is not same? I think it's a not eye-catching And the site page speed is corrently medium range, you may increase it.
  5. Nkm Dony

    Hello, please review my website.

    Hi there, I like to provide a review of your website honestly... First of all the site home page is not looking professional Homepage "you can learn" section background image is very poor quality, you must use a high-quality image there Dropdown menu not good, you may need to develop it more Need to more focus to font size, font weight etc You may increase page speed